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  1. Hi Beanoir,


    Wondering if there is a classifieds section or a way to let others who might be interested that I am looking to sell my R unfortunately due to a change in circumstances


    Let me know if that’s possible. Mines done 56k miles, it’s white, PDK and has buckets. 


    Thanks mate. Adam

    1. Bushman


      sorry for your loss mate, that's going to be a tough divorce me thinks to lose the R.

  2. Hi Jim it’s a great car and you won’t regret it for a sec! From my perspective I thought about manual when buying mine but opted for pdk for ultimate performance (launch control and sport plus modes) swing it whilst having the other options I wanted. It also helps in low speed traffic less tiring on driver. I have moved abroad and so my car is currently for sale MK61. Let me know if interested. Adam
  3. Hi Nick yes it was my dads... it's been in the family on 911s mostly for years
  4. Hi guys new to the forum. Got my R 9 months ago and loving every minute great to see all the different options and colours. Also all the rightly pleased owners! Here's to many happy miles ? Caymanman
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