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  1. That was my thinking too. If I were in the market for another set of wheels (which I kind of am), I'd be pulling the tyres off to put some sticky rubber on instead.
  2. I think that may be a little high. Have a look on ebay for what similar sets are actually selling for
  3. Anybody on here? I meant to say hello but we only seemed to cross paths on track (I was in the grey 2.7 Cayman). It was my first time at Thruxton and it surpassed expectations. Overall I thought it was a great day but there was some strange driving in the morning!
  4. Do you mean Eurospares? If so I think they're brilliant and a bit of a hidden gem for Porsche parts.
  5. Slightly off topic but I would be very cautious about ordering parts from this company (LLL Parts). They claim to be UK based but they are actually shipping parts from Lithuania (the address of their supposed warehouse in the UK is actually a takeaway). I ordered some brake shields from them and they took weeks to arrive after they initially refused to cancel my order (two weeks after ordering) due to it allegedly being dispatched (using a fake tracking number).
  6. Can you upload a photo of where you have these installed? I've been looking to do the same but can't find any nice looking gauge pods (I don't have Sports Chrono so can't use the wart).
  7. From a financial perspective, I think you'll make more money by putting it back to stock and selling the various pieces separately. There are some tasty mods on that list that current owners will appreciate (the DSC box for example) but a new/casual owner will not have any idea about (or put any value on).
  8. The issue with the nankang and those MRF tyres is that they do not do the correct 265/40/18 rear tyre. Are people going to a 35 profile on the back instead?
  9. Are they okay in the wet? As in if one were to get caught in a downpour on the way to the circuit? Agree about the Potenzas but I previously used the RE050a and found them to be pretty good on track (for a road tyre). The new ones (potenza sport) which get good reviews were a bit underwhelming and lacked grip
  10. Having just destroyed a brand new (run in but still new) Potenza Sport tyre at Anglesey, I think the time has come for me to get a second set of wheels. The problem I'm having is that I can't find many options for road legal track tyres in the correct 18" size. I could go up a profile to 45s and use the NS2R but I'm not sure if this would cause rubbing (I'm running 8.3 degrees of caster). What are others using?
  11. Hi all, Just a little warning about a company advertising Porsche parts on eBay/Google etc. They are called LLL Parts and claim to be a UK parts distributor. Sadly they are not (their company address turns out to be a takeaway in London). Thankfully I paid PayPal but its still a faff trying to disprove all of their lies. This outfit is actually run out of Lithuania by a random guy (its literally one guy and the customer service team are all the same person) so do beware
  12. They have a weep hole (which sounds gross) which will sometimes start to weep before they fail.
  13. I'd just replace it when it goes. It's not the end of the world and provided that you have recovery, you can just get the car recovered.
  14. Not sure if this will really fly (I know nothing about websites) but I've setup a super simple forum at www.trackrats.co.uk to try and bring "track day enthusiasts" (or nerds as my wife would call them) together. Ultimately this is because none of my friends are into cars (or into them enough to go to track days) and whilst I am happy to go alone, it may be nice to have company for some of the tracks a little further away. There is no formal obligation to turn up - It's just a case of list where you are going and see if anybody else is up for it. If they are, you can arrange to meet/go in convoy. Best case scenario, it works and people use it. Worst case, I'll have to sacrifice the £0.01 that the domain cost me ("rat" based domains aren't hugely popular it would seem...). Don't take the p1ss too much out of the forum - as mentioned, this is not my area! www.trackrats.co.uk
  15. There's always a faster, more powerful car... For me, lighter weight would be the way to go. I keep eyeing up a Ginetta G40R
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