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  1. I guess it also depends how long you are keeping the car. If you're keeping it forever, do what you like. If you want to resell it after a few years, its best to at least use an Independent, to maintain the value. I'd recommend finding a local independent, a large service will be more like £300. With regard to the oil. If its a quality oil like Mobil 1, it wont degrade much in 2 years, its fully synthetic, so you dont need to change it. Its not like old mineral oil.
  2. Thanks interesting to know. Will change mine at some stage. Will probably stick with the OEM ones as they have improved them. The Numerics look great, but are more race orientated and a lot pricier.
  3. Concur with Woodhouse. Top mounts are knackered after 10 years, they squeak as they wear, also bump stops will be breaking up.
  4. Get the engine cover off and have a look. https://guides.drivediy.com/Guide/Porsche+Cayman+987+Engine+Cover+Removal/37 Can be the coolant expansion tank cap, they do fail. Are fairly cheap even from a Porsche dealer.
  5. Good point Lenny. OPCs can be reasonable for some parts.
  6. Are the engine mounts that worn, how old is the car? Not sure the engine mounts matter as much in a Cayman as they do in a 911 rear engine.
  7. Best to get the same make and tread pattern all around for consistent feel and handling.
  8. Hi and welcome. Your on the right line there, depends on the condition of the existing tyres, balancing and alignment. Also check the tyre pressures are right. These cars are also best on the better brand tyres, Porsche approve Michelin Pilot sport, so maybe if the previous owner has put in cheaper brands that might be causing some of the issues. If you bought it from a dealer, I'd be looking for them to pay for some of this work to rectify the problems. If the car is higher mileage, it might be some wear in the suspension components, like the front control arm bushes can wear and cause these symptoms, but not really until the mileage is over 60k plus or 10 years for example. So I would start with the tyres, balancing and alignment first. Syer on here uses these Porsche specialists in Suffolk https://www.reasonporsche.com/
  9. Most owners use Carnewal in Belgium, they do an exchange deal on the rear silencer. Also be aware of the noise level, especially if you want to track your car, a lot of tracks have noise limits.
  10. Cheers for the eBay link. There are lots of YouTube vids showing how to do the alignment also:
  11. Might have to think about getting the green alignment tool next to check the gear linkage alignment. Beyond that its changing the cables I guess.
  12. Yeah I reckon that heat shield could be the culprit. Will be checking that on mine, as I've heard this fluttering at high speed also.
  13. Cotswold Porsche changed mine last year at 10 years/54k miles for Millers synthetic 75w/90. They said what came out was pretty black and horrible. Has helped smooth the change a bit. Although the 6 speed Getrag in mine is a bit notchy anyway.
  14. Remember they are spot welded on also, so you have to chisel the weld even after you have cut the clamp in half. Watch the Max Revs video for an idea of whats involved:
  15. One rattle I did have in mine was the tailgate. I wound the rubber buffers out a but more, so its tight when its shut, and that has stopped that one. I have heard a fluttering sound at speed on the motorway sometimes in mine. I had all the underfloor panels off in the summer, for a clean, and everything was well secure, so not one of those. So not sure what to check next. Its at the garage in April, so I'll get them to have a look also.
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