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  1. Yeah, I got my lower coolant hose replaced just today. Just the hose is £25 but at the end the all job done VAT included is £200...
  2. Yes, same experience for me. I saw lot of manual but not a lot of PDK. Probably because who bought a PDK would not sell it? 🙂 Anyway, you will not regret it. Personally I would not buy a manual anymore. The gearbox is great.
  3. To me it sound like a bargain. In black is awesome! Good choice
  4. Hi Childsy, That's a great piece! I really like it. I think that if it is a PDK the price is good, otherwise it seems ok. Average. Anyway, I am pretty sure you will enjoy it a lot. I simply love it. Cheers, Andrea
  5. Guys, insane idea... I was thinking to see if the bike box is going to fit inside the cabin (without ruin it, hopefully). In case, do you think it is possible/legal to run without the passenger seat? Cheers, Andrea
  6. Yeah, you are probably right...
  7. Hi all, I did a bit of search on internet but I have not found what I was looking for. I am planning to do bring my bike to the airport so I will need the bars on the roof. Obviously the bike will be in its box (semi rigid, packed to be checked in) so, I am in need of the bars to carry it. I see that the Porsche system is quite expensive (of course) so I was wondering if some of you had experience in buying an after market (maybe Thule?) or if the system that go on the Caymans is compatible with some other Porsche model. It seems impossible to buy a second hand system... Cheers, Andrea
  8. Back from the mechanic. This time I have been lucky! It was just a joint on the steering wheel rack that was dry, so a lick of grease should have fixed the problem. Tonight I will open the good bottle 😅
  9. Thanks Rich, I was considering to do it by myself, but unfortunately I am not so good. I would require someone to drive me. So it seems it is a quite a recurrent job to do on these cars. Cheers, Andrea
  10. Guys, The front right corner of my 987.2 (after 41000miles) squick when I turn right at very low speed so I decided to go to a Porsche authorized mechanic close where I work. It seems it is the lower arm joint dry. This what he guess. Anyway on Wednesday I will bring the car to the garage and see it on the ramp and if this is the case, I will change both arms. Anyone with the similar amount of mileage had the same problem? cheers, Andrea
  11. Of corse you need the pro version 😅
  12. maybe could be better than you think? https://www.gendan.co.uk/porsche.php?gclid=CjwKCAjwqqrmBRAAEiwAdpDXtJnrlgNejtlh9v7aypOkwH0PvFCzkO8TIRydifLSQr86rHwpIv40YxoCXfQQAvD_BwE I don't know... Anyway, I've done the cruise control retro-fit recently and the coding was very quick... 🙂
  13. It seems that in cold weather the LED’s behaves oddly, but so fa I did not experienced anything. Before i I did try the Philips you mentioned and I found them a good step forward versus the “standard” halogen, but I found the LED’s completely another world
  14. Thanks crafty. Cheers, andrea
  15. I’m sorry to hear that. Mom so pleased that my error has gone by itself though 😅 if you have got a chance, you could try to clear the error with the computer they use to code (sorry, I don’t remember the name of it😭). Cheers, Andrea
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