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  1. Thanks Mike, throttle reset procedure?
  2. Folks, quick question. I’ve finally got round to getting a new trickle charger. I’ve decided to fit directly to the battery, as I have done lots of time for motorcycle’s. Is there anything I need to know before I disconnect the battery or just crack on (neg first etc) cheers
  3. Warm engine Sport on. 34AEF60B-24C4-48DE-89C1-0DE63AC54594.MOV
  4. Just the standard GT back end. It’s brought the car alive. Since getting the car I’ve always thought that it lacked sound. Not talking crackle and pops just general sound to accompany the performance, most notably under 4K rpm. As you know to hit that sweet spot to need to be pushing on and that’s not always practical, if you value your license. What this has done is brought it down by 2k. On a neutral throttle ie steady 70,80,90 there’s no perceivable difference but as soon as you hit the gas it’s very noticeable. Also on start up...... especially when on the train on the way back. Decent little overnight road trip too. Lunch in Ypres on the way and an overnight in Bruges, where we had the pleasure of paying 28 euro for a bottle of £5.00 wine!
  5. Well that the road trip complete, very happy with the results. Amazing what difference a bit of noise makes.
  6. Not the most exciting post I know but what are folks using to replace the front wipers? Aero blades? Or OE? cheers
  7. I’m still up for this! Just need a meeting time.
  8. @JDog they are 19’s, I believe they are Carrera S wheels? No spacers fitted.
  9. @Daz cheers, they were a very dull silver and I asked the dealer to re do them. Really pleased.
  10. Pick it up yesterday, blast out to Caffeine & Machine today. Delighted.
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