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  1. Applying heat technique is usually done to fading / greying exterior black plastic to encourage the oils in the plastic to the surface again - which gets them from grey to black again. This isn't usually the case on an interior. Plus the Gen1's have a soft-touch rubberised coating on some interior parts (Centre console for example ?) and if 're-furbing' - this needs to come off first and foremost. Acetone does a great job of this i'm lead to believe. I'm about to do the same thing to mine over the winter. And in terms of the centre console; i think i'm going to remove it and have painted black with a Satin type lacquer to blend in with the cars age etc - not a bright / gloss Piano type black finish as used in many modern BMW's, Audi's and the like....... Good luck.
  2. Cool way to travel ! You a tradesman ? Or just a poseur 😎
  3. Looks ace Ben !!! There’s no denying a standard 987 - despite however flat it corners as standard and however well it handles - does have a slight tinge of ‘tractor’ to its appearance. And your arch gap is pretty much perfect IMO. Enough to close that gap, not enough to scrape, not low enough to scream “stance” / lowered / OTT modified - and for a clean freak like me: just enough room to get a low profile sponge in there 😉 Looking forward to your thoughts once you’ve gotten a few dry miles in together and under your belt 👌
  4. Safe to say you’re not on commission with Audi then 🤣 **Bet the Golf holds it’s money better too. The market value they command compared to similar cars / specs and their new price is amazing imo. And the amount you see with mega-mileage on is incredible. Looking at a car a few years old there’s barely any low miles one around. People must use them for everything (They are a classless car for any occasion imo ? **In very much a good way) and hang on to them ‘forever’...... Cheers for your thoughts. Still fancy an Audi having never owned one 😎
  5. Looking to get a new daily: thinking Audi A3 2.0 petrol. Anyone got any experience ?
  6. VERY swish set of roundness consolidators right there. And like most things Porsche - reassuringly expensive 🤣 I can't believe this is actually a thing though in all seriousness. Maybe i've lead a shaded and sheltered life ? A quick Google and some info from Continental and other manufacturers soon came up. Suggesting that even maintaining normal tyre pressures, or over inflating by as little as 3psi will assure nothing worse than some non-permanent flat-spotting 'might' occur during reasonably 'prolonged' storage. ***The high likelyhood of anything remotely permanent / non-reversable happening, only coming from storage in very cold temps with well under-inflated tyres / very long periods of time. I've been storing various cars during winter (4-5 months solid) for some years, and have done nothing to tyre pressures / raising the car off the ground etc with any; other than maintaining standard pressures. And to be fair i've not even checked that with most if i'm 100% honest And none have suffered so far that i've ever noticed. Possible i'm sure that some had some non-permanent flatting that was irradicated during the first (Inevitably gentle) first drive of the year. Not knocking in any way. Maybe my in-depth knowledge isn't great enough; and coupled with some extreme luck over the years - i've somehow escaped scot-free so far...... Cover looks swell. Glad you're happy with it. Flippin bargain i reckon !! Health to enjoy whatever. Well: or not as the case may be if winter storage is the aim for a wee while 😎 Cheers - Syer.
  7. Sounds like a proper job then Ben ! Did you get a quote on the spring fitting. Is it a big job on a Cayman ? Look forward to your thoughts......👍
  8. HUGE difference between Black and Yellow series from what i've ever read / discussed with people....i'm afraid to say. After experiencing the difference (Not on a Porsche mind) between standard and Yellow myself; im 99% pretty sure no-one would ever convince me to use black on the road. Good luck.
  9. It's an investment. My old one sold for more than the new one cost. Speculate to accumulate. My dealer actually gave me cash-back on this deal. etc ......Are terms i have never used when explaining something new and shiny. Honest 😏 **If you can afford it - Do it !!! Oh; and show us this pics fitted afterwards 😂
  10. When i was a biker; we would always wrap a few elastic bands around the front brake lever / throttle for a few days to squeeze out any air bubbles from the brake fluid and firm up the lever feel (Which i personally love in any vehicle). And i'm not quite sure why i've never tried the same thing (As you've stated above) in a car as this 'trick' is well known to me as such....... Anyway; recent discs / pads and fluid in my daily and pedal feel wasn't as before. So wedged the brake pedal down overnight and BOOM. Absolutely spot-on and firmed it up a treat. Wifes car had just had new front pads and amongst the disturbing, the pedal firmness had decreased for whatever reason. Sunday i dropped her off at work and wedged the brake pedal from about 8am to 3pm [As that was all the time i had} and again its hugely improved it. And even she was impressed. And man that takes some doing 🤣 Porsche then had the same treatment Monday night and i've just removed it tonight. Hopefully might get it out at the weekend and give the 'new' stoppers a try. (Also had fresh fluid quite recently and pedal feel is good - but not as good as i suspect it could be. So suspect there might be a few bubbles / some air to squeeze out - and the difference again will hopefully be very noticeable) So thanks for the 'reminder'. TOP TOP TIP that man.......!!!!!
  11. ‘Firm’ would be my assumption of ride I’m guessing - if they follow the normal H+R trend on other cars. Not that that’s a bad thing 🙂 But listening with interest !
  12. Can’t speak ref a Cayman: but I had quite a few Powerflex Yellow series bushes (Engine mounts x 3, gearbox mounts x 2: and a few front suspension components) on my previous car. ***No fit, longevity or quality issues at all. Which was only used on the road and after perhaps 500 miles of settling-in (Few vibrations at tick over at first) I felt (sic) they improved the car substantially. The solidity, feel, improvement in gear change etc was much improved and very noticeable - with little to no detriment imo. And I’d have no qualms using the (You soon get used to some increased firmness over stock) same again in a different car. Hope that helps in some way. Good luck......
  13. I’m a mile worrier - when buying. Its often NOT the engine per-se: but the high mileage suspension components, bushes, bodywork exposed to the elements, finicky electrics Etc that freak me out. And can chew some time and money - not to mention cause frustration. Interior’s stunning BTW. As is the whole car 🙂 Continue to enjoy !!!
  14. So much fun in one post ! Cayman being put to good use properly once again (Great to see).....and the RS4 sounds well too. Keep em coming.........
  15. Great vid ! And i bet that was a fun trip. You certainly can't be accused of not using your Cayman 'properly'. Always upto something 👍
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