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  1. Thankyou Nick ! All sorted this end now...... 🙂
  2. Agree ! I LOVE the one coming down the gearbox at 4:16 onwards for 5 seconds or so. That's so sharp sounding, aggressive and responsive you can just tell.......
  3. I bought a leather one for my Sons first car....Corsa: that I also paid for 🙄 from the same seller Rich. Some time ago now mind. Same type of job installing on his. My Clio 200 was similar too apart from I used an industrial stapler on that; to attach it to the collar. Both fitted a treat though and were great quality - so I know where your coming from here.... 👍 I’m probably going to get the gaitor and hand-brake re-done on mine when I eventually have my centre console painted. Makes sense to do it in one hit. You tempted by a steering wheel to match now ? 😎
  4. Fab job Rich. Looks great that ! "Passing my way anytime soon......... ?" 🤣
  5. Thought that (Patchy at best) might be the case. Not enough power in the sun to dry..... 😐 Did you / or anyone else get any action snaps of you strutting your stuff ?
  6. Lol @ McLarens. Wonder if the owners say the same of ‘us’.... 🤣 Awesome day by the sounds of it; and your car did you proud ! Was it a dry Track or ??? **Was bright but crisp here in Sunny Suffolk. (Made it to a whopping 7.5 degrees C at 1pm !). Imagine you actually managed to generate some heat in your tyres though 😎
  7. Small write-up and some pictures on my "Members cars" topic here: https://www.caymanoc.com/forums/topic/1893-sevenfourates-9871-meteor-grey-cayman/?page=6&tab=comments#comment-18793 Fantastic turnout ! 100+ cars easily.....
  8. Might be lit - but i see no smoke yet...... 🙂 I hear you ! PDK is amazing imo. **I've driven an R35 GTR far more than a PDK box.....but same affair effectively. If you're a driver who adores involvement, sensations, tactility etc - there's nothing more involving than a perfect manual shift. And never ever will be. None of this auto rev-matching, millisecond gear changes etc - the onus of all that tech; being geared toward sheer performance - versus perhaps truly savouring the experience a little more. I too see myself as a manual man. But if i was dropping 65 big ones on a bang-up-to-date model i'd truly need a few days in each to decide. Still favouring manual in my head. But that's perhaps likely more due to my age (Set in my ways !) and what i've grown-up with and driven with for 30+ years. Us old dogs are like our gearboxes: Slow to change.... 😎
  9. Maybe not here - may have been a fb Group. Google it !?
  10. Seen this exact post a few times. My base has rear speakers....I’ve seen others that do to. But also many (more) that don’t..... Mine had an amplifier repair / replacement at some time. So whether someone ‘upgraded’ the system a little at the time and added rear speakers; or if they were specced from new I can’t tell you ! Interested in any input on your question though 😎
  11. I know right..... This is all over: and the hot topic on every Porsche forum / Facebook group I’m on. To be fair: who ever had a poster of a 4 cylinder Porsche ‘Supercar’ on their wall as a kid.....
  12. Hope to see some of you good folk Saturday......😎
  13. I’m going to do a thorough clean and then ‘protect’ myself. The seats look to be in really good condition, with minimal surface cracking / spidering in a couple of very small spots on the passenger side. So as much as anything I’m looking to ‘nourish’ after cleaning to keep them supple and fed. 1. Are the seats natural leather or ‘finished leather’ ? 2. Whats your favourite / the best Leather protector you’ve used ? ****I have some Gtechniq I2 Tri-Clean: all Surface / Interior - Anti Bacterial Cleaner here. Is that heavy duty enough for the cleaning part ? Thanks.
  14. Non biological liquid is what is recommended - if not using a specialist / dedicated product. And what my wash-mitt, drying cloths and microfibres get washed in after every use. I'm completely anal about paintwork protection - and no issue's here from me. And no fabric conditioner as above ! Sounds like you need to join "Detailing World" if you're starting to think about this sort of stuff and haven't already..... www.detailingworld.co.uk Be warned though. Once you start looking into seriously caring for your cars general finish / paintwork etc and what it takes to achieve that; there's absolutely no going back 😎 Good luck.
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