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  1. There’s been a thread on Facebook and I noticed another thread here mentioned the car too. It seems this car could have a discrepancy with it’s mileage. The car’s odo currently reads 59k miles and the current MOTs show as such. But previous advert shows a much higher mileage of 77k miles both on the listing and the photo of the car. Could be a logical explanation, but potential buyers would be well advised to check the history in detail before committing to a purchase.
  2. You're arguing with a guy who's never owned an R....you do realise it's a waste of time right?
  3. What an event, well done to the organisers!! I have seen a few attempts at Cayman R gatherings on PH threads before, but nothing like on this scale. Got to be a record, was Roy Castle there...? ('RIP')
  4. Haven't been on for a while, just seen the Christmas decs, love it!
  5. Nice work Ray, welcome to the OC 😎
  6. Right ok, I must get me one of these shirts, keep meaning to order and forgetting. Do they size ok? i.e. if i'm a medium kind of chap, shall i order a medium or large?
  7. Makes me want to get out in the car reading this! I was told there is an old military road that’s worth a visit, can’t remember where in Wales it is though.
  8. Another Admiral customer, for my wife’s car. We used to have one of their multi car policies but found that if you changed your car you need up getting stung and loosing any benefit of having that policy. So now I stick to separate policies. I always go go with the cheapest and shop around every year at renewal time. Car insurance doesn’t follow the old mantra of ‘you get what you pay for’ in my opinion.
  9. Question I've been meaning to ask for ages. Does anybody know the forum ranks, i know there are a number of, what look like small Fuchs wheels? But how do we achieve them etc?
  10. Any chance of breaking the world Cayman Rs in one place record - surely this has to be done??
  11. Such a cool venue this!! Things in the diary are looking good now, should be along!
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