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  1. Sorry if anybody has asked this before. I have a 987 (2008) the small round lights have a led bulb that comes on when 'home' or 'side' switch is selected, is there any way of turning this into drl ie: on as soon as ignition is on. Thanks
  2. Hi hoping someone might have a garage service manual for a 987 gen 1 3.4 S they might be willing to email me. Always done a bit of work on my car's and don't see why a Cayman S should be any different. Thanks. If not can anybody recommend or tell me if the ones advertised on eBay are any good.
  3. Hi I have just purchased a 987 S and had a comprehensive rac check done £300. Well worth every penny. The guy they sent to check her over was not only a fully qualified mechanic he was also a fellow Cayman and 944 owner. He really new his stuff. So if purchasing from indie or private I would always recommend a check. If you are interested I could send you my report on my personal car that would give you a good idea.
  4. Thanks will up load one or two on pickup day. Maybe someone will know the car. Prior to private plate going on.
  5. hi everyone i'm new to the club and yet to pick up my 2007 987 cayman s hopefully within the next two weeks. But I was wondering if its possible to find the exact equipment the car was spec with i know the dealers and assuming they are still trading would that be a starting point .The car has a full dealership history but not from the same dealer generally in the midlands. Or is there some central database. Are they normally helpful even with a car of this age.
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