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  1. Thanks, with the Carnewal one they open up the silencers and 'sprinkle some fairly dust' 😂It's invisible so you can't tell other than hearing it. With the exhaust bypass, they weld some additional pipes onto the exhaust that allow some (but not all!) of the exhaust gases to go around the silencer. You can see these pipes underneath the silencers in the video.
  2. Thanks guys, I've ordered the parts and will update when I've installed them in the next month or so! Are new engine mount stops required or will I be OK to re-use the old ones? https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod132834/Engine-Mount-Stop-Porsche-987-Boxster---987-Cayman/
  3. I had a look under the car yesterday at the transmission mounts (I didn't bother with the undertray to inspect the engine mount). To my untrained eye these look quite worn... theres a lot of play with a gentle wiggle of a crowbar and the rubber from the mounts seem to sit quite low/have been pushed out of the housing a bit. You can also see brown marks around the metal, which I understand is likely to be the damping fluid that has leaked out? I would assume from the condition of these that the engine mount could do with replacing too! Video of transmission mount play
  4. A quick slice with an angle grinder would be easier!
  5. Is it an exhaust bypass? If so it would be the same as the bypass I had done on my 2.9. Gives it a nice little burble, nothing excessive, and tbh you don't notice it that much unless you have the windows open- you have a whole engine behind your head/between you and the exhaust after all! It's quite loud on startup while the car warms up, especially in the cold. I don't think the neighbours like it but it settles down as soon as the revs drop after it's warmed up!
  6. Just to confirm... These will should do for the transmission: https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod133853/Engine-Mount-Kit---HD-RS-version-Porsche-964-RS---993-RS/?showtax=true&imt=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiAhojzBRC3ARIsAGtNtHVuEAEd_XsIX4hCjt9UgngWr_fVwMm6252vFR2HzKBpTVX3kBHG2qUaAg3sEALw_wcB&utm_campaign=uk+shopping&utm_source=adrac&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content= Along with the other fitting bits: 2x Bolts for RS Mounts: 900-082-030-02 4x Engine mount washers: 901-305-311-00 4x Washer (12.4 x 34 x 5 mm): 999-025-074-01 4x Washer (8.4 x 21 x 3 mm): 999-025-134-02 I couldn't find a 987.2 specific OEM front mount from a quick google, but the 987.1 version should fit? https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod143370/Engine-mount-bush-Porsche-986-Boxster-1997-04---987-Boxster--2005------987C-Cayman-2006--/?showtax=true&imt=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiAhojzBRC3ARIsAGtNtHVRERB6b3KhOHxAX3Mc9qZjxdcckugncXdwaDxFJu4ta1DrontdNz4aAkfuEALw_wcB&utm_campaign=uk+shopping&utm_source=adrac&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content= And are new engine mount stops required? https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod132834/Engine-Mount-Stop-Porsche-987-Boxster---987-Cayman/
  7. Great to know, I'll stick with a stock one then. I've changed millions bearings on bikes over the years but always just referred to them as bearing presses 😅I will message you when it's time to get round to this job and take you up on the offer of the drift. Do you know if I'm likely to be able to succeed with a regular engineers bench vice, or will I need to find a hydraulic press?
  8. So powerflex do road and 'black' series, I assumed the regular road series would be comparable to a stock one? They also do the bush insert which as I understand is an optional extra to the regular bush, and would stiffen their stock bush UK further (which I wouldn't require)? There doesn't seem to be any excess movement in the suspension, so hopefully that's ok for now. Sorry, what do you mean by an engine mount drift? Assuming you mean a part that fits on the new bush for when pressing it into the housing? Many thanks for the offer, I'm also on boxa
  9. It's a 2010 with 96k miles. I haven't checked them yet, but having driven one other Cayman mine certainly feels a little 'looser', and it feels like there is a bit more of a clunk when changing gears than there should be. I'm not sure, something I need to look at but it seems that replacing these could help. Great to know that a bit of bending should be enough to get the mount out! I was planning on getting a powerflex bush for the front engine mount, it seems these need a pretty hefty press to get them in though! Thanks for the tips on the other named parts. Any idea if there is a 'test' to check the mounts? Can I try and give the engine a 'wobble' with a metal bar?
  10. Do the coolant hoses require removal for fitting a new engine mount in a 987.2 (2.9)? I know they do for the first gen but wondered if it applied with the newer engine. And for the transmission mounts, I hear that I can use 997 or 993 engine mounts? Does anyone know where to get these for a good price in the UK? Thanks!
  11. What difference would and LED indicator bulb make? Seen as it's orange you wouldn't be after any change in colour, are you just hoping for it to be brighter?
  12. Jake, thanks for telling us it could be done… if I was trying to fit those bulbs without proof they will go in I would have given up! You are a braver man than me 😂I have LEDs in the dipped beam and main beam (and interior) now. For anyone looking to do this, a few pointers: First of all… unless you’re happy trying to force the bulbs in and feeling like you're probably going to break something, don’t bother! I can be a bit ham-fisted when I need to be but I was convinced these weren’t going in. In case the links no longer work, these main beam bulbs are H7/8/11 600K 65mm long, which fits if you bend the housing a bit. When you’re installing them, take a look from the front of the headlight and check the tip of the LED isn’t caught on the corner of the silver reflector plastic before you try and push them into the housing- else you’ll end up pushing/breaking the reflector as you force the bulb in (see pic). The LED's have an aluminium frame so can take a fair bit of force on them. I warmed the plastic housing with a hair-drier, I think that helped a bit, although the plastic won’t budge much anyway. I pushed one connector of the canbus adapter under/behind the bulb, then put the canbus circuit bit in, then squeezed the other connector in around that (see pic). I had a thin fork handle between the bulb heatsink and the housing, which I used to lever it in. I’m a little wary of all the wires being tucked up around the heatsink… we’ll see if they last without melting. The dipped beam bulbs have fans in the heatsink whereas these are passive. The high beams are rarely on for any prolonged amount of time so hopefully it’ll be ok!
  13. Excellent! I love a super bright toad 😉 Did the canbus adapters fit inside the light housing?
  14. Amazing, finally! Let me know how you get on with the canbus adapters (and if they fit inside the light housing! 😂) and then I'll get some ordered Two quick questions: Do you only get the dash warning when the full-beams are on, or all the time? Just confirming that yours is a second gen 987? Cheers!
  15. Cheers Jake, looks the same as the SEALIGHT ones in my third link. Who's going to guinnea-pig them then, me or you? 😅
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