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  1. You may be right... I'll still be going for a GT4 though.
  2. I think he just hasn't bled it properly. This was what mine was like before I bled it thoroughly. I was expecting this and so had prepared to do multiple bleeds/ABS cycles.` IN took a few rounds but eventually firmed up. I believe @Cito was the same too
  3. I'm not an expert on car prices (it's not my area of interest) but I thought that the experts were all expecting things to calm down in 2022? At the moment all car prices are going up due to a variety of factors (WFH, disposable income, supply shortage, and YOLO) but as these settle and reality/normality begins to return, many of these factors will start to disappear. I think 60k for a Cayman R is a bit optimistic given that (in theory) you only have to pay £15k more for a brand new GT4 (which is a) new, b) a proper GT product and c) the de facto pinnacle of the Cayman range). As much as I lik
  4. If you are going to the hassle of renewing o-rings, I'd just buy a new condenser. You can pick them up for less than £50
  5. I know that you say that you have checked the condensers but in my experience it can sometimes be difficult to see a slow/small leak here. I recently replaced one of mine which looked fine for all intents and purposes but wasn't holding pressure. Once it was off the car, you could just about make out where it had been leaking but it was nowhere near as obvious as it has been when I have done condensers in the past. Personally, for the cost and effort of replacing the other original condenser, I'd just start there.
  6. At the other end of the spectrum... It's just a car. Wash it with a decent shampoo and wax it every now and again. If you're feeling energetic, you can machine polish it once a year. The key thing is to drive it rather than obsess about how to keep it clean
  7. I haven't measured mine but as you say, the gap is consistent all round and I have had the bumper on and off a few times and it has always returned to the same place
  8. The front bumper kind of slides on so unless the clips at the side have been damaged, I can't really see how it would have dropped in that way. Personally, I'd loosen off all of the fixings (including the ones behind the side repeaters) and see if you can push it into a better position
  9. I've seen a few 987s on Facebook recently with visible rust bubbling around the passenger side vent (one was a 2012 model which I found surprising) and so whilst replacing my side vents with black ones, I thought I'd investigate a bit. Sure enough, when looking inside the very edge of the panel, I could see the beginnings of some flaking paint on one of the lugs. In essence the little rubber bits which hold the vent seal to the bodywork trap moisture against the edge and overtime cause the paint to fail and the corrosion to take hold. You will not see this unless you remove the ven
  10. My Cayman is a manual but I have an OAP shift in one of my other cars. In manual mode it will only automatically change down if you are at risk of stalling. Usually that is only when coming to a stop (ie. dropping below say 20mph).
  11. I had a look at these a while ago and my eventual conclusion was that you wouldn't be able to adjust them on the car without enlarging the hole in the top mount quite considerably. I may well be wrong (I haven't actually tried) but if you look at the more expensive adjustable mounts for the 9X6/9X7 platform, they take a different approach.
  12. That looks fantastic! I went out in a Gen 1 Cayman racecar in 2019 and it really was incredible. So visceral and the handling was insane. It never fails to amaze me the difference race suspension, slick tyres, and a good driver can make (I wasn't driving)... I wouldn't want to drive one on the road though.
  13. I think it is about 25k too expensive... It's a tiptronic with a bodykit
  14. I don't even know what to say about this... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/4065585620165427/
  15. There is a guy in Witney with a replica 718. It looks very good even up close.
  16. Try hitting the tuning fork from the coffin arm end (length ways - where the fork attaches). The play that develops is in the ball joint bit that attaches to the chassis and so hitting it that way (which would be the way the force acts upon it when driving) may give you a better clue. As I say, the play is tiny (like 1/4 of a mm) but it can make quite a significant clonking noise which you can kind of feel in your feet.
  17. Buy an induction heater! They are only about £200 these days and will get a bolt/nut glowing hot in about 15 seconds. Also, with the exception of the drop link, most of the other bolts can be cut off if the worst comes to the worst. Loads of people use a reciprocating saw but I found it easy to do with one of these (time consuming yes but little risk of accidentally cutting through the subframe). https://www.screwfix.com/p/irwin-24tpi-metal-plastic-mini-hacksaw-10-250mm/99650 I completely rebuilt the suspension (every single component) on my Cayman and the o
  18. I've always found it difficult to diagnose play in either the drop links or tuning forks when on the car. Once off it its reasonably obvious for the drop links but for the tuning forks, you need to clamp them in a vice in order to feel the minescule amount of play. If it's causing steering issues, would it be worth checking the tie rod ball joints? Unless the drop links were literally falling apart, I can't see them causing this
  19. I've replaced loads now on boxster and caymans and have never had an issue so you may get lucky. I also have an induction heater though so seized bolts aren't usually too troublesome
  20. I wouldn't worry about buying OEM drop links. Meyle HD are fine are about £15 a side on ebay. In terms of the ARB bushes, I'd just order them from an OPC or go Powerflex if you really want.
  21. I paid 105 quid for one off ebay. It was opened but everything inside was still in the sealed packages and so I thought it was worth the gamble. I'm planning to secure it to the luggage bar and see how that works. Looking forward to giving it a go and boring my friends and family with my footage
  22. On your advice, I've ordered an olfi black and a mount for the luggage bar. I have quite a few trackdays over the summer so looking forwards to making my wife and kids relive the fun with me
  23. I'm a sucker for a grey 987 but as standard they sit soooo high. The R suspension is only 20mm lower but it just looks much better - not too low but not too high
  24. In fairness they don't list the 45 on their website either (I've just taken a look) so the person I spoke to was probably just looking at that
  25. Ahhh I spoke to Bridgestone and they told me they only had a 45 profile. Had I known that they were lying, I would definitely have given these a go
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