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  1. Hi, I like it! It seems very well worth it. Does it work with spotify as well? If you are listening to music and you receive e phone call, does it switch off? I did try the AUX with the phone, but is so appaling...I have to keep the volume of the phone very high otherwise you simply cannot hear anything...is this better? Cheers, Andrea
  2. Hi guys, if somebody is interested, there isa friend of mine which is doing cyanotype prints and I find them pretty cool to be hanged in the garage or framed for the office. Check it out: https://www.instagram.com/milesjackson.art/ If interested you can contact him directly and ask for some particular specific design.
  3. I am not sure to change the high beams to be honest. For the reasons you said. If I really have to I would go for the best halogen I can find, otherwise I think I swill stick with the stock ones. I mean, I don't use high beams so often... Futhermore I am not sure I want to try the thrill to push the plastic in order to fit the LED's ones 🙂 Thanks for the update
  4. Hi, I think the dipped beam can be done in 30 minutes. Is a very easy replacement...and the difference is massive! No doubt. Also, I did pass the MOT without any problem. Super reccomanded. For the fog lights is going to take a bit more as you have to be more careful to don't brake the dents in the ligts panel. Please, can you post the link for the whiter halogen for the high beam? Do it and you will not regret! 🙂
  5. I am used to treating the seals with vaseline. I guess is the same, just cheaper.
  6. Hi, could it be the exhaust clamp getting rusty? cheers, Andrea
  7. Hi Jake, did you solve the error with the decoders? If I am not wrong are exactely the same I bought once...but they were useless... Cheers, Andrea
  8. No need to remove the bumper. You just need to remove the fog light
  9. https://www.ebay.it/itm/202751519718 just ordered! I will let you know how/if they work 🙂
  10. Thank you Julian, I immagine it is improved! We are not speaking in absolute, but I guess it is a step forward. I mean, it is lke when you fade left/righ channel...you can appreciate the sound is not balanced. Why should not be the same if you fade front and rear? I don''t want to say that is going to be perfet (it will never be), but should improve. Anyway, well done! I was thinking to attempt to do that on my own, but I think it is going to be hard... I will have a look if there is some videos which explain it... I can't wait for the pics!
  11. well, because if you are surrounded by the sound is better than havng the sound coming only from one side. At a concert you face the stage but the pseaker are all around you, not only on the stage. And if they are only on the stage, you can appreciate the difference...
  12. Thank you julian, it is exactly what I thought... Did you do the fitting by yourselves? Did you do some research for the engine cover to fit the 6 1/2 speakers? Is it on the market? Cheers, Andrea
  13. Exactly, I did try but I don't have the choice in the HU. I can only fade left/right. What I am hoping is that at least I've got the cables to the rear ...I have not tried to open the grills yet
  14. Ah! Where did you find the posts? I did have a quick look but I did not find it
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