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  1. Great I have Cayman R mufflers on my S so potentially a different tone with the x-pipe on the fab Its being ordered and fitted next week along with a detailing and ceramic coat to wheels, paint with callipers being resprayed as previous owner must have put some chemical on as they bubbled
  2. I'm looking at the Fabspeed black satin tips at the moment.
  3. Manning are no longer doing track day included in road side. Explained that 4 large payouts. Bringing out a new track day insurance in Dec
  4. Is this 987.1 only or 987.2 as well?
  5. There’s a chap called Martin Hamilton on FB that contacted them, purchased and installed (CABO UK). You can email them and there is a version available for 3.0 too.
  6. I found this on Ebay. I had a 20% off coupon too; £158 in the UK so avoid the hassle of double postage and Import Fees. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-TRW-Brake-Master-Cylinder-PMN166/392122299536?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  7. Thanks for this! Friends in the EU, lets see if I can get it shipped over from them.
  8. So this link was shared on FB group the other day https://www.carplayfactory.com/products/unichip-porsche-911-wireless-apple-carplay-work-with-pcm3-0-radio-system-androidauto-mirroring?fbclid=IwAR2I1HG2XGFY_aZyIW1VocqGBiRr0VCcCKIooEJwPt8ckQExQC2yD0ODwt0 It appears Unichip have developed a modded component that can allow PCM3.0 to run CarPlay natively Has anyone else seen / looked into this? Cheers
  9. I haven't yet no, tyres needed doing and the family car got some bits needing to be replaced. I brought the GT3 on AutoDoc for £93, they emailed me saying they don't have any stock and no timeframes. Turns out it was just a price hike and they couldn't commit to it at £93 (was delisted at £260) so its currently on back burner. I am tempted to the spray on for £250. Its not a garage queen and is driven daily but can clearly see the poor callipers on the rear are chemical burned. Ah yes, hadn't noticed that before! Drive about at some point
  10. Hi mate yes sorry took a while to post back i get the following error on login ” Sorry, there is a problem Invalid Redirection URI Error code: 2S361/2”
  11. If you've ever seen my work with a paintbrush I wouldn't want to use a spray can! Haha. I get the emulation but I generally prefer the yellow over the red. Personal choice right!?
  12. I need to get mine resprayed but not many places that advertise they do it in Sussex / surroundings. Ive found a place an hours drive that will spray on for £250 or £500 off both take 24 hours ish. Cridfords are asking £480 inc vat to take off and spray. I also have a GT3 MC on the way but labour here is quite expensive. Leaning toward the £250 spray on to be honest then use my local Indy to change the MC when brake fluid is due next year.
  13. Hey... I was looking for the same however the PCM 3.0 in the 987.2 come with a Bluetooth telephone module only it doesn’t support sound/music. The only way is to buy a media adapter if you have the iPhone connection port in the armrest. I have Bose and don’t fancy the cost of switching out so I have a phone mount and iPod connector to allow music and sat nav from phone.
  14. BlackCircles missed the delivery and got another £30 back from them Monday now for the tyres, its been with garage for a few weeks while we've had work done to get out of the way of vans, skips.
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