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  1. I bought some decals from https://www.designstuffonline.co.uk/vehicle_graphics/model_make_specific/porsche/porsche_987_cayman_decals.html They went on really well but I would do it slightly different if I did it again... They are longer than they need to be and you cut them when they reach the door, I would leave maybe 15mm surplus so you can wrap it right round and back the door skin, you can get your fingers to it when you open the door, same for the bumper side. In the videos they cut then down the middle in the gap and push them in..this doesn't give much adhesion around a bend, good idea to warm them up at this point with a hair dryer too..makes the glue stick better. Above all clean the car really well and make sure there is no dust on it at all after washing it, it needs to be spotless!!!...and take your time. I didn't want to do the front bumper part as my car was fitted with a 3M film bra from new and it would have to go over this.
  2. Oh I see..I was interpreting "chuckable" as slang for handling. I've never had the pleasure of an S2000 but I hear great things about them.
  3. Buying a high mileage car is not necessarily a bad thing at all. At the end of the day it's ALL Porsche albeit with a few more marks and general wear. you'll save a considerable amount of money and as long as the suspension and engine mounts are good you'll get the same driving experience as a minter for half the price (maybe). Don't worry about engines at this level, go for the best car with best service history and maintenance, check it's had a recent clutch/flywheel/RMS as this can be a costly job. Brakes are cheap to overhaul back to factory specs and you could get them painted (calipers to freshen up looks. Wheels the same. It will be helpful if you can work on the car yourself, most of the cost of garage bills these days is labour.
  4. If it's the original clutch I would think it's probably done motorway miles or been driven very sparingly. I'm just doing a full brake/clutch bleed on my S ...brakes feel poor...but the clutch feels heavy too for 19K miles. I did the RMS . IMS and clutch on my 986 last year and the difference with new clutch /flywheel was incredible...so light now
  5. Might be an idea to rent that jig out once you're finished with it. I do the same with my IMS tools, it helps to get some cash back and provides a cheaper way of doing the job for fellow mechanics.
  6. Thanks ..they do lots of different styles in terms of materials but I wanted full Alcantara £195.99 inc VAT and postage.
  7. The wheel is thicker and feels really nice to drive with..really pleased. Cayman R stickers along the door bottoms next.
  8. I wanted to do something to my new to me Cayman S and had read of folk having their steering wheels recovered so I thought I'd give it a go. I decided on Royal Steering Wheels , removed my whell and sent it off finally deciding on full alcantara with thumb grips and yellow stitching. Really pleased when I got it back yesterday although I should have asked for bolder stitching in terms of thickness of thread and a bolder yellow to match my Speed Yellow car.
  9. Had the same problem as you with my 986 a couple of years ago. I had 8 of 12 snap off , left side was 5/6 so no way of fixing a jig on. I had some mini jigs made that screwed onto the stub of thread left sticking up and allowed me to drill a 3mm centre hole, then I worked up in 0.5mm increments and tapped the remainder out. Took about 3 weeks on and off, nasty job and I have a lift. Terrible design by Porsche, should be SS from the factory. I've got loads of photos I could upload but they're all too big (2MB) and I have no idea how to make them smaller.
  10. Excess smoke once up and running is more likely to be the Air Oil Separator, it's a common fault and not too hard to fit a new one.
  11. Mouse traps ! Always set a few in the garage, you don't want them nesting in your wiring loom..mucho damage can be caused You can get live traps so you don't have to kill them,..just take them a good bit away from your property before releasing them.
  12. Direct Line £295 limited to 5000miles (probably won't do that) My Boxster was £178 last year. I'm 48 , no points, good rural postcode
  13. Finally got something from Reading and an email to confirm the mistake was made. WP0ZZZ98Z8U770681.docx
  14. That's a tough one like Beanoir says you're right at the point of getting a 2.7 981 , i think they are fantastic looking cars, up there with the best, they look like a much more expensive car to me, but it would be a 2.7 (nothing wrong with that unless you are the type that wants the most powerful version, it's as simple as that.) A Gen2 987 S in my mind is a more classic looking and old school tech in comparison, I like that. I would keep an eye out for a peachy Gen2 987 S ( remember 320hp) for around £22K and save yourself £5k...that's how you'll justify your decision. Then in a few years you could sell it and look for a good 981 S or just keep it as I really don't think there is much that is going to make you smile as much as a Gen2 987 S. I've just bought a very good Gen1 S and coming from a 2.7 986 (which I still have) the difference is really quite noticeable in terms of power (220-290) and the handling..the Boxster is a really good little car, i've had mine for 8yrs and have been all over Northern Europe/Scandi with it ( did a 3hr 120mph dash through Denmark one day) ..brilliant for touring as the Cayman will be but the Cayman just feels more solid and it really pulls well from low down which the 986 2.7 doesn't ..you have to rev it which is still great fun. Good luck in finding your new car...
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