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  1. Not a lot of experience with it myself, but it looks like a cleaning spray and a soft brush to agitate the dirt gently, then a clean microfibre to wipe it off with. https://www.autofinesse.com/en/blog/guides/alcantara-cleaning Its not easy stuff to keep clean, especially in these virus times. My steering wheel is standard leather, I wiped it after the garage had worked on the car on Tuesday, and the wipe was dark brown, took a couple before it was clear, yuk! Why they dont use steering wheel covers I dont know. It was pretty clean before as I cleaned and dressed all the leather a couple of weeks back.
  2. Quite a few Porsche specialists around you in Essex, Design911 is one.
  3. Hi Craig, The Black edition is a special based on the S model. Thats the very last of the 987 models, so the price is right up against 981 models there. Its 'all the money' for that I think. I think I would be getting a 981 as its a more modern car, better quality, with more modern interior, but you still have the flat 6 noises. If you look at an independent dealer like Cridfords for example, they have a load of 981 2.7 for a bit less or more than £30k, 2014 cars. Rich
  4. Good luck with the search and feel free to ask any questions on here. Just bear those items in mind I mentioned, or your wallet will take a bashing.
  5. R seem to sell for around £35-40k. S Gen 2 start at £18k upwards.
  6. In my opinion to keep the value of the R high you would have to keep the mileage fairly low, unless you want to lose a lot of money or can afford to. For example I wouldn't dalily drive an R unless you can afford to lose a lot as the mileage increases. An S or a Black edition would be better as a daily driver, as their values are already lower and less influenced by mileage. You can easily buy a good S for half the price of an R. Is the S half the car in terms of capabilities?
  7. Might get it done this winter when its off the road. I can get the console out. Having the front top mounts, track rod ends, alignment and exhaust brackets done on Wednesday, so the wallet is already having a bashing this month...
  8. Hi and welcome, How many miles has the car done? It might be the clutch is on the way out or the hydraulics are leaking a bit. Usually they need a new clutch around 50k miles. I've got a 2.9 Gen2, the clutch isnt light, like a modern supermini, but its not really heavy either. I'd be careful buying a really cheap one, as the costs to put it right might actually mean you could have bought a good one in the first place. If its cheaper it needs to be maybe £3k-4k cheaper to cover any recon costs. Its not uncommon to buy one, put it through a service and then have maybe £1k work required, so it does pay to buy one with a pile of bills showing the common problems have been fixed. Even the youngest Gen2 models are 11 years old now, so they need maintenance. Some of the common problems are: Worn suspension - especially front top mounts and control arm bushes, budget around £600 to sort these. Coolant hose connectors rusty and leaking, these are behind the front wheels, will be almost £1k to fix at a garage. Clutch and flywheel - if its done over 50k miles it should have been changed, or budget on it needing one soon. Gear shift cables - they can snap or cause imprecise changes - £400 for the parts alone. Rust - check the front of the sill and wheel arch, the stone chips cause rusting here, also the top edge of the hatch on the Cayman rusts. Wheels and tyres - you want to see alloys in good condition with good quality tyres - Michelin or Pirelli etc. no ditch finders. Aircon radiators - check the aircon works well - look through the bumper grilles and check for rust, stone damage or wet patches - new rads are about £250 plus a regas. Brakes - check the condition - not hugely expensive, approx £60 a disk and £110 for a set of pads. Exhaust clamps around the tailpipe excessively rusty - maybe £150 to sort. Good luck with your search. Rich
  9. I've had a quote of around £150 to hydro dip mine in Carbon fibre effect. The chap said the most work with these is stripping the original finish.
  10. Yeah mine is pretty shot blasted after 11 years. Would have been better to be black plastic under there and body colour a bit higher up. Even PPF would get pretty ripped down there.
  11. The tailgates do jiggle around a bit, thats why the paint rubs off on the seal by the roof.
  12. I've had to wind mine out a fair way to keep the tailgate quiet. Does make closing it quite a hard push though. Beyond that the clunking may be suspension, possibly rear top mounts?
  13. Looks like you remove the rear bumper the same as any other 987 Cayman. The filler panel is just attached to the bumper not the car. https://www.planet-9.com/threads/cayman-r-wing-filler-piece-removal.183129/
  14. Good luck, sounds good. I've only driven 3 laps of the national circuit in a Ferrari 360, on one of those experience days. Definatley on my list when I have a bit more experience. Is it the GP circuit or the National?
  15. How durable is the paint guys? Has anyone scratched it with the seat belt yet?
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