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  1. Fiver says Katie Price is the previous owner…..
  2. These two on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164272346459 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263270703716
  3. These two are the kind of size / shape that appeals….
  4. Hi Lenny. I don’t want too OTT: in my own mind at least….. But the R wing is still quite subtle imo.
  5. Thankyou. Very nice as a duck tail they are too. But it’s a Wing or nothing for me. I think I’m going to go for it….
  6. Hello 🙂 Yes; i too am considering something more aggressive than the stock offering. But without going full ASBO / Boy-racer / ricer-look. My cars already fairly 'non standard'. So i don't have the whole 'residual / ongoing value of a completely stock car' argument to ponder over..... The one you've linked too is really nice. Another viable option. Thanks !
  7. Don't be shy. Time to confess..... Who's 'butchered' those timeless 987 lines and ruined them with the addition of a rear wing. Pretty sure now; i'm going for it at some point. So who's got what, from where and what have been your experiences on fit, quality etc ? Any pictures would be fantastic.
  8. I haven’t done them no…. Much appreciated info. Thankyou ! 🙏
  9. Thankyou. You’re 100% correct. In my haste to post and ‘get help’ I’ve incorrectly diagnosed. It was 100% Pink coolant…..🤨 Anywhere common to start looking. Leak / puddle was basically directly under front passenger wheel….. Cheers.
  10. Noticed what i presume is a condenser leak from my 987.1 this morning: on the garage floor.... My local mechanic could potentially do this job. Do people replace with genuine parts, or after market. Best place to purchase parts in the UK if after-market please ?
  11. Thanks Aaron. The place Ben suggested ‘Only does instrument clusters’ they’ve said 🙄 But I’m sure I can find somewhere local. Is this the kind of thing I’m looking for ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232382648580 I linked specifically to these ones because they come in different voltages; and I’m imagining with the wiring already attached - they could be swapped with originals… or perhaps installed using the original connections and ‘piggy backed’ ontop - if a straight swap looks difficult / the size isn’t the same etc etc. As opposed to the type below for example - where I’m imagining I’d perhaps need to replicate exact size, shape etc to marry up connections ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263020022470 Cheers.
  12. Thats awesome info Ben. These look like the people I (we !) need. Second hand fascia’s making upward of £300. I’m imagining new could be double that easily. Quite steep for a ‘bulb’ in my case. It’s just so annoying. Everyone I’ve asked so far has said they would live with it. That’s not me… Ive just emailed with pics of car and climate fascia. And also the most interesting info I’ve found out so far. Feeling hopeful - Thankyou.
  13. They are only re-furbing two non related - and unlit with LED - buttons from what I can see / read on their website. And they ask that these alone are posted to them. So their involvement in anything else climate control fascia related appears to be nothing at face value. But I’ll email just in case… Only found out about this issue this morning. So it’s on the radar to ring a dealer as soon as soon as the Bank Hol is over.. Thanks again.
  14. Absolutely. Plenty of vids on YouTube for taking apart in reference to replacing the two switches that always wear. Was looking for any further info on the bulbs / switch etc so I could attempt to be pre-armed with parts. Looks like it’s in we go !
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