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  1. Completely understand you trying to use it. I just can't help feeling: if i'm not able to use it carefree as / when i want - without looking over my shoulder (Even more than normal) i'd rather not bother. We'll see whether wthdrawal overcomes all !! 'Cannonball run' is all i can picture in my head.....🤣
  2. I intended to tax and enjoy mine from April 1st too Rich. And have been designated as a key worker in Engineering / Manufacturing - meaning I could tax and use for work...... But : working on an industrial estate ((With grit, paint, dust etc permanently in the air) and opposite a soil grading plant; means I won’t / wouldn’t ever leave here outside during the day. So for the foreseeable it’s remaining dormant unfortunately. As much as that sucks - the ‘no travel’ pee’s me off more, as holidays / exploring / travel is mine and the wife’s real passion. One trip to the US already lost, another 2 trips in Aug and Sept in doubt and highly likely we’ll manage nothing this year (?) if the 6 month lockdown and normal life filtering back in after that does happen..... 🙄
  3. Good its ok at the moment. And that it’s not dislodged itself. Or perhaps would be ‘better’ if it had 🙄 £22 sensor sounds most likely (And not bank-busting if it’s not). But worth taking off / checking / cleaning connections, Earths etc in the interim ?
  4. Nice work Ben. That's worth knowing for sure.... An annoying 'problem' solved !
  5. That looks AWESOME 😍 REALLY freshened things up that has. Roll on being able to actually use-it per-se !!!
  6. For 3 litres of the Motul 300 - I paid £44 odd from Opie oils via eBay Craig - which had 15% off and free delivery......(Which turned out to be Next Day via FedEx). On the official Opie site - I believe it was £50 and delivery was extra......... ****I Googled for 5 mins and that was about the best price I found. And of course a proven seller 😎 Good luck !
  7. Thanks very much Ben. I've used the Redline gearbox oil in two previous cars with great success / noticeable improvement over stock oil. However the Motul seems to get great reviews ref Cayman use; is about the most often suggested / recommended online - and i've read no horror stories, or infact anyone not being happy or noticing a better feeling box than before. So rather than be a pioneer somewhat 😂 ...........i've followed the herd on this one and placed my order for the Motul 😎
  8. So was the oil level showing at the maximum fill line last time you used it / last time you checked ? How much have you needed to add....and to get you back to what level ? ***Just trying to get an idea of exact useage versus exact mileage........... Have you checked your coolant level / colour / condition ?
  9. ^^^Likely the most telling info i've found online is from Oilman (From Opie Oils) - Which is who i'd have contacted for info; and purchased from anyway. And he states: REF: Manual Transmission Oil 75W-90 vs 75W-140 for a Gen1 987 Thursday, March 28, 2019 10:52 AM (permalink) ☄ Helpful "The correct viscosity is a 75w-90, I believe the factory fill fluid was called Castrol TAF21 which is just an internal Castrol reference. Moving to a 75w-140 will not gain anything, it is being used on the basis that thicker is better but this just not the case. To give you an idea the average 75w-90 is around 14.1 cst (centistokes) at 100degc and an average 75w-140 is around 24.5 cst at 100degc so nearly twice as thick at operating temp. What is this extra viscosity doing for the gearbox? Well not a lot is the short answer, in a road car it will not be adding any more protection to the gearbox over a 75w-90 that meets the correct spec. All it is doing is causing extra drag within the gearbox, sapping power and causing extra heat and friction. 75w-140 does have its uses, in very big power applications that may see excessive shock loading on the gearbox and 24hr endurance racing and that's about it. We have many quality alternatives to the standard Porsche fluid and in some cases better. The likes of the Motul Gear300 75w-90, Redline, Millers CRX NT+ and the Gulf Competition are all sat at the top of the tree because they have the advantage of containing synthetic esters. In 987 if you want to upgrade the gear oil, go better not thicker". Cheers, Guy. ***So looks like @Ben and @GlosRich are both spot-on with their "recommendations". And i'll now be following suit 👌 😎 😂
  10. @Ben specifically...... (Or perhaps anyone with good input on Porsche gearbox oil requirements) Why did you choose this oil ? Was it recommended by a Porsche specialist or......? ***Just done a bit of research: and the whole GL4 or GL5 grade topic keeps coming up on Google ref Caymans. And i was well aware of this with my Clio 200 and the brass Synchro's it had and were very likely to break-up / fail - usually showing itself as a crunching going up the box at high revs, or down-changing. It appears the Porsche synchro's are "carbon" (Carbon Steel i presume......?) and i just want to make sure i'm about to buy the right oil to suit..... The stock stuff / Porsche oil is classed as GL4+/GL5. And there's talk - in terms of renewing / replacing - of making sure its a GL5 with GL4 specs, not a GL4 with GL5 specs etc etc. All getting a bit confusing !
  11. I can’t vouch for them reference Cayman specific application. But: Yellow (Road series) Powerflex bushes are a step up firmness wise compared to stock parts. The Black are generally pretty damned firm indeed - and more akin for Track use..... Good luck !
  12. You're not being a dick at all Lenny. As i said above - i'd also seen them for £3. But postage was £11 on 911 website and i literally need nothing else - to help spread the cost. And my nearest OPC is 100 mile+ round-trip.The next 160 i believe. So £10 to my door on ebay was by far the cheapest option for me this time...... New OPC going up this year (Norwich, Norfolk) - just 20 miles away from me ! Whooooooo 😎 ***So good to know about cheap trim pieces etc ! THANKS
  13. Awesome ! Thankyou Rich. It arrived today. I bet my mechanic can hardly wait 🤣
  14. Some sellers / places / people claim a bit more noise from various tail-pipe options for Porsche's - when fitting onto an all original system / headers. Having had various aftermarket systems (resonated mostly) / and or manifolds on different cars - and knowing how subtle the difference can be [Yes,yes: And we all know how obnoxiously loud you can make a vehicle too] - i'd be really surprised if "just" a set of twin Sports tailpipes made any real difference to the sound; either way...... I'm with you on the looks though ! I 'presume' my 2.7 would have come with a single exit as standard. Someone had fitted sports pipes to mine when i got it. But as they were tatty- i've since purchased a new Stainless Steel 'Cup Racer' tail-piece.....
  15. Can you link to the video Craig ? I’d love to hear it out of interest. Where are they and what’s the cost if you don’t mind me asking - for reference ? ****Theres at least three other places I know off doing this kind of work on Porka’s, inc a Porsche Indy in central England and an Exhaust specialist in Essex (?) I believe....
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