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  1. Anyone ran catless Soul Performance headers with PSE? I knows theres potential MOT issues but these can be 'sorted' here in NI.
  2. Good point about R getting retrofitted with the 'wrong' PSE from a Cayman S. The older they get, the more chance that will happen too. If buying an R with PSE switch on dash then option code 'XLF' indicates it's factory fitted. If you don't see that code go digging a bit deeper. Ultimately taking off a rear wheel and physically check the exhaust bore. As the R gets older owners may be replacing their factory PSE due to rust, baffle failure, etc. and an unsuspecting OPC might fit the stock S one. I know when I rang Silverstone OPC to price a PSE replacement they couldn't find th
  3. I'm probably going down the FVD (M&M) headers route this winter. Be interested in messaging anyone who has been through that process for a PSE 987R. Simple stuff like the best hardware/bolts etc to order. Being in NI I just don't have good access to the specialists that would see more of these. Also, I bet M&M etc headers don't turn up 'used' very often..
  4. Ok, I thought you were talking about Caymans in general. I really don't see many S Sports come up. Seem to see more Design Editions.
  5. I think Viper must have been PTS? Even in the R, I think there's only one Viper Green in UK let alone the world. Either way, very few interesting colored 987's about. It's a shame as the relatively compact body shape strikes me as a good substitute for £££ air cooled now for the modders. Be great to have a base car in mad green, blue, orange that's not a wrap. Buyers back then had no idea they'd be the cars to fetch premium layer on and it would have taken a brave sole to spec one from factory !!
  6. Almost looks like they were preparing it for track but didn't get as far as sorting engine and suspension before offloading. It's a strange car the more I look at it ... I just wish more 987's had been produced in 'mad' colors like this.
  7. That's private sale R money... They'd be better off striping seats out and selling separately for starters. Hope they have the original hatch too.
  8. No affiliation...don't see many Cayman S Sports turn up in orange let alone modded to this extent. I'll reserve any comment on the price. https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/11132125?cId=11100529&cId=11060052&cId=11060375&cId=11074588&cId=10978804&cId=11118913&cId=11132125&cId=10952792&cId=11097351
  9. It's a 55mm bore versus 48mm and was part of the power upgrade along with map. To swap it out on an R for the standard S PSE is silly but most OPC's don't even know that level of detail...it's an 'old' car now...
  10. Ok, that makes sense. Mine has PSE so was trying to get my head around what Gert can do. I was actually prepared to buy a non PSE Cayman R and Carnewal it but then mine turned up. I'll never need switchable so the PSE is a slight liability for me TBH. I think yours sounds s bit angrier then mine. Never easy to compare videos though. I have priced a genuine big bore PSE for the R just so I know in future. It's circa £3,500.
  11. Ha... I've watched that video s good few times already actually. I need to look at the Carnewal site again, I find the descriptions a bit confusing. His main upgrade is header 200 cell Cat mod right? I'm already nearly committed to the idea of Cargraphic or FVD headers and store the stock ones away. Or is there anything else Gert can do for the stock PSE?
  12. Ok, thanks for the heads up. The DFI inlet will be a very different system. Would be great to find an engineering explanation from the designers.
  13. Here's two identical drivebys filmed 4 months apart. Considering the gen 1 has no PSE it still sounds good. They are just a more 'mechanical' sounding engine with more induction noise. The gen 2 is dominated by the exhaust. I'm currently planning to fit EVOMS V-flow to the R. Does anyone know any tricks to getting a discount? Also Cargraphic or FVD headers with 200 cell Cats (remap)
  14. I have really noticed how much quieter (mechanically/induction) the DFI gen 2 engine is. I am about to order the EVOMS V-Flow. Purely for the sound as my research indicates any power gains are purely at the top end (rarely used for street driving). It's not cheap but I really need some induction sound back...to me it's THE sound of Porsche.
  15. The 2.7 is a pretty smart buy. More to chose from than the gen 2 but I'd wait a bit as the prices still seem hot to me for anything with moderate miles. The 2.9 gen 2 prices have really rocketed so smarter money may well be snapping up a 2.7. I was out walking yesterday and one went by me on a country lane and they do sound great.
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