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  1. not sure I would either, its an engine built for function not aesthetics and will never look as good as a red head V8 or 12. the loss of the rear cargo space and net seems pointless unless its only driven as a show car and then there is the added heat and noise in the cabin to contend with. but at the end of the day, its your car, your choice.
  2. I thought Thurle did a 987 fit roof bar system
  3. good job mate. you will be fixing wind turbines soon then
  4. Hello Caymanland. Ive got a colleague at work who has finally got rid of his insanely quick but seriously unreliable Excige (less than 3 months of roadworthy use in 15 months) and wants a proper car. An R or 981 is very high on his list and he has £30k+ burning a hole. does not want a white one but aside from that, anything considered. would like to stretch to a GTS if poss. He knows his cars and how to drive em too and will be doing track time with it. Anybody seen anything or might know of anything that I could pass on. cheers guys.Steve
  5. have a look through the ebay breakers Jason, its not a known or common fault so there should be plenty out there from Boxsters or Crocs that have met an untimely demise.
  6. coffin arm bushes are a known wear point, as are shok top mounts. check these first before you commit to new shox
  7. heard the same from some guys at work, they follow the motoring press more than I do. I did read that the new GT4 will retain a F6 4 litre and a lot of them are pre-sold so maybe the BD guys at Porsche have been keeping notes.
  8. Robert is correct, offside only. single light, centre or right of centre is the legal requirement in the UK.
  9. Jason, it might be worth checking under the seat for damp or obstruction causing the load sensor to believe there is someone sitting in the seat, even then there would have to be a fault with the microswitch in the seat belt receiver to trigger an alarm if it still went off with the belt plugged in. the microswitch can easily be metered out to prove functionality. have u tried unplugging the seat?
  10. its pretty common to have to cut the bolts off to change the coffin arms
  11. awesome Pandalf, as of yesterday, the organisers contacted me, putting bit of pressure on by stating that so far, I was the only one from the COC to register and did we still want to attend as a club and did we still want to reserve the space.? I said I would put out a reminder on the forum to all members who wanted to go to the festival to go onto the festival webpage and register ASAP please. then I they could let us know. I would go back to the organisers with an answer.
  12. I'm just pricing up 2 new rears, P zero's again. its cheaper on Oponeo tyres to buy 275/35/19's than 265/35/19's. both 93 or 94y carcasses. I imagine that I shall have to drop the pressures down to 27 or 28 to suit a stiffer carcass.
  13. hi Cito. I believe that the 6000K or 6500K light frequency emitted by super white LEDs gets absorbed easier at night, the bluer the light, the shorter the reflective range picked up by our eyes. Tungsten Halogen is between 3000K and 4000K and is multi-frequency, it can be seen at night at longer reflective distances, think of the old KC Daylighters and Cibie Bi Oscars, yellow light but you could dazzle the moon with them.
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