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  1. Yes i did. And pretty darned pleased with the improvement in braking / pedal feel after fitting. Much more 'modern'; and in line with other vehicles i own. The Cayman was so far removed from those previously IMO..... Seems i got my purchase timing right too for a change !
  2. Tanya Batteries online or on eBay are the boys if you do purchase a Bosch. Best price you’ll find anywhere - and always superb service 👌
  3. More worryingly: the last picture appears to show some rear seats.......
  4. Not sure if anyone ever purchased these (?)......but i've taken a flyer and purchased from here today; stating i'd like Matt Black - as there's no choice of colour on the ebay advert i've bought from - at £33 a pair inc delivery from the USA: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-Cayman-987-Headlight-BLACKOUT-Precut-Trim-Rings-Eyelids-Vinyl-Decals/153991131421?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 But other options inc Matt Black on the same sellers website: https://www.sjmautodecals.com/product-page/porsche-boxster-cayman-987-headlight
  5. The Shear strength of stainless is terrible - ref: "stretch (and promptly snap) bolt" almost. Although Porsche wheel bolt torque isn't high (relative to many applications). ***I had to have a course on a piece of machinery fairly recently to enable me to do some bolts up to between 1500 and 2000nm...... But i still just wouldn't. Besides which. The Ti bolts do look sooo good. Not to mention all those ounces you'd save..... 🤣
  6. If by any chance you do need a coolant top up - distilled water is ok for small amounts. But obviously the 'proper' antifreeze is best. And of course with a Porsche....the most expensive option also. When i last needed some; the official Porsche pink coolant was £18 a litre (For pre-mixed i think). And more than that i didn't / don't have an official Porsche centre anywhere near me so would have needed to add postage ontop too. So after some googling i discovered this is the exact same stuff that Porsche have re-bottled for them by Total: (This is the concentrate too -
  7. Nice mileage on that Adam. Hugely enjoy cracking them up a bit..... Mines fairly poverty spec. And i'm comfortable with that. Its the way to be imo (For my Sunday driver at least). I purchased for the involvement, feedback and sensations - not the amount of gadgets. Welcome to the fold 😎
  8. A guy on one of the Facebook groups (Jay Shoolman - Based in the USA - so prices in Dollars) also makes these. And has offered us the following price breaks for quantity: 5 pairs $25 (£19.75) each plus shipping, 10 pairs $22 (£17.35) plus shipping . I can supply for 987.1 only. My rings are in one piece. ***I've now asked him about shipping costs 🙂
  9. That's an amazing price for Hydro imo - with the labour required to prep. I'd love to see one fitted; in Carbon finish......
  10. Having done both....either are great. And very noticeable. More so the SB. Both attacking slightly different area's of course. Deffo SB first IMO. You can still Remap after; with the SB in place if you so desire. Good Luck.
  11. My rear bumper (Not an 'R' mind) ; at the underneath / rear of the arches on the sides was the same at 40k. Looked a completely matt finish (May have even been down to undercoat in places - certainly not a lot of lacquer left there !). I'm guessing this is down to fat rear tyres and also airflow - throwing / sucking dust and road debris back up. It literally looked like it had been 'sand-blasted' in that area. Good luck !
  12. Painted console. Pffffft. Who'd do that 😂 Sounds about the right money for a nice job - as we already discussed i think. Looks REALLY well buddy. ENJOY !!
  13. Pretty sure "Race 5" is where i ended up too (Set up and then removed controller) Couldn't agree more on all points ! ENJOY. More so now 🙂
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