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  1. I had a shot in one a few weeks ago at Knockhill (as passenger) It was a Supercar experience a good friend bought for me for my 50th It was insanely fast , like nothing i've ever been in and I'd just come out the new AM Vantage V8 I don't think i'd last long in one of those , too tempting to fly past everyone all the time and you get wet when it rains! Amazing machines though.
  2. I have considered Westfields and Caterham's but too low , i'd feel really vulnerable around here as all the roads have hedges and stone walls along them , people cut corners all the time even the big forestry timber wagons. I've actually got a deposit on a Hawk 289 FIA Cobra (kit car) , waiting time is 2 yrs and I'm nearly a year in. Engine is a 302 cu/in (5L) Ford V8 but to be honest i'm loosing interest, my initial excitement has wained and I'm struggling to re ignite the enthusiasm I once had. Someone wanted to swap my Cayman for an 88 3.2 Carrera that was in need of much work and welding and I did nearly do it but my partner stepped in and said I must be insane (she was right)
  3. Trouble for me with a 997 is that it's too similar to the Cayman so why change and good .2's are up at £40k now, then you think maybe a 991 might be an option. I'm not really looking for more power, like I say 300hp is enough on UK roads to enjoy the capabilities of the car without moving at crazy speeds.. I'm going to keep the Cayman for now , I love it and look forward to taking it out but the motorbike has taken 1st place this year with all the amazing weather we've been getting up in Scotland. I've gone off the idea of an SL , I saw one on the motorway and the guy driving it wasn't like me if you know what i mean.
  4. Looking for a 2 seater really although I do like the look of the Alpha. Kids have flown so no need for a family car now Saw a red SL55 AMG yesterday that looked superb but they are plagued with very expensive tech issues throughout I'll maybe go and see what the newer Caymans are like for getting in.
  5. It's getting in and out whereI have a problem, it's not the car it's me. The Cayman is superb, it's an absolute joy to drive and I wouldn't want anything with more power , it's perfect at that magic 300hp and sounds lovely with the Carnewal exhaust job done on it. It's also a minter with 25k on the clock and clear PPF fitted from the dealership (AFN) from new so no stone chips. No I guess it's just the want to try something else and that's why an SL might suit because it's bigger and probably more suited to someone of my age and with the chassis damage I have acquired over the years . I'm not that keen on the 981/718's , the front is good but not keen on the rear just now, that might change though. I'll keep the Cayman this year at least but always keen to hear what others think,
  6. Just put 4 new P zero's on my Cayman S replacing the original factory tyres that perished and split, I wanted MPS4S's but the tyre shop couldn't get them in time for a trip we were going on so went for the Pirellis's and so far so good, very compliant on rough surface, plenty of grip so thumbs up. Actually the Bridgestones Potenza's that were on it had done 25k miles and were performing brilliantly until one split open on the motorway..hardly noticed but for a vibration but I wasn't going fast.
  7. What car do I get next? I've had my Cayman S for 2yrs now and it's a wonderful car , it really is. Does everything you could ever want but I suppose we are always looking for that next fix of a new car. My only problem is getting in it, I'm 6ft , 16st 50yr old with a shagged back, neck and shoulders. Top of my list is a Carrera T in yellow or white but they're now £80k and one at Silverstone up at £90k ..trouble is I know for a fact it isn't going to be £60k better than the Cayman so I can't justify that only that I think the price of that , like the Cayman will continue to rise so it's not wasted money...oh and I don't have £60k really (other than doing some creative maths) Slightly more affordable would be an early base manual 991 Carrera but they're nearly all black or silver and I simply don't want those colours and like the T it won't really offer much more than the Cayman does,that goes for 997's and 996's So I started looking at Jag XKR's Gen 1 and 2's but just can't make that move to a Jag, it's like giving in and accepting you're getting old...and they rust badly, the Gen1's anyway. I've done R8's , F Type's , Maserati GT's !! and always woken up the next day thinking wtf.. But more than all the others I keep going back Mercedes Sl's and by that I mean the R129's (I saw a lovely one in Winchester last week on a small break the wife and I were on) and the 230's and even the pre-facelift 231's , they're so cheap now. I found a very good white 231 SL400 for £25k. And then I look in the drive and see the Cayman and think again , wtf were you thinking, that is a superb little car and you'll miss it so much. Help required please and here she is , the problem.
  8. Mine is doing the same. Works fine at the start of a journey then starts to cool down so I end up with it at 28C (normally have a car at 19C) I turn it right down to cool then back up to 19C and it warms up again only to cool down again as time goes on. No big deal but would be good to get it fixed.
  9. Having recently driven a round trip of 400miles to look at a 996 C2 Manual I can tell you what I found. Advert was , 1 owner , FSH , 62k miles , it was in a really nice colour and tan interior which I love. I spent about 1 min quickly scanning the outside of the car and realised almost straight away it was not for me, but it was only when I lay down and took a look underneath I was horrified. All 4 jacking points were rotten where by i could pull pieces off with my fingers, all the brake pipes were badly corroded and everything else made of metal was rusted heavily. But it was the exhaust manifolds that really did it for me, they were virtually rusted through and the bolt heads were not really there, which would mean drilling out to replace, very expensive and time consuming The FSH wasn't full...last had a service 8yrs ago!! It had been MOT'd but whoever did it must have been a mate because those brake lines were bad, which then made me wonder if it was clocked and he had been driving it which the MOT mileage suggested he hadn't. It would have been a full restoration job, the whole underside would have had to come out , welding work done at somewhere very good and about £10k on parts to get the suspension working again I offered him half what he wanted with this in mind and left it with him...not heard since but someone that doesn't know what they're looking at will get a huge bill just to get it through a genuine MOT. Wheels were so badly scraped and tyres poor so probably £1500-£2k to sort the 4 wheels out. I've got photos but they're too big to post.
  10. Another bit of useless info Apparently they rarely carry 860 passengers , usually 500 so almost twice the fuel 700L pp each way and half the mpg pp too..
  11. just a bit more.. Jet A cost £0.32 / L so cost of fuel is approx £100k What does a ticket to Sydney cost? 860 passengers even at £1k each is quite a profit but can't add up as they're stopping production /sales of the A380 , too expensive to fly unless it's full to capacity always.
  12. Just done the calcs again and they are fairly good. A380 burns a staggering 12t metric of fuel /hr (1254L fuel = 1t) Flight is approx 22hrs (London to Sidney) so burns 22x12t = 264t of fuel or 331,056L Divided by 860 = 385 L pp 1 way or 770L pp return it's 10500miles which works out at 123mpg pp (I think) 5000miles @ 25mpg = 900L pa in your Cayman
  13. Nicely put Windymiller I once worked it out how much Jet A fuel is burned per person to fly to Australia in an A380 The A380 carries approx 860 passengers , could carry way more if certain people gave up their private 1st class room and sat in a normal seat. If I remember correctly and I probably don't I think it was about 450L per one way trip so 900L return pp. I did work out the mpg pp and it was roughly 40mpg pp. Sounds OK but like you say it's a huge amount of fuel. We use about 1500L Oil/yr to heat our house in Scotland to put in perspective. Flying is too cheap imo , a trip to Aus should be a once in 10yr occasion and some sort of Carbon Credit scheme for every one on the planet , which can be traded for those that don't fly might work. "when you coming out again" say's my brother in Michigan...as though they live in Yorkshire..crazy
  14. Yes it might need a clutch and maybe a flywheel while you're in there if it hasn't been done already, along with lots of suspension parts, you need to get it up on a lift and tale a look. Nice colour but those miles to me are in that zone I don't like to buy in. Not long before it's got 90-100k and loses value because of that and way more than a 50k car which I think this is priced at. I usually go for a low mileage one and pay the extra or a high miler and get it cheap, you also don't have to worry about miles once it's over the 100k milestone really, it then goes on condition and maintenance. If someone offered you an original 550 Spyder that's been lying in a barn for 50yrs , the last thing you'd ask is the mileage, it doesn't really matter. If you get a 100k+ car that's been really well looked after and had a whole load of "good work and parts" just done on it , I'd say that might be the better option...also depends on how long you think you might keep it. Imagine taking a 100k car to 200k .. Colour to me is also really important, it's the one thing that you can't really change without spending many thousands and de-valueing it by a similar amount, everything else is mechanical bolt on pretty much.
  15. The studs can break easily or you might be lucky. It's a very tortuous job to drill them out properly , you need the Stomski jig or make something up like I did to ensure you're drilling dead square and bang in the middle. I had 8 of the 12 snap on my Boxster so be warned.
  16. The 987 Cayman R is a thing of beauty (look at the white one here) , like you say, Porsche nailed it and in the commotion of the 981 being released I think it was a car that didn't really have it's day It's so strange how in the quest for the perfect manual "drivers" car we all assume the latest model is going to be better but in what way? I mean do you need more than 300hp on UK roads? My Cayman S is unbelievably good to drive , it's insanely fast in 3rd , brakes are amazing , looks incredible in Speed Yellow and you can drive it as a normal car should you wish...what more do you want.? I get excited when I get to drive it, it's an occasion. Compared to cars I drove as a new driver in the late 80's it's from a different world. I recently got to drive, albeit for not very long in Anglesey, my mates AMG GTR , an amazing place to be for sure but would I want one? No..and neither did he, sold it not long after and bought an 88 911 Carrera and loves it. We're in a world of Youtube and car gurus telling us we must buy this and that as it's so much better than the previous model but they're career's are based on telling us this. When you look at a car like a manual Cayman R , it's got it everything and all perfectly formed in a beautiful little package ready to be enjoyed by the very lucky and clever owner.
  17. My car has bi-xenons which are great but they are too high. I keep getting flashed by other motorista's with dip beam on at night Is this a laptop adjustment at Porsche Centre ? and how much? They do the test thing when I turn them on but always go up too high.
  18. I recently put my Gen1 S (Speed Yellow) up for sale on Carandclassic , I've just put a deposit down on a Hawk 289 Cobra kit so thought the money would be useful It's totally mint , original tyres , less than 23k miles , black interior , yellow belts , manual , 19" Sport Design wheels (like new) ....it really is like a new car and it goes like nothing I've driven. Advert wasn't very good as to be honest I didn't really want to sell it...deep down anyway Well my mate was looking for a new toy and we agreed at £20k ....until tonight that is ..when I took it for a blast up our valley and I thought "I must be insane selling this" ..what car can you get for £20k that does what this does (in this condition) ?? Also my kit won't be ready for 18mths so I'd be toy-less for all that time. So now I've got to tell him (tonight) I don't want to sell it anymore , but I will help him find a really good one regardless They're amazing little cars and if you get a good one it'll be hard to beat
  19. I watched this too as well as many others as I think we're all going to have to go this way at some point in the future and it's the only way you get to drive a classic looking car with an electric motor. Yes they are very expensive to do , you can buy a kit from California to convert an old Beetle and I think it's somewhere like £15k +import taxes and freight. Cayman is going to be £20-£30K I reckon. Not sure how you get the Tesla gear, probably from a crashed car.
  20. Do it yourself for sure, especially now with lockdown. Take photos of the old oil filter/oil and keep good records and receipts. While you're under there you're bound to find something else to sort out or just clean up. I wouldn't want anyone else doing my Cayman.
  21. I warmed up the engine (so the casing would expand) and I then tapped quite hard with a small hammer all the bolt heads..remember there is no use whatsoever spraying release fluid on them, it wont get to the threads at all and basically the stuck bolts in mine had become part of the engine block. I then used a small breaker bar and carefully applied pressure, they break off really easily because corrosion below the head has reduced the thickness of the bolt. If like me you have 5 of 6 snap off on one side you can't use the stomski jig because you can't hold it in place.. It's a horrible job. I have bought a Cayman now and really want to have a go at getting these ones out before they seize in forever if they haven't already.
  22. All the above is excellent information and should be used to make a purchase but do bear in mind it's quite rare and also remember all cars/machines have their Achilles heal. I bought a low mileage (19k) 987.1 Cayman S last year and was fully aware of the bore scoring issues but more than willing to take a small gamble for what is a fabulous and special little car and in reality not very expensive because it's often in the shadow of the 911. There is a theory that by fitting a low temp thermostat will help reduce the likelihood of developing bore scoring in the future and I'm going to fit one when I change the coolant this Spring.
  23. Oh I see , I'm sure this platform is fine, probably something with my settings, I don't know.
  24. No idea what that is but yes I can go to the main Forum and select the page I want to view from each thread but can't go page after page on one thread.
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