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  1. Welcome RossKH, good looking R (if the spec is right for you and you’re loving it then who cares if some might consider it soft?)
  2. Dartmoor - Rain, rainbows and the R
  3. Very interested in this topic. My manifold to back box are not blowing (yet) but will need doing soon. They look awful and are soaking in penetrating fluid as I write this. Inspected the manifold to block bolts today and they seem OK but sure I’d break one or two if attempting to remove.
  4. Glad someone had a good recent experience with Autodoc. I’ve used them in the past and they were good but the last few attempts at purchasing a brake master cylinder from them has been bloody awful.
  5. Don’t know what size tank I have?
  6. So many excuses not to buy it - you sound like cmoose 😉
  7. Andrea, I’ve just stumbled across this whilst browsing old threads, like what you are doing and wish you well. Your website shows aftermarket bucket seat brackets but I presume they won’t fit OEM buckets. Bit of a long shot but have you considered doing a set of brackets to lower/adjust the position of folding bucket seats found in Cayman R/Spyder/GT cars? Internet searches show there is some demand but very limited options (Tarett in US but they are expensive and agricultural looking). There is a neat solution available for the full carbon buc
  8. I’d attend either but a smaller R and Spyder event sounds preferable to me.
  9. So very nearly bought a 981 GTS but COVID & lockdown meant I couldn’t travel 250 miles to collect the car. I was gutted at the time but happy/relieved now because I then included the Cayman R in my searches.... 😍
  10. Disagree with the B road comments on the PS4. I’ve done about 100k miles on this tyre (BMW 130i, M135i, Lotus Exige V6 and mk7 Golf GTi). IMO and experience the best all round road tyre you can buy - assuming 18” and below otherwise PS4S.
  11. Another big up for the MPS4S - had them on my old BMW 1M and they were superb in all situations/conditions on the road. Changed from relatively new MPSS which I’ve never really got on with in anything other than warm/dry summer use. I’m currently running N2 MPS2 on the Cayman and whilst they are the pick of available N rated tyres, I’m really looking forward to putting 4S on when warranty expires. The Goodyear SS look interesting but I’m a Michelin Man...
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