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  1. I'm popping along to C&M tomorrow at 11.30ish. If anyone is heading there or fancies joining drop me a PM. Might be worth booking though if you are interested, its likely to be busy!
  2. 😂😂Are we not allowed to have more than 1 car here? I have a full bottle reserved for the Cayman but the 🤐 also needs a fluid change 🤪
  3. Nice! I'll have to remember that for a time when I may need some.
  4. I could do with some fluid for my BMW...you're a bit far away though 😂
  5. Really surprised to hear this. I always buy my parts from ECP and never have any problems. You'll only need 1l of Type200 for a bleed by the way
  6. Comma G40 is the stuff if you buy it from Halfords, otherwise get the Porsche stuff. EDIT: No idea why the Comma stuff is a different colour though, think its green from memory...I had all my coolant replaced when the water pump sh*t itself so I assume it now has whatever DW Performance put in. Mine was losing a similar amount and it turned out to be a weeping pipe in the passenger side front wheel arch.
  7. Ray its a dead easy DIY. I used this thread on Planet 9 to do it Seat Belt Replacement DIY Just don't do what I did and strip the thread of the belt mount bolt on the passenger side. Due to the wiring loom and carpet covering the front of the engine I didn't notice I put the bolt in at an angle, rushing it between heavy rain showers...3hrs later I had cut the head off the bolt and ground it out, replacing the sleeve for it and the bolt itself! 🙄 It's a 10 min job each side in reality.
  8. Has anyone removed the seats backs on the sports seats and can offer some advice on how its done? I want to get mine painted to get rid of the Meteor Grey at the same time as I have my centre console painted but can't seem to find any 'how to's' online. TIA Alex
  9. Both places couldnt do the OEM webbing in the end so I went with Quickfit SBS and am really pleased with the results. Stuart was really good with being in touch on Facebook too. I stupidly left the seats leaning forward so have dimples in the bolsters now...I hope they re-shape! Love the overall look though, makes a nice difference to lift the interior.
  10. It’s tough choice. I think both options look good! Found a nice thread on Rennlist: 997 Centre Console Colours
  11. Which is why I said I'd expect to see broken suspension arms, bushings or a cracked wheel etc 😉
  12. Yeah I'm thinking the same, and get my centre console and heater control surround etc painted and replace the climate and fan speed switches at the same time. Seeing as it'll all be out, may as well do it all in one go! This write up will help a lot.
  13. I agree the guy is a bit of an idiot but that spin on track is nothing out of the ordinary. The car should easily withstand that and if something breaks it's certainly not the strut tower that should let go. A suspension arm, bushing, toe arm, cracked wheel etc etc. is all far more realistic. This is a known failure on the GT4 and is definitely not normal for ANY road car even if you drive it like a twat.
  14. Great plan, bound to get them flashing their lights at you with this! Might even get a wave...or some sort of gesture 😂
  15. I'll always wave and flash my lights whenever I see another Porsche, hit and miss whether it is returned though.
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