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  1. In case somebody is interested, I found on ebay a seller who has got the o-rings for the a/c condensers at a "human" price. Look for robara1975 https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/robara1975?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2754 on the list there is only the 6.7x1.8 but they told me they are going to send the 10.6x2 as well. I don't know why they don't have this measure on the list.
  2. Yes, I kind of agree with you. First of all the mechanic I am speaking about is not "my usual" mechanic I would with my other car but is a guy near where I live who seemed ok when I spoke with him (I asked him something about a problem I had with my other car). So, because I liked him an because I felt he needed help (with the current covid situation I am trying to use as much as I can the local shops and I discovered that compared to the internet shopping is not that worse!) I thought that the maste cylinder work and the a/c condersers wuld have been something good for him.
  3. Yeah, I thought the same. I think you are correct. I asked for a quote to a generalist mechanic and he asked about 100 pounds + VAT, so I think that for an indy would not be much different but, as you said, at least I have got the peace of mind that the work has been done prperly and I can run without any doubt (at least because I trust my indy and he is very good...I think). Cheers, Andrea
  4. Hi Lenny, that would be awesome! Thank you very much. If this is the case I will PM you an start searching the parts. Cheers, Andrea
  5. Thanks, I would love to do it but on my own I don't feel too confident, unfortunately. If only I could find someone who is willing to help... Thanks for info anyway!
  6. Hi all, I have got some works to be done on my 987.2 Cayman (2.9) and I wa looking for some advices. - I just bought a Gt3 mc which, as it should be a stright forward work to do, I was thinking to get it done from my local mechaninc (which has got a good reputation) rather than my indy, and save some money on labour. - I have to replace the front coolant pipes, as from lat service appeared a very little leak. I have to double check with my indy but for this the quote is around 400 pounds as I have already replaced the lower coolant hose. This work I was thinking to
  7. Hi all, I was thinking to order one for my 2.9 (which should fit) and deliver it in Italy (where my parents Sto arrivando!). if anybody wants it and is not in a rush, I can order more than one and bring it over next time I will go home (feb/mar hopefully?). cheers, Andrea
  8. Hi all, there is chance that for Christmas time I will drive to Italy and unfortunately in Italy as well, by lwa you have to have winter tyres or carry snowchains for the eventuality of snow on the roads. I think, but I have to double check, that tyre socks are permitted as well. As I don't have winter tyres, I was wondering if some f you have some experience/advice/suggestions about snowchains or socks. Cheers, Andrea
  9. These are the “new model” of the nighteye. Nighteye as a brand does not exist anymore. It’s been re branded in novosight, but they are always them.
  10. Hi, I like it! It seems very well worth it. Does it work with spotify as well? If you are listening to music and you receive e phone call, does it switch off? I did try the AUX with the phone, but is so appaling...I have to keep the volume of the phone very high otherwise you simply cannot hear anything...is this better? Cheers, Andrea
  11. Hi guys, if somebody is interested, there isa friend of mine which is doing cyanotype prints and I find them pretty cool to be hanged in the garage or framed for the office. Check it out: https://www.instagram.com/milesjackson.art/ If interested you can contact him directly and ask for some particular specific design.
  12. I am not sure to change the high beams to be honest. For the reasons you said. If I really have to I would go for the best halogen I can find, otherwise I think I swill stick with the stock ones. I mean, I don't use high beams so often... Futhermore I am not sure I want to try the thrill to push the plastic in order to fit the LED's ones 🙂 Thanks for the update
  13. Hi, I think the dipped beam can be done in 30 minutes. Is a very easy replacement...and the difference is massive! No doubt. Also, I did pass the MOT without any problem. Super reccomanded. For the fog lights is going to take a bit more as you have to be more careful to don't brake the dents in the ligts panel. Please, can you post the link for the whiter halogen for the high beam? Do it and you will not regret! 🙂
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