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  1. Some pictures of the finished article: (One Drive link) https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtOhjivSNBrOthdGz7ALS8SoMlkf
  2. I thought the base had 6 speakers as standard, 2 in the dash, 2 in the doors and 2 in the back (those round grilles by the silver engine cover panel)? Could you fade the sound on the stereo to the back and see if any sound is coming out?
  3. Hi Simon, I've heard a lot of people recommend Royal Steering Wheels in Abingdon - https://royalsteeringwheels.com/ Dont know if the Queen gets hers done there...lol Anyway with mine I have used Evostick contact adhesive to stick the bottom of the gaiter to the plastic frame that clips on the centre console. I've done 2 sides at a time and clipped it in place overnight to dry, and its working out ok. Will get some photos up of the finished article. I'm trying the Alcantara gaiter first, might get the gear knob retrimmed later, not sure how durable Alcantara is for a gear knob opposed to leather? Rich
  4. Update! Ok so I have a new Alcantara gear stick gaiter/boot to fit. I've unclipped the leather surround, twisted the collar under the gear knob, and managed to pull the gear knob off with the gaiter, all in one piece. Had to straddle the centre console and pull up, without hitting myself in the face or breaking the windscreen...lol The gear knob collar twists and unclips and then pulls off, and I've prised the staples out around the gaiter trim and got the gaiter off. Does anyone have any experience fixing a new gaiter to the trim? The original is stapled on with some very short staples that dont go through the trim. I was thinking of maybe using some Evo-stick contact adhesive to stick the alcantara around the trim?
  5. The problem with the driveshaft oil leak, is that it might just be the outer seal where the driveshaft clips in, which is relatively cheap to repair, or it could be one of the seals further down in the gearbox, in which case its probably cheaper to get a second hand gearbox to exchange it with. Its just not something you really want to take on when you pay £12k for a car. That old Merc tiptronic is not as fast to respond as the PDK boxes (which were fitted to the facelift 987.2 from 2008 onwards), but as long as it gets an oil and filter change now and again is a reliable unit. With regard to 'Massive bills' there are known issues with the Cayman's and Boxsters which we have all touched on, hence you need to make sure you buy a good one to start with, with a stack of bills showing lots of things have been changed. RMS, IMS, Coolant pipes leaking, suspension components need replacing after 10 years. Make sure the brakes are in good condition and you want to see good quality tyres, not Chinese cheapies.
  6. I know this is a 986, but its a similar Mercedes Tiptronic gearbox: https://www.renntech.org/topic/38047-whats-this-oil-leak/
  7. I dont agree with that diagnosis. Its a driveshaft oil seal leak, like this one: https://www.planet-9.com/threads/drive-shaft-oil-leaks.109431/#lg=thread-109431&slide=0 There is too much oil above the driveshaft for that to be coming from the sump plug, way back and low on the sump. To be that covered it would have to be flooding out of the sump, which you hope they would have noticed and stopped driving it as the oil light would come on. Walk away.
  8. As Tozerman says, looks like driveshaft oil seal. You would want that fixed really before you buy it. At 2006 that would be the 5 speed tiptronic gearbox, which I believe is a Mercedes box. Evidence of an oil and filter change on the gearbox would also be beneficial.
  9. I dont brag about it, I bought it as a petrol-head that appreciates the engineering, heritage and driving experience of the car. As mentioned before, non petrol-heads dont realise quite how cheap Porsche ownership can be, their loss! Had a chap at work make quite a point of the fact I had a Porsche. Although he is well known for being outspoken and often not very polite. He drives a 12 year old Vectra diesel estate, with a health hazard interior! I'm not really bothered what others think.
  10. Might also be clutch slave cylinder leaking? Might also be worth getting it looked at by your local Porsche independent specialist, for the sake of a few quid for an inspection you might dodge buying a money pit. Unless it has a big pile of recent bills showing lots of parts being changed, I would avoid it unless its very cheap. Some of the issues with these cars are: IMS bearing, rear main seal leak, clutch and flywheel, aircon condensor rads leaking, coolant pipes leak, suspension bushes/arms can need replacing. You could easily buy something that needs £1k of work doing to it, so an inspection would be worth it.
  11. I'm looking at getting mine hydro-dipped with a carbon fibre effect the lacquered. Looks to be around £120. Painting looks good but it will still get scratched and chipped, especially if someone hits it with a seat belt buckle!
  12. Think I have heard of some adjusters at the bottom of the door where you can adjust the amount of tilt the glass has.
  13. Nope battery does not have to be disconnected, there are small bolts on the terminals which you can attach the CTEK connector to.
  14. I also just leave the battery connected, my CTEK charger has its fly leads just connected by the cable rings to the battery terminals.
  15. Wow expensive, but good if you can afford it, and as you say a fraction of the cost of the tyres. I'm going to get mine out on a dry day every month and warm it up use the brakes on the driveway as its SORN and then stick it back. That with upping the tyre pressures, I hope will keep the tyres ok.
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