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  1. Sounds like a reasonable compromise. With the Cayman being only a 2 seater, its always a 3rd car if you have kids or need to take more than one passenger. Have you looked at the Civic Type R, they are a fair bit cheaper at a similar age?
  2. Well the car is sold, sad to see her go tbh, but I just don't have the time or funds to fully restore her to my standards. Got a Stormforce 4 layer outdoor cover available and a boot tray if anyone is interested, message me.
  3. Selling my Stormforce 4 layer outdoor cover if anyone is interested, message me.
  4. Cheers for the info. I got a quote for one track day from them, £180, about 1% of the value of the car, as they say. But I guess its cheaper to have an annual policy for 10 days if you do a lot of tracking. That was with Circuit days I guess a closed session? Yeah the TF days sound like the wild west!
  5. Absolutely wicked, well done! On a more boring note, do you get any insurance for it, or just take a chance? Ring is definatley on my bucket list.
  6. Hi guys, Maybe looking to sell my Cayman Gen2 2.9 and move on to a convertible, for those summer cruises. I've enjoyed the Cayman, but realise I would like a convertible instead, so maybe a Boxster or an MX5. Drop me a line if anyone is interested in buying it, its ready to be used in good condition, and is cheap for a Gen2. Thanks Rich
  7. Not sure you should be 'hung up' on PASM, there are so many after market ways to tune the suspension to your taste with the help of a good specialist.
  8. Does look pretty tidy, reasonable price also. Its a Scottish car, so have a good look under it for rusty fixings, as they have to put a lot of salt on the roads up there, check all the exhaust brackets especially as they may need replacing. I'd want to know if its had a clutch, as by that age mileage it should have.
  9. Yeah I'd get Lee at Cotswold Porsche to have a look, will be a fraction of the price also.
  10. Yes that's the one. Check eBay and Amazon for the best price. You'll need a stud also to screw the GoPro base to.
  11. Something like a Manfrotto 035 super clamp (or similar chinese knock off version on eBay) with the stud screw would clamp on to the crossbar. Might want to put some black electrical tape on the crossbar first to protect it. I've not gone the Go pro route yet due to cost. I've been using Track Addict a free app on my Android phone. You select the track, use a good screen clamp for the phone and it records your session. Then you can use their free software on your PC to overlay the dials and track diagram on your mobile phone footage. Here's one of my attempts
  12. The oldest ones are 11 years old now, so you would think we would hear about some 9A1 engine issues if there were any. Shame the rest of the car isnt as good as the engine lol... Coolant pipes, aircon condensors, worn bushes, gearchange cables etc...
  13. The only difference is the 3.4 is DFI direct injection, so there may be carbon build up issues, but I've not heard of any tbh. The 2.9 is port injection. It's certainly rapid, depends what your used to though. Mid range could do with a bit more punch, a diesel BMW will leave you behind. I guess the 3.4 has the extra punch.
  14. Yeah looks epic, thanks for the report and photos.
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