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  1. Finally got the install done and it took a lot of swearing... The problem is the Connects2 PO51 harness is mainly Plug and Play with everything fitting together as it should but they have ignored a switched feed on the cars power block - thin red/black wire. This need connected into the switched feed (red wire) going into the Most Interface. Took ages to figure that out, but no need for extra power from fuse box or anything like that. Apart from that other gotchas are the A pillar is length of car and full of clips that break for DAB Aerial. All goes back much easier than it comes out though. The painted interior plastic is easy to mark, need to be really careful. The Fascia also needs a couple of extra screws In the sides to hold in place at the bottom. Anyway all done and working now, pic of wire for reference and final install.
  2. Useful, thanks. I’ve already ordered Pioneer HU with Carplay (DA230DAB) and the fakes aerial connector with phantom power. I’ve no steering wheel controls, other than for the Tiptronic but do have reverse parking sensors. Have a feeling i’ll Have to bite the bullet and get the pricey Connects 2 cable.
  3. I had a look at the Dynavin and it's a great looking bit of kit that has a nice OEM look about it. However it’s £900 plus another £290 for an Apple Carplay module. I could upgrade the entire sound system for that kind of money. I would only ever use Bluetooth streaming, carplay for Waze and DAB, meaning all the extras on Dynavin like DVD, SD Card, HDD, Nav, TV would just be wasted.
  4. Yeah, think the BOSE set up is a lot more complex. I’ve just gone ahead and ordered a head unit, DAB aerial, fascia/cage, usb thing to stick somewhere and a cheap iso harness that I may or may not need. Found stuff about power feed being required but will try to figure it out as I go along. My CDR 24 is knackered so nothing to lose.
  5. Hi, I have the Sound Plus package in my 987 Gen1. The old CDR 24 system is a bit knackered so looking to upgrade Head Unit to Kenwood or Pioneer double din with Carplay. I obviously need some kind of harness to connect up but looking online there seems to be conflicting details of whether this needs the full MOST harness (connects 2 £150) or a simpler cheaper one (?). The car is a Dec 2005, so would have been one if the earliest. Added photo below of the Amp itself. I don’t really want to replace all the speakers, the sound will do. However if the full £150 harness is required wondering if replacing Amp will make things simpler. Next question would be which amp would work with the stock speakers.
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