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  1. Not wanting to steal somebody else thread, but having a question related. Why would a car have an Alcantara gear knob & boot, but leather wheel and hand break. I am told by previous owner it is stock, but it does not look right. The shifter is a factory fitted (on the build sheet) short shift. Is that why it is Alcantara while the other parts are not. I was considering getting the hand break and wheel changed to Alcantara to match. I was looking at Designls https://www.designls.co.uk/index.php/automotive/steering-wheels/porsche. Anybody used them?
  2. 42mm Boot and Frunk lights now done. That only leaves the Sun Visors from the interior lights as stock. Not worked out what I am doing about exterior lights including the number plate lights yet. Currently I am pondering if I do the Sun Visor lights or not. I never use the mirrors so never see the lights.
  3. Why the white bulbs in the side indicators and not orange bulbs? I am considering if I buy 2 sets of the second link you provided for both the front and side. Or don't worry about LED and stick with Halogen and get OSRAM Diadem Chrome PY21W to get rid of the fried egg look.
  4. Can you list what bulbs you have used that have worked (and you still have in) and which you have tried and have not worked?
  5. Thanks, all ordered, but out of stock until 12th of Jan. Gives me some time to get on with some other jobs on the car
  6. @jaketame which 42mm bulbs did you use? I am about to order some today.
  7. I did not use the same bulbs as others have listed on here. I used a cheap 10 pack of Auxito T10 LEDs from eBay. Not the cheapest I could find, but pleased with the results. Now to order the 42mm bulbs for the other lights. I will use the link Martin posted.
  8. Do share pictures and write up of experience when you have done. I am considering using your links to order the same bulbs.
  9. Google photo album. I used to use Imgur until they made their mobile app rubbish. https://photos.app.goo.gl/F6zanJeBdEfsGPYx7 First 3 photos are stock blubs. 4th image is a comparison. Last 4 images are LED bulbs. People said it would take 20mins, but for me it took over an hour. The hardest part was the map lights, I could not get the light clips pushed in enough to release the light. Got there in the end. Next job is the boot and frunk lights.
  10. Having lots of issues uploading images. Will have to do tomorrow now. I have 10MB of images and getting lots of errors when pasting here. I might host them somewhere else and just link to them...
  11. I have also ordered a CTEK today from Amazon. The MXS 5.0 as it is on a Black Friday deal. Does the batter need to be disconnected to fit the eyelet connector cable, can this not be done with the batter still connected and the small tightening screws just removed (maybe I am talking rubbish). If I have to disconnect the batter is that OK, reading above it sounds OK, but I have read horror stories on other Porsche forums about errors after a battery disconnect.
  12. Thanks for all the advice. How much will wheel balancing cost? Anybody have any thoughts? Regards what colour the car is, it is white. Owned it two months now and already making lots of plans of jobs I want to do to it. Mostly I want to keep it stock/OEM, but just enhance a 10 year old car.
  13. I had not thought about painting them another colour. That is an interesting idea. Originally I was going for a stock look. I guess in the ideal world I would take the weights off and get them rebalanced too, but that was not in my original plan. Not sure how much the balancing will be affected by some sanding and paint. If I spray another colour then the colour under the weights will be wrong, so may need touch up when new tyres go on.
  14. I am looking to remove my wheels are refurbish them myself. They are 19" Carrera S II wheels Basalt Black. It is not the black part of the wheel I plan to restore, but instead the silver inside part. There are some small rust patches both from where previous weights were attached and from stone chips. I plan to sand back these areas use a rust inhibitor and then spray and detail them before applying a paint protection. My big issues, is what colour is this area. It looks similar but not exactly the same as the chrome edge on the wheels face. Does anybody have a colour name or paint code for the inside of the wheels so that I can order matching paint?
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