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  1. Blimey Julian, @Julian987, thats a lot of work but clearly you must find it worthwhile. I do use the two bucket method, snow foam and lance for the final shampoo etc and thought this was bordering on excessive but I am really impressed as to the lengths you go to.
  2. Hi, I'd be interested in taking one of the places for 1 October? my car is due to be delivered next month so I'm pretty sure this should be ok.
  3. Oops! PM9HLM92! Sorry, have just seen I could have edited the above! Doh!
  4. Yes, Porsche code PM99HLM92
  5. Luckily, for me, it looks like my cars spec will lockdown this week. I've been nervously watching other forums where buyers of GT4s, Spyders etc are having their built slot cancelled and offered slots later in the year. It seems this is as a result of both the need to replace circa 1000 4.0 engines worldwide and the shortage of computer chips. My car is now showing to be built 1 June so hopefully early July I'll be driving it! As I'm sure can be imagined, I'm looking forward to this!!
  6. Hi, I've ordered a GT4 which should arrive in June. The lock down of my spec is the middle of April. Any options recommended? I know the views on seats but I've spec'd 18 ways which will be more comfortable for me, particularly as I intend to use the car for jaunts out.
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