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  1. Sounds good. Just heading out to garage to have a look. p.s. @Beanoir™ I'm going to resurrect an old thread of yours re. the R and LSD/understeer.
  2. Yes, I've looked at few videos. My issue appears to be that the Cayman R has a fixed rear spoiler so I can't get those bolts underneath so must be a trick... Might be trying to weld through the hole in the rear spoiler...
  3. Yes, I think it will need something like a weld. I will investigate getting the rear bumper off too - did you do that in the end? I've got a few PDF service manuals for my old 987.1 so I think procedure was in one of them I am just glad it's that and not a broken baffle inside the back box. I'm actually considering exhaust change (Cargraphic etc) and would like to store the PSE away as a working item. Regarding the actuator part no. I think Gert at Carnewal can get the part which I assume was original Porsche. I guess does it really matter as they all
  4. Hi, I noticed this thread and wondering if anyone can help. My PSE is working fine on my Cayman R but I have set it permanently On by disconnecting the solenoid socket in the engine bay. However, I get a slight rattle from the drivers side exhaust when I rev the engine up and then let the revs die down to an idle. I was worried it was a broken baffle in the back box but after jacking up the car I have isolated it to the PSE actuator connector 'linkage'. Unlike the posts above, the rattle is from where the PSE linkage attaches to the exhaust pipe
  5. A friend in England is also looking for an R and will be starting a thread soon....if anyone's looking to shift one
  6. I've had the R for two weeks now It really is a cracking road car. Lots of little mods you can't appreciate until you own one. I've sorted the PSE always On mod....10min job
  7. PASM systems are also more expensive to refresh too.
  8. Yes, that's it. I personally don't rate PASM as one settings too soft and ones too hard for our roads in Nth Ireland where I live anyway. Also, Chrono can be added later in software for about £700 and you avoid the dash 'wart' that no one uses anyway. I've got my R booked into OPC for it. Chrono changes throttle map and also PSM (allows greater slip angle before kicking in). It's just a new switch and software unlock code 😆
  9. Hi, Does anyone have any leads on sourcing the Workshop Service Manual for 987.2 in PDF format? I have one for my 987.1 (about 6000 pages) and it was great for torque settings, assembly procedures etc. Andy
  10. It was listed at £22k and he gave the buyer £400 off as it was due new rear tyres. It had the sports seats and had been under Porsche warranty all its life. Carnewal exhaust mod attracted me as I'd prefer it to PSE. It was definitely on for a few days before I got in contact and must have taken nearly two weeks to actually sell. Real straight up seller and the weekend after my initial contact he had 5 people after it and first to view bought it.
  11. A really nice Aqua Blue 987.2S sold last weekend on AutoTrader. Manual with 53k miles and had Carnewal exhaust mod. It was listed for a few days and I was his first serious enquiry and was sorting a PPI on it when a nice R turned up (which I bought). I'd noticed it disappeared from AT listings so got back in contact with seller last night. He'd had 5 enquires and solid it for £21,500. So that's a good indicator of price for nice Gen 2S manual private sale in an interesting color
  12. Provisionally add me to the list provided I can get the Ireland to England ferry logistics to work...I have a friend in Wales I might stay with the night before so I am at least be on English soil the day of the event. I'll see if I can find any other Ireland/Nth Ireland takers Carrera White R
  13. I have it booked in for Sports Chrono install (button and software) at OPC for £690 incl VAT and the 10% PCGB discount. I'm happy enough with that.
  14. Quick heads up here (I will start another thread) - has anyone got a pdf of the gen 2 Workshop Service Manual they can send. The main item the PPI noted was a new AOS will be needed soon. I replaced the AOS on my gen 1 S but the gen 2 is different - any tricks/pointers appreciated as that really helped me on the gen 1 (which I could change in 30mins flat now)
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