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  1. Mine has never done this, I wish it did, I have to lower and raise the windows using the switches, apart from the auto lowering when you pull the door handle
  2. I run P Zeros on the road and they are good, I went for a 91y carcass over an 87y as its a bit stiffer on the sidewall
  3. great B&W pics Nick, captures the 'atmosphere in monochrome' perfectly. Good run out there too, cracking venue but they were completely swamped. best of luck to C&M but they need to manage their logistics to cater for the huge popularity of the place. Awesome to see, Nick, Jason and co, Keef n Dunc, Stew and all the Tipec's. Fantastic showing of cars too, mainly Porkers with a couple of really tidy air-cooled classics. Good shout on the Venue Andy. Big thanks to Nick, cheers Beanoir.
  4. I will meet Nick at Marston Moretaine services. Im told that the A422 is shut between Brackley and Banbury near Purston
  5. Thanks Guys and Happy third Burfday, I'm proud to be a member. great club.
  6. I used to use various types of "intelligent" chargers including Ctek on my boats and bikes and have found that they tend to boil small batteries over time so ended up running a small normal charger off a 7 day timer to cycle the charges instead. Intelli-chargers wont work off a timer as they need to be manually started each time.
  7. sorry you are right, a wider front track decreases understeer, too tired to think about what I was typing
  8. it entirely depends on the offset of the new wheels compared with the offset on the original rims. the front behaves very differently with minor changes to the effective centre of tyre load point and the distance to the wheel bearing, castor and trail angles,( coffin arm settings, strut mounting adjustments), toe-in or toe-out angles. A wider track on the front is supposed to increase understeer if the rear track is left standard. I wouldn't worry too much about the rears, too narrow in the track and the tyres will be close to the rear suspension uprights and make the rear less stable, too wide and you risk the tyres scraping on the arches and will make the car turn in sharper if the front track is left as standard. there are many web pages where this has been analysed to death. I think this is a good place to start gathering info. hope this helps.
  9. check out all the coffin arm bushes, play is very common and can cause these symptoms. wheel bearings are also a good place to start
  10. I will try and get there on a non working Friday soon and speak to their events or catering person. I can then report any findings back to Nick and the club for possible inclusion onto the Brekkie club list.
  11. I might have another interesting venue possibility, a bit similar to Shuttleworth but worth further investigation me thinks. Sywell airfield, just north east of Northampton, on the way to Kettering. There is a café there called the "Pilots Mess". 2 story with balconies overlooking the field, good range of food with full monty brekkies at about a fiver. the only stumbler is that they start at 10 on Sundays, however, for a lucrative group booking they might be persuaded to forego a Sunday lie-in and get the kettle on a bit earlier.There is a small museum there too. over the year they do lots of events including Pistons and Props but like most venues of this nature are really geared up for summer events. thoughts please guys, is this worth a recon ??
  12. if you are changing speakers, I would also change the speaker wires, old copper wiring goes high resistant over time. you can spend hundreds on decent punchy speakers from the likes of Harmon, Infinity, Fusion etc and strangle the capability with crap wiring. look at oxygen free alternatives. Just my opinion though.
  13. I will post a full Shuttleworth calendar for 2019 as and when I get one. I don't think it would be practical to arrange a club meet on an airshow day.they get stupidly busy. however there would be nothing to stop a group meeting up for a summer picnic during an airshow weekend. I can recommend the evening airshows or race days. I said to Nick that I would get my thinking cap on for other venues too, I got the impression that the Super Saus was slightly falling out of favour mainly due to very long brekkie queues. any suggestions out there? favourable comments from today included the fact that there were things to do and see other than just looking at each others cars and having a chinwag over food. I know there is a Bicester Heritage event but Ive never been and its not a food venue with a big carpark, more of a big car park that might have a burger van or two with a car show thrown in. Thoughts?
  14. cheers Nick, great meet, good turnout, nice food, cloudless skies, excellent company, interesting venue.
  15. cheers Daz, well done mate, find a blank brick wall, park about a metre away and put your dips on. use a piece of chalk to mark the horizontal anti dazzle lines on both lights. the left hand edge (about a third of the total line), should kick up at about 25 degrees to light up the kerb.. using the bricks as a horizontal guide, your chalk lines should be level. if not, its easy to pop the unit out, do a small adjustment then pop back in. you are supposed to be able to do this in situ by going through grommeted holes in the inner wings inside the Frunk but I found it an arse.

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