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  1. Just get under the back with a torch. Probably is the oil filter.
  2. I got a new one from design911 for around £200....ouch.
  3. Pretty easy, all held on with 10mm plastic nuts, and some Torx T25 and T30 screws. Drive on low profile ramps make it a lot easier, I've got some rhino ramps, but you could use a trolley jack with axle stands for safety. This Pelican Parts guide is good with pictures: https://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/Porsche-987-Cayman/07-BODY-Under_Tray_Removal/07-BODY-Under_Tray_Removal.htm
  4. There is a massive margin in the trade on Porsche's as they are more expensive to repair/parts etc. I reckon some dealers have £4k across them easily
  5. The advert reads like the seller is a trader from home. Run it through a valuation tool like we buy any car or similar, to get an idea of the value, but they tend to have at least £2k on top for a retail sale. Also can you live with the condition of the paintwork, its swirled to hell, look at all those buffer trails on the bonnet, reflecting in the sun!
  6. The rusty areas are the actual jacking points, so they are visible with the panels still on. Another thing you should check is the brake lines on the passenger side that pass behind the jacking points and head up behind the front wheel arch liner, mine are starting to get a bit degraded, so I cleaned them off and painted them with black hammerite.
  7. Mine needed front control arms, front strut top mounts are on their last legs also, track rod ends are almost ready also, plus when that's done and alignment is needed. One of my condensors has a damp patch also. Mine is a 2009 with FSH and 55k miles. Not sure about my clutch and flywheel, seems ok, but budget another £1k if thats needed. Gear linkage cables are also a weak point, I'll do mine at some point so I dont get stranded somewhere.
  8. Crazy, they are just being lazy. All they need to do is redact the name and address from the invoices, but I guess if you have lots of this work, it does become time consuming. Are you just trying to see what extra work its had over and above the services? At 2009, depending on the mileage, you may expect the clutch to have been changed, some suspension components, maybe AC radiators. If the dealership cant proves this, surely a reduction in price is called for?
  9. I wire wooled and brushed them first. Then used Kurust, but I have heard about Deox gel, sounds better. Then I've painted them with zinc primer, will top coat with some black hammerite, but I guess you could body colour them also, but maybe not as durable. Shame the wheel arch liner doesn't hang down a bit further, it would protect them.
  10. I used the RAC check and it showed the 2 personal plates mine had been on, but it had been transferred to the original for about 2 months, so I guess all the databases had updated. Is yours on the original plate on the MoT database yet? If not do the search on the last personal plate. The dealers should do an HPi check themselves, can they not show you a copy of that, so you can see the history? Dealer I bought mine from wouldn't even show me the previous owners name due to GDPR, they just told me the number of owners it had.
  11. Check your jacking points for rust folks. Had the underfloor panels off yesterday, and pressure washed everything, and the jacking points were well rusty on my 2009 car. The front ones especially are in the 'line of fire' from the front wheels and get very chipped. If left to rust it will spread up into the sills and floor. Cheers Rich
  12. Black ones are a lot cheaper..... https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/pt66_483_-cma81-cmo121-ct312/Porsche/Cayman-987C---981C/Cayman-2-7L-987C-2006--/Brake-Calipers/ Black ones are £305.72 each for front and £244.80 each for the rear.
  13. I know Kinsham, driven through many a time, try not to speed! Do you know Lee at Cotswold Porsche in Toddington? Good place to live, halfway between Lee and the OPC in Tewkesbury!
  14. I've left mine for almost 3 weeks in the summer without charging and it still starts, albeit a bit slow to turn over. The Parrots are good, you can also get a Pure kit that does BT and DAB radio.
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