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  1. I have a 981 manual Cayman.. My previous cars have been C63's,M5,M3,996 C4S,370z,Z4M coupe,Z3M coupe amongst others. I find the driving and ownership costs of the 981 fantastic almost frugal. Servicing is only bi annually,i can achieve 30mpg on my commute and will do 40mpg on a decent run.Tax is £260 (i think) and insurance just over £300 with Direct line. As for driving,its extremely competent and its difficult to get anywhere nears its capabilities on the road,thats not to say ts boring.. I find it great and satisfying that every input you put into the car is immediately transfered to the road. What can you buy that looks and drives this well,thats frugal to own yet looks a million dollars on the road? Long live the 981 6 pot i say.
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