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  1. I agree they look fantastic, but I would prefer plain gloss or satin finish.
  2. I'll try mine later. Also worth checking that the rear lights are securely in place, sounds crazy on a Porsche I know but my rear left felt a little loose. Also check the trim panel that covers the rear of the light, there should be little white cup that the ' clip' fixes into. Mine seemed loose so I added a bit of packing to it.
  3. Thanks for the tip, I get this rattle sometimes so I have just unwouned mine quarter turn. They feel secure but a little loose now so will see if it helps.
  4. Good luck with your new project Andrea. Love the side vents they look great I would certainly be interested.
  5. That's a great idea Rich. I'll be giving that a go and see how I get on. Cheers
  6. Sorry my silly keyboard. I use Zymol Leather Cleaner is great stuff. The black leather comes up a treat https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/zymol-leather-cleaner
  7. I use Dr Leather wipes for the steering wheel but for the seat my preference is Leather Cleaner to my eyes leaves a better look to the leather £9.95 from CleanYourCar
  8. Thanks again they look good, probably be better with grey covers on mine. The bolts look like a great option though. I'm a bit like you I bought 3 sets of covers for our Ibiza before I was happy with them..
  9. Cheers Syer I like the look of those. Where did you get your covers?
  10. Thanks Lenny As you can see mine aren't great
  11. That's something worth considering thanks Ben. Stance wise mine doesn't look to bad to be fair but will have a look at Carnewal. I have also just had a look at the OE bolts and even new they dont look great.
  12. Hi folks I have 19" Turbo II alloys and the rusty bolts are letting the side down. I was going to refurb them myself but decided to treat myself to a new set. Design911 have a set by DT for £68 has anyone any experience of these or have any other suggestions? Many thanks all Rob
  13. I'm working nonstop at the mo, and have the Cayman on a CTEC Charger. I have been taking it out for a short trip every 4 weeks (ish). Thanks for heads up above I may just leave it on charge until I can go on a good run, it is garaged and covered.
  14. Also worth checking that the rear lights are seated correctly and tight, one of mine seems to work its way loose but easy to tighten.
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