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  1. Well I was going this morning but that and other issues has now pretty much put me off and I'm thinking not to bother and maybe keep saving and try for a gen 2 as all the issues will have been resolved I Hope. Like I said originally "I think ha ha" i come from a modified lotus background and I never had a single big bill (in fact hardly any maintenance bills) in that for 10years and it was running 100bhp of nitrous. So all this I find very worrying.
  2. Well I'm off to see one on Saturday. The owner seems to be a real car guy. Has just bought himself a 911 c4s and can't warrant 2 porches. Also owns a brand new golf r ABT edition and 2 other cars. Father has a RS6. So a car family. Gives me a better feeling that he is a car guy my misses said ha ha. Its done 72k and has a stack of bills Inc springs... Pipes... New discs and pads... 19" lightweight refurb rims in black.... Stainless exhaust with lifetime guarantee... Full bose.. Gearbox pan and gearbox service... A few ball joints have been done. Coating on paint etc etc. It's quite a list.
  3. Thanks guys I need an auto as my wife on has a auto licence.... Yeah yeah I know ha ha. But she used to own a near 500bhp supra covered in carbon so she can still hold her own. Tiptronics seem to be alot more rare, and we are both fans of back on black cars. The couple selling the Cayman have emailed back saying they are going to try and get a second opinion and try and fix it, so I might keep in touch. Are there any electrical or massive bill issues with the Cayman as they are getting older.
  4. I have decided not to go back and see it. They were a lovely couple as well and I think the specialist they took it to yesterday is basically pulling a fast one which is out of order. As they have used him for all of there services and mots I think over the last 2-3years.
  5. Has much would a drive shaft oil seal cost to repair? I does look very similar I have to admit. I spoke to the specialist and I'm sorry I don't believe what he said at all. I will go tomo and smell the oil as I assume it will smell of gearbox oil
  6. I did think this tbh....... Also there maybe a lost in translation issue which is why I will be phoning the guy at porcha werks tomo to get it first hand. Looking at it. Is the oil filter that side. That makes more sense if it is
  7. Right it seems the leak was from the sump plug and he checked the rest of the car over while it was on the ramp I have there phone number so I'm going to call and discuss it with him tomo. Does anyone know Porsche Werks in coventry
  8. The owner has took it to a porsche specialist this morning in Coventry to see what it is after I sent them the pics and mentioned what it could be Thanks alot for helping. Fingers crossed its something quick and easy
  9. Thanks for looking I'm thinking of cancelling going on Thursday and suggesting he takes it to the garage and find out what it is. Then if it's OK get back to me. Don't fancy spending 12k and then it dies on me, or I have to spend money on it day 1. All its work is done be a porsche specialist as I don't think he knows anything about cars tbh. There is another I like the look of but 76k miles and a 2005. They have dodgy ims bearing dont they
  10. I'm supposed to be going back on Thursday for a drive but it's worrying me now BTW the car is tiptronic if that makes a difference
  11. Hi, thanks for the reply. I will have to try and smell it on my next visit to see the car when the battery is charged and I get a test drive. Thank god its not an IMS issue as that's all I seem to be reading about at present which is worrying me about buying a cayman. But then on the other hand ppl say they are amazing cars
  12. Hi New on here of course ha ha. I went to see a 2006 cayman today 60k miles and it looks mint. Full porsche service history etc etc. It had been under a cover and the trickle charger had come unclipped and battery was dead so couldn't start it. Anyway I looked underneath and all good apart from what seems wet area. But there are no drips on the floor, I had this on my lotus esprit when I bought it and it was a Crank seal but I never changed it in 10 years and it was fine...... I have attached a pic, any help would be very very much appreciated.
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