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  1. Hi well the trader has my car now but has asked me what this blue cable is. I didn't even notice it was there to be honest so don't know what to say. Could it be the 12V or prep for Bose sub or something else? Thanks. Pete.
  2. Well after 9-10 months my 987.2 S is being collected tomorrow by the specialist I bought it from. Its been a mixed bag of experiences and I have to say as I write this I've no second thoughts at all. The car hasnt put a foot wrong but I've just not bonded with it. It's the third car alongside a Kia Rio needed for supermarket and train station duties, and a VX220 for sunny days and track days. In its defence Ive not had much time to use the cayman but honestly this being my third porsche I keep coming back to the conclusion that I prefer the idea of one than
  3. Did a double last week of Bilsterberg and Spa. i was in an Elise so BBerg was the better suited track but Spa is magic if you've never been it's something else. One of our groups took a 981 GT4 which was superb on the faster sections. Just don't lift.....
  4. As above, if it's a puff then clears it's likely oil seep which can happen with flat engines when either the car is standing for a long time or when the car is left briefly when the engine is very hot (oil gets much thinner) and is more like your scenario. If it's smoking constantly I'd book it in to make sure there's no bore scoring. Both my old 986 3.2's did it from time to time, even my OPC told me it was normal.
  5. Looks awesome, and great weather. black forest is better than the alps IMHO. The weir valley to todtmoos (forgive spelling) is the wildest road I've ever seen.
  6. You have a gen2 so you 'should' be ok. i saw this a little while ago and it's appealing, not in terms of a fix but to buy a doner car and do it. I think it's high teens all done, but that's turn key zero mile build. they have done a 997 previously so it's not new to them. also like the idea of a £1k rx8 with it as pure track weapon!
  7. Car looks great. ive been watching the 987 market in general lately and prices seem to be firming up, in some cases they are even on the rise (gen2) so I don't think it's cheap but you haven't over paid.
  8. Hopefully it'll be something quick and easy to swap out.
  9. Awesome, any video footage? I love anglesey in the coastal and GP configurations. T5 is proper ballsy. Traction off I hope
  10. That looks great, I can imagine it being addictive. Wheel, then shifter, next thing your sending your sun visors or roof lining to them
  11. If you fancy meeting up in South Wales for a chat let me know. I'm in Swansea. You got my whatsapp.
  12. On a 987 the trade off is that the depreciation has slowed down a lot so you are spending more on maintenance but hopefully will see more back when you sell. Im guessing a 981 is still in its first stage depreciation though. My Mk7 Golf GTI was losing £300-400 a month in depreciation plus the costs for tyres and servicing etc.
  13. They look brilliant! If you haven't done already you need to take them back off and seal them now before any brake dust gets in them. Either go for ceramic like can coat or at the minimum a good wheel or paint sealant, will make your life so much easier in the long term
  14. I was there on Easter Sunday. My fave uk track. Journey up head to Builth Wells, then set the nav for the cross foxes in Dolgellau for food which is ace. The drive up will be stunning. Where you staying? Prem inn Caernarfon or hotel Cymyran on the island are good. Take extra fuel with you or be prepared for a half hour round trip to get some.
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