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  1. I have a 2009 Cayman S 987.2 owned it for a little over a year, great car. In the last 2 months I have had increasing challenge cold starting the car. It is not battery as far as I can tell as I have the car on a trickle charger. It can take 3-4 cranks and lots of throttle to get the car started. It is fine warm starting, so if I drive to work then start the car a few hours later to drive home it starts first time. I plugging in a bluetooth ODBII scanner and use Torque Pro and read out fault code p1023. From a little googling I can find some reports if high pressure fue
  2. Fogs now done too, and the number plate lights. Every bulb has now been changed on the car inside and out, with the exception of the high beam and indicators. @Cito One issue with the whiter high beams halogens I have been looking at, is they are only quoted 5000k (and I don't believe that so so maybe only 4000k or 4500k if lucky). So they will not be as white as the 5500k or 6000k LEDs, but as stock bulbs are 3000k they will still be whiter. Also they don't quote long running hours. I think I might order some of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/DZG-Halogen-Bulbs-Headligh
  3. So I got the dipped beams fitted tonight, but ran out of time for the fog lights. Those will have to wait till tomorrow. As everybody else has said the dipped beam H7's are amazing. Super happy with these, and glad I bought the LED's over Osram Nightbreakers. @Cito Regards H9 high beam whiter halogens, I have not ordered them yet. I am still deciding between two, one on ebay one on Amazon. Once I order I will take pictures and past link. Will not share link until I have ordered as would not want to mislead people.
  4. Hi All Any tips for how to fit these? Both Fog lights - NIGHTEYE H11/H8/H9 LED Fog Light Daytime Bulbs Lamp Replace Halogen HID 160W Dipped beam - Nighteye 72W 9000LM H7 LED Canbus error free Car Headlight KIT 6500K Bulbs White Arrived today. Using the links from @jaketame I have seen comments that these are easy to fit, but then also seen comments 2-3 pages back in this thread about shining lights on a wall and marking the pattern then trimming the bulb to allow more rotation. Is this a job I can do in 15-30 mins this eveni
  5. Following your updates. Mine have also corroded/cracked. I plan to fix myself, but will be keen to get a link to the Mikalor W4 clamps.
  6. Do you have to remove the front bumper to change the fog lights, or is it easier than that?
  7. So one side of my Exhaust Clamps has a crack in it. I am thinking of replacing them myself at home on axle stands. Having just watched Max Revs video I wonder if it will not be so easy. Are they really welded or is that a myth? Has anybody done this, and if so how easy/hard is it? If I don't do it myself can it wait a year until the next service? Also should I replace the exhaust tips at the same time as I would rather have black tips over the chrome. Any advice appreciated.
  8. Not wanting to steal somebody else thread, but having a question related. Why would a car have an Alcantara gear knob & boot, but leather wheel and hand break. I am told by previous owner it is stock, but it does not look right. The shifter is a factory fitted (on the build sheet) short shift. Is that why it is Alcantara while the other parts are not. I was considering getting the hand break and wheel changed to Alcantara to match. I was looking at Designls https://www.designls.co.uk/index.php/automotive/steering-wheels/porsche. Anybody used them?
  9. 42mm Boot and Frunk lights now done. That only leaves the Sun Visors from the interior lights as stock. Not worked out what I am doing about exterior lights including the number plate lights yet. Currently I am pondering if I do the Sun Visor lights or not. I never use the mirrors so never see the lights.
  10. Why the white bulbs in the side indicators and not orange bulbs? I am considering if I buy 2 sets of the second link you provided for both the front and side. Or don't worry about LED and stick with Halogen and get OSRAM Diadem Chrome PY21W to get rid of the fried egg look.
  11. Can you list what bulbs you have used that have worked (and you still have in) and which you have tried and have not worked?
  12. Thanks, all ordered, but out of stock until 12th of Jan. Gives me some time to get on with some other jobs on the car
  13. @jaketame which 42mm bulbs did you use? I am about to order some today.
  14. I did not use the same bulbs as others have listed on here. I used a cheap 10 pack of Auxito T10 LEDs from eBay. Not the cheapest I could find, but pleased with the results. Now to order the 42mm bulbs for the other lights. I will use the link Martin posted.
  15. Do share pictures and write up of experience when you have done. I am considering using your links to order the same bulbs.
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