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  1. Looks a brilliant meet. And awesome pics Nick. A couple in particular are really outstanding......
  2. Right hand side (Off side / passenger) appear to be plentiful and cheap - £90 upwards new. The drivers side appears to be uncommon and expensive ! Unless this is the whole fog light for the drivers side: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264540719951 In which case - after an email to the seller to check - I’d snap it up ! Good luck to the OP.
  3. Craig: I bought some cheapies advertised as 6k ‘Bright white’. And a pair of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264026610242 They are going in Tuesday along with a few other bits. Ill get before and after pics buddy and let you know which ones worked out 👍
  4. Bosch S5 Heavy Duty here. Fits fine, better specs than standard and a tiny bit over £80 for trusted quality 👍 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272720481115
  5. 987 - Gen1: In the fog / spots - there is the main bulb.......and below that right at the bottom - a "running light" (?) Seem's i've changed every bulb apart from these - and i noticed how yellow they were this morning. Anyone know they type of bulb these are so i can get some ordered ?
  6. I had 5's on a previous car and loved them. Very impressive grip / feedback (Wet especially), noise levels; and wear rates. If the 6's are a further improvement over the 5's......which i'm sure they are......you'll absolutely love them !
  7. At the time I found the kit at maybe £650 (?) on eBay. Then it got reduced. And from memory ebay then had a 15% off sale with some vendors. Inc Euro Car parts. So a compounded reduction indeed ! There was also some questioning if the DMF in the kit would fit my car. I was well aware if it did - it was cheap for that alone. So all worked out really well thankfully. I’d intended to have as a spare too - but a couple of slight ‘lumps’ in reverse had me fit it pretty much right away. **The difference after was staggering. Shows what you become used to / don’t notice happening ver
  8. LUK DMF: and Sachs clutch kit from Euro car parts was £435 total for me last year. Yes: I felt I got very lucky too.....
  9. Mine started to get an occasional ‘lump’ in reverse at 46k. Me being me; replaced the whole clutch assembly, thrust bearing etc - along with IMS + RMS seal while in there. My car had done very little miles per year with previous owner. And I suspect from that was a Sunday jaunt to the coast car - to get fish and chips. Likely a lot tougher on a clutch than 1000’s of daily motorway miles sitting at 70mph (Officer 😄) in top gear..... Good luck.
  10. Glad to hear Lenny. Quite some cheap upgrade isn’t it 👌👍
  11. Welcome aboard. And welcome to ‘Porsche life’ 😂 Rest safe In the knowledge every car comes with bills. Few however have the utter thrills, feelings, emotions and enjoyment an on-song Cayman brings with it...... **Oh - and as a detailing freak; Black scares me. They say if your a clean freak...”You don’t own a Black car. A Black car owns you” 😁 Health to enjoy Sir.
  12. Not horrific that; is it. I'm an independent user, Diy'er etc too. So not really wholly sure of Main dealership pricing. But for a major service on what many might perceive to be a "Rich boys toy" - that's ok imo. Especially if the quality of work is top notch 👌 Would be interesting to see / know the cost of a a major service at a Main dealers on a Mini Cooper S for example. Seems every man and his dog has one of those. Bet the two figures aren't poles apart............... Enjoy !
  13. My 987 goes in Sunday for some work. Inc the fitting of lowering springs. My mechanic has fairly recently lowered another 987 via springs; and I’m pretty sure he said it “wasn’t a bad job - and took him around 5 hours”. **Ive had 5 cars lowered via springs in the last 10 years or so - inc my current daily less than 6 months ago. And none have even been close to 10 hours Labour. Unless I completely misheard ref the 987 install time - that sounds high to me..... BTW: I’ve always fitted: and am again fitting Eibachs. For purely road use. Harshness / crashiness
  14. Thats sits really well. Classy stance ! Ive ordered my wheels and lowering is in hand. If I end up looking anything like yours - I’ll be very happy ! Thankyou very much for the pics of your superb machine.....
  15. Solely the fact they are purpose made for 987’s; in the widths / sizes / offsets needed to ensure no rubbing, the right stagger, geometry blah blah. And all with no spacers or longer wheel bolts. That’s the right mechanical solution. Looks may not be quite as good Revolution compared to the 2Forge. But; still not bad - and my mind rests easier knowing it’s the best ‘fit’ I could possibly achieve.....
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