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  1. hey all, i have a 987.1. i am looking at wishbones, im getting a tad confused, some of the sites im looking at, say the wishbones are the same front and rear, some of them say they are different. can someone please clear up if they are or are not the same.
  2. I have, they will repair, but not willing to sell the kit to those who need it.
  3. Hey all, im really in the s**t. 2nd gear has gone on my box, i had done all the reasearch on part numbers from PET and i cant even explain how wrong they are. So i have a car stuck in a garage and a gearbox in parts at another garage. What will be my best options now?
  4. Ill have a look when i get chance but my black wheel on the side with the rod on it, the rod is mounted to the top and made of plastic, and ill check the mounting bolts im guessing to drop the engine out, its easier to do it with the gearbox still attached?
  5. How easy are the cables to access? I know the ones in th cabin were secure, and they run over the top ofthe engine fine, and i saw one which links to a plastic wheel but not where its bolted to, and i couldnt see otherside
  6. Emptied, stil abit gold in colour but had bits of swarf in, fillee back up (wishing i had decent pump equipment as took about 3 hours), its noy quieter, and changes smoother, but still jumps out of gear when coasting, so sounds like 2nd gear syncro whats a rough sort of price for remove, fix and refit? £1000?
  7. I have the tool from porsche, clipped into place, pushed the spring sleeves back and twisted to lock them, pulled thr cables out, pulled everything tight, relocated cables and dropped the sleeves back in place. It helped abit, but 2nd is still abit crap, if i put pressure on the gearstick when driving 2nd grinds like mad, if i just put into 2nd accelerate it stays in gear, coast and grinds then jumps out
  8. Done the adjustment, slightly better, if i keep pressure on the gearbox with the throttle it stays in gear and doesnt grind, let off and it grinds and jumps out of gear. Next step would maybe drain the gearbox oil? Its done 99207miles and i believe never been changed since 2007. If anything like my mk2 golf years ago, i dropped the oil and topped it back up and was spot on
  9. Any idea how to adjust? I have the mechanics qualifications, but not done any work on a porsche other than batterys and bulbs, and now a kn filter lol
  10. Hey all, i had a few leaks on my 07 S manual, garage found waterpump and a seal failed on the gearbox end. So they droppes the engine out to do that and fit a couple of new fiddly coolant pipes too. Everything has been great, but ive semi-lost 2nd gear about 2 days ago, like it doesnt go into place nicely like the others, the others you be firm and you feel a little notch as it locates, 2nd just pulls back and its hit and miss if it goes in, if i change quickly and accelerate hard you hear and feel it jump into place. When cold no issues feels as is should. Is there any adjustments i can do to
  11. Hey, after dealing with porsche who have done alot of research even went to the motorsport team. The plenum that is on the gt3 thats meant to take the 82mm throttle body, they dont fit, its a smaller throttle body. So i ended up leaving it for the time being to sort other things out.
  12. Hey all, 2 fault codes have come up on my 987.1, clutch.pedal swih circuit a code p0830. Door switcn h buttjn. Inner sh stroke code 8009. Steerjng column lock inner fault code 8050 and terminal 50 code 8004. Any ideas?
  13. Daft question, but is the expansion tank lid easy enough to get to? Cos im thinking could be something as simple as the seal has failed on it, and speaking with a porsche dealer about 1l of oil is used every 600 to 1000miles
  14. Just to update, missfire hasnt been again, its going in for a health check on saturday (paid for a warranty through motoreasy), so will get a free health check, due to no visual leaks, im gonna speak to them in like a week and say my coolant has gone down, pay £50 and get them to send it to porsche to diagnose lol
  15. Hey all, got an 07 S and i think ive got the start of headgasket failure, my oil is going down after a couple weeks and so is coolant. I had a sweet smell in the cabin a couple times. But i started up today and had a heavey miss fire. Blipped the throttle and really pronounced. So let it just tick over and the miss fire went. I moved the car and left it ticking over again. Turned it off and could smell a strong sweet smell. Am i right in thinking it is a headgasket?
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