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  1. Any chance this can be changed to allow editing [Not just for the 15 minutes after posting: or whatever short timescale it is now] ? ***Even if only in the section for people with ongoing build threads perhaps ? I’d like to keep a running tally of updates / maintenance / costs - for reference, for my own benefit: and of course to show potential new owners some of ‘real Porsche ownership’ perhaps. At the moment I’d need to copy and paste the old specs, add to it - and then do a new post in my topic for every (currently frequent) update. IF a user was to be able to edit even just the first post in a build thread topic - it would mean specs / costs / modifications etc could be somewhat ‘silently’ brought up to date without needing numerous new posts to do so.... This is the case on many vehicle forums I’m on and allows for updates without additional ‘clutter’ / bandwidth etc etc. Just a thought and hoping it’s something you might consider.
  2. **Last sentence slightly amended for you. Somewhat feeling looked down upon by the 4x4 Porsche-variant brigade: is a common feeling to me. Not just since participating in Porsche ownership - to be fair. A wave from one ? You’re kidding. Most sit behind sunglasses year round - perhaps desperate not to admit to glances across: or give any direct eye contact. And sitting up high and looking down upon any (every ?) one around them has never been better personified. ***And being a cheap / old / base Porsche owner gives me no illusion of any grandeur. I’m just a petrol-head that appreciates many variants of interesting machinery and engineering diversity. And am well aware a few year old Mondeo likely costs more, is more reliable and ultimately very capable. What it doesn’t possess is the ability to stir the same ownership or driving emotion. Tongue in cheek ? Perhaps......
  3. ....of cleaning / detailing products. I've purposely trimmed down to a 'core' (With some multiples of each) of tried and trusted products. And still love a day out in the fresh air 'improving' wherever i can: SNOWFOAM: Bilthamber Autofoam SHAMPOO: Bilthamber Autowash (Body) / ODK Rotate (Wheels) BRAKE DISCS (Anti-rust): Bilthamber ATOM-MAC DECONTAMINATE: Autofinesse Iron-Out WASH MITT: Meguiars Super Thick Microfibre Wash Mitt DRYING TOWEL: Auto finesse Aqua deluxe or Silverback Gorilla XL MICROFIBRES: Korean Edgeless PAINT SEALANT: Collinite 845 QUICK DETAILER: Sonax BSD EXTERIOR BLACK PLASTICS: Autofinesse Revive TYRES: Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel CHROME / STAINLESS EXHAUST TIPS: Autosol INTERIOR PLASTICS: Aerospace 303 or Armorall Satin / CarPro PERL for a bit more shine LEATHER: Gtechniq I2 Tri-Clean / Gtechniq L1 Leather Guard GLASS: Angelwax H2GO sealant / Nilco Professional cleaner What about you. Got a 'hidden gem' of a product we all need to know about ? Got a stash of gear that outshines you local Halfords,or........
  4. £900 difference for the red paint. Seems good value......😉
  5. I’m not sure of the whole performance increase aspect. Infact I read a whole load of K&N blurb a while ago. And amongst longevity, better filtration, ease of cleaning etc mentioned - I’m not sure ‘added performance’ was ever included ? In saying that I’ve ALWAYS upgraded to a foam / panel filter when the first opportunity arose in my last few cars. For the above reasons alone. Any marginal performance was a bonus if it came. Same with a little added noise too..... And shall be swapping to a K&N on the Cayman when the paper item is due for change. Or maybe before 😉 Good luck.
  6. Are the calipers on Gen1's known to be finicky at all ? I say this because the Brembo 4-pots on my previous Clio 200 were; and at the very least required a yearly removal, strip, clean and re-lube. If not a mechanical refurb to go along with the potential cosmetic refurb as the years rolled by..... Many of the forum guys had theirs painted and re-finished. Or bought a used set off ebay, had those refinished and then sold on the originals to re-coup some costs. And often the cost of this was more than you could buy brand new calipers for. Which for some - with cars of a similar age to a Gen1 Cayman - seemed a little short-sighted. Not suggesting you aren't; but if i was getting the calipers cosmetically refinished; i would deffo be looking into getting new seals, nipples / piston(s) etc if need at the same time. I presume for a 'proper' painting job - they are having to remove all these parts anyway. So you wouldn't / shouldn't be paying extra labour to rebuild back together with new parts as opposed to with your original parts. What sort of prices are people being quoted for what level of re-furbing anyway ?
  7. 'Here hear' to that Rich ! ? 🤣 A warm welcome aboard Eddie....... Mine starts fine after week (Not had it long)....but have no experience in the cold winter. I do have a C-Tek charger bolted to the wall and a harness wired in to the car ready though. A very popular trickle charger these days.
  8. I found a few coolant spots inside the plastic cover to get to oil and water caps. Thought then it was overspill. Maybe not !!!! Now going to order one to eliminate non sealing issues.... THANKS !!!!
  9. TBF if the kit is correct for my car @£370 odd and 5'ish hours labour at my indy covers installation - it will be an altogether different bill to yours ! I'll be ringing first thing tomorrow to confirm fitment. And jumping on it at that price if so.... Glad to hear it made such a difference for you***Why did you change - what were your 'symptoms / issues' ? Thanks
  10. About to hopefully purchase the new OE clutch kit and flywheel. Found it even cheaper too for anyone interested (£379 for Sachs 3 piece clutch kit and LUK Dual Mass Flywheel !): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PORSCHE-Transmission-Dual-Mass-Flywheel-Clutch-Kit-By-Sachs-LuK/223439953556?fits=Car+Make%3APorsche&hash=item34060f1e94:g:APQAAOSwh0NcghCj Part numbers all seem to make out and are the same on 3 or 4 different ebay adverts....BUT it says fits engine code: ENGINE CODE: M97.21 Is this the engine code for a Gen1 2.7 ? Info i've found on Porsche Club GB suggests not ! (Unless a base and 'S' share the same clutch / flywheel possibly ????) Porsche Cayman (987/981/718) engines: 987.1 2007–2009 2.7 litre "M97.20" 245 PS flat-six (VarioCam Plus) 2005-2006 3.4 litre "M96" 295 PS flat-six (VarioCam Plus). S model 2006–2009 3.4 litre "M97.21" 295 PS flat-six (VarioCam Plus) S model Confused if this is the correct part / will fit now 😕
  11. If you're wanting White - like i would and might ! - looks like this would be the kit required: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/INTERIOR-LED-SMD-Bulbs-KIT-WHITE-CAN-BUS-fit-Porsche-Boxster-987/181239865615?hash=item2a32bce10f:g:p5cAAOxynRRSRZNr You being guinea pig or am i ? 😊
  12. Hi Rich. Thanks for additional thoughts. Slave cylinder being the obvious one that had immediately crossed my mind too.... I have no doubts it will go on a lot longer - but have done quite a bit of ‘renewing’ parts already and this is the only gripe left. Plus I haven’t gone this far to ‘skimp’. It’s the nature of buying a second hand car - and me being more critical than most perhaps. Rightly or wrongly I have some slight doubts about supplying dealer going the work (Which I’d have to pay for parts either way) - and he’s 120 mile round trip away. Twice over. So a much safer bet is to have my tried and trusted mechanic do the work locally (He’s moves to literally next door to my work) and be somewhat in control of proceedings. Thanks again.
  13. At work - but GREAT info. Thanks for your time and thoughts. Plenty to chew on there...
  14. Cheers guys. Just ordered a bottle of the Gtechniq due to your 'reviews'. Thanks.
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