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  1. I did but they ran a diagnostic and then they did a delivery reset no good then gave it back and charged me £100 i got got the fix from a post on piston heads issue with a 997 but sounded exactly like my issue
  2. Just disconnected the battery for 10 mins reconnected it all work as they should 🤪
  3. Yes I have the switches in the middle position the footwell and roof units light but don’t go off even if the doors are closed and locked or if I start it and drive
  4. Update if I position the switch in the middle the lights in the foot wells and reading type near the mirror all light up if I then turn the ignition and start the engine, I presumed that the lights would fade out.....(not the case) they stay on permanently if I then switch the engine off and lock up after about 20-30seconds they switch off so my thoughts are if there’s a dimmer type unit has it gone faulty ? or could it be faulty door switches ( but both sides wouldn’t go at the same time) I’m I tad stuck any thoughts anyone ? I've been to Porsche Teesside who ran a diagnostic (nothing showed up) they tried doing a reset and delivery reset ( nothing) Scott
  5. As above anyone know where I can find out how the interior lights are controlled and dim out ive had my gen 1 Carman for 3 months now and I’ve tried every combination of switch positions and I can switch all the interior lights on an off but the only ones that light when I open the doors are the ones in the door panel anyonr got any advice before I book it in with Porsche ? Scott
  6. I’ve just had an apple play pioneer sph-da230dab installed its excellent came to about £450 fitted
  7. Only hurt my bank account £100 + vat and unfortunately it hasn’t worked so back to the drawing board im having a parrot Bluetooth kit removed next week so will see if there’s any wiring issues 👍🏻
  8. I’ve found this so I’m booked in to sort it 👍🏻
  9. No not as yet I don’t think it’s the door switch as it’s the same both sides I’m going to ask Porsche Teesside if they’re any the wiser than me
  10. This is the my wife’s carrera 4s today forgive the pics it’s still drying
  11. It’s Halfords ceramic rubberised paint I’ve got my wife to very carefully paint on nail varnish basecoat then she sprayed the rubberised paint into Ritzel lid and painted that on very carefully too Honestly you can’t tell it’s not the original I’ve got enough paint to do 500 switches haha We plan on doing my wife’s Carrera 4 S switches at the weekend I’ll post a step-by-step photographic diary
  12. Unfortunately it’s pitch black outside so apologies for the bad pics
  13. I have the fix i can post before and after pics later ?????my pics are too big to post here

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