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  1. @Spykee did you fit that kit to Gen2? Also would you recommend it? I was looking at that kit.
  2. I see you have a Gen1. I think the Gen2 may differ.
  3. How do you rate them? Are they any good? Also did you have a full set of bulbs. I was looking at that set but I am not sure it has all the interior lights
  4. Hi I have been considering changing my interior bulbs for LEDs Struggling to get a definitive list of which type and quantity of bulbs I need. I have seen a list no Boxa.net http://www.boxa.net/forum/topic/68600-how-to-fit-987-interior-and-number-plate-leds/ bit it is missing the map bulbs. I could take the lights appart to find out, but I was keen to order the bulbs first then take the lights apart to fit them. Has anybody here done a full interior light upgrade to LED's? Are Ebay bulbs OK to use?
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