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  1. My car has bi-xenons which are great but they are too high. I keep getting flashed by other motorista's with dip beam on at night Is this a laptop adjustment at Porsche Centre ? and how much? They do the test thing when I turn them on but always go up too high.
  2. I recently put my Gen1 S (Speed Yellow) up for sale on Carandclassic , I've just put a deposit down on a Hawk 289 Cobra kit so thought the money would be useful It's totally mint , original tyres , less than 23k miles , black interior , yellow belts , manual , 19" Sport Design wheels (like new) ....it really is like a new car and it goes like nothing I've driven. Advert wasn't very good as to be honest I didn't really want to sell it...deep down anyway Well my mate was looking for a new toy and we agreed at £20k ....until tonight that is ..when I took it for a blast up our valley an
  3. I watched this too as well as many others as I think we're all going to have to go this way at some point in the future and it's the only way you get to drive a classic looking car with an electric motor. Yes they are very expensive to do , you can buy a kit from California to convert an old Beetle and I think it's somewhere like £15k +import taxes and freight. Cayman is going to be £20-£30K I reckon. Not sure how you get the Tesla gear, probably from a crashed car.
  4. Do it yourself for sure, especially now with lockdown. Take photos of the old oil filter/oil and keep good records and receipts. While you're under there you're bound to find something else to sort out or just clean up. I wouldn't want anyone else doing my Cayman.
  5. I warmed up the engine (so the casing would expand) and I then tapped quite hard with a small hammer all the bolt heads..remember there is no use whatsoever spraying release fluid on them, it wont get to the threads at all and basically the stuck bolts in mine had become part of the engine block. I then used a small breaker bar and carefully applied pressure, they break off really easily because corrosion below the head has reduced the thickness of the bolt. If like me you have 5 of 6 snap off on one side you can't use the stomski jig because you can't hold it in place.. It's a
  6. All the above is excellent information and should be used to make a purchase but do bear in mind it's quite rare and also remember all cars/machines have their Achilles heal. I bought a low mileage (19k) 987.1 Cayman S last year and was fully aware of the bore scoring issues but more than willing to take a small gamble for what is a fabulous and special little car and in reality not very expensive because it's often in the shadow of the 911. There is a theory that by fitting a low temp thermostat will help reduce the likelihood of developing bore scoring in the future and I'm going
  7. Oh I see , I'm sure this platform is fine, probably something with my settings, I don't know.
  8. No idea what that is but yes I can go to the main Forum and select the page I want to view from each thread but can't go page after page on one thread.
  9. Also look into "bore scoring" and how to identify it. It's probably the most expensive fix if your engine has it or develops it.
  10. This one too https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-Cayman-24V-S-Coupe-3-4-Manual-Petrol/143493404555?hash=item2168df978b:g:SkoAAOSwmgteFhXT
  11. I saw this one recently and thought it was a good buy although you'd need to investigate. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-Cayman-s/193284656716?hash=item2d00a9ce4c:g:YV0AAOSw8fdd4oI-
  12. If I'm reading a thread when it comes to selecting the next page I get a screen saying " Loading" and a twirly thing but it never loads so I can't really use the forum..any ideas? I use a Mac
  13. I would be surprised if that was sump plug, it would be going backwards all over the exhaust and you would have lots of drips too. Really looks like driveshaft seal to me but could be engine oil coming from higher up..hard to say
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