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  1. Cant take any credit this time Jason, its all down to Sir Nick. working on the next venue though.
  2. a few more pics from today, great turnout. I counted about 40 Porsches and a Bavarian Hearse.
  3. For all those coming to Brekkie tomorrow, don't try and come in through Bedford, stick to the bypass, Bromham road rail bridge is being rebuilt and the entire road is shut for months causing chaos.
  4. I think Dougle is correct. most of the emissions are controlled by the primary cats. the secondary's are probably fitted as standard to allow Porsche to sell in countries with even stricter emission laws than us
  5. Nick, try playing around with the rotational alignment of the bulbs, I found that by tweaking the bayonets a bit to get the led pylon absolutely vertical improved the beam spread from the reflectors
  6. for mains, I used Nighteyes again. this time they were the 6000K fan driven H8/9/11 fitment with the bright purple anodized body. from ebay.
  7. its probably a bit of air that has got sucked in to a damper causing it to squeal a bit. if they are still dry round the outside,, it wont cause a short term problem. both of my fronts do it over harsh bumps
  8. Goodyear!! numpty, I meant Goodridge
  9. I guess you could ask Pirtek or a hydraulic hose specialist like Regent Hose and Hydraulic to see if they can make up an Aeroquip or Goodyear SS braided hose with the right ends crimped on
  10. got mine safely this morning. very professionally packaged and a really nice quality Tee shirt inside. love it. Thanks very much Nick.😀
  11. to be legal, I believe the light units must be driver adjustable and must have washer jets. that's why I went down the Nighteye route for both dips and mains. really happy with this choice too.
  12. Ive had mine in now for at least 18 months and two MOT tests with no comments or adviso's to do with the lights. Ive never had flickering or canbus warnings either. considering Ive changed dips, mains and front fogs, I think that's ok. I did change all the rear bulbs for LEDs too and still had no errors but the emitted light was too white and made the rear lights look pink, sun-faded and dated so for now, I put the original tungsten bulbs back in.
  13. can you still lift the engine covers ok?
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