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  1. Im currently torn between a remap and this sprint booster! A lot of positive vibes coming from them. When i first got my 2.9 the first thought was that it was lacking the urgency and responsiveness of my old S2000. Remap claiming around 280bhp though is very attractive but the £500 price tag is putting me off a little, whereas less than £200 is very attractive. 🤔
  2. My Cayman has wear marks from sun cream and the plastic coating is peeling off, looks awful! Looking good there mate, did this include them removing the centre console or did you remove yourself? I need this doing ASAP, also considering getting mine wrapped Also im only 10 miles from MK!
  3. Whilst in London having a drive around to checks out the sites whilst no traffic is about i stumbled upon Porsche Centre Mayfair and could not resist taking this shot. The polite employees even waited for me to finish a couple of shots before coming out of the doors and complementing the car - Top guys! So happy I upgraded to these wheels!
  4. @GlosRich I think I will do this summer, if COVID19 lets us!
  5. I used a ceramic coating from Auto Finesse prior to the tyres being fitted. Thanks for the advice all the same @GlosRich I was very close to putting the PS4's on, but my mate who supplies and fits all my wheels and tyres etc recommended that i try the Kumho PS91's out. He has them fitted to his E92 M3 and bang for buck thinks the PS91's are hard to beat. This is a second car for me so only comes out on sunny days for cruising and spirited driving really. I have also watched some reviews and the lap times are 0.# of a second in it and i think the only complaint was when they over heated on track they lost a bit of grip and feel, i will never overheat them on the road, so thought id try them out. So far so good. PS4's next time around perhaps then ill be able to give my verdict. Never done a track day in my own car in the UK either... Yet.
  6. Not a fan of any of the Cayman wheels on the 987 except the 19 inch options. Picked up some genuine Porsche wheels and had them refurbished in gloss black and wrapped in some new rubber. Completely transform the car in my opinion and worth every penny! Please excuse my absolute appalling camera and editing skills, this is very new to me.
  7. Im sure they all use the same basic principles and to be honest i bet they all get similar results. Its the reputable website that is offering it that shocked me most and thats why Im finding it so tempting.
  8. Glad you found it before any further damage was caused. I had a coolant leak from the front coolant pipes, had them replaced by Autofarm but Porsche supplied one of the pipes with a securing clip that was too small, so a constant drip was coming which had me worried for a while that something bigger was damaged. Thankfully the guys at Autofarm managed to eventually identify this and we had the retaining clip swapped out for the correct one. Now i can pull my car out of the garage and there is no coolant on the floor Shout out to Autofarm boys - Highly recommended!
  9. I would like to see and hear this car!
  10. @Steve Murray Did you purchase this in the end? Would be good to get some feedback from someone who has purchased this. At that price i am tempted to test it myself to be honest
  11. Haha! Thanks. It's certainly cosy! I'll upload a proper cold start one tomorrow. Sounds epic on cold start. The video definitely shows post exhaust mod! What a muppet lol.
  12. Hi guys and gals, So I made a video and put it on youtube, here's the link: https://youtu.be/fnV7qSHrN84 Hopefully that link works. I think the cold start bit st the beginning was actually before the mod 🤦‍♂️ I will make another better one at some point. Gives you an idea though. Please like and subscribe 😅
  13. Thanks for the info Joe. Had the exhaust done by PCW - although have not been able to drive it due to weather conditions much. The exhaust definitely improves the overall driving experience and i love the fact the car is still standard. Its not too loud either, just nice when you open up the throttle. Cold start sounds great, especially when i start her up from cold in the garage Absolutely no drone either. I highly recommend PCW to anyone who maybe on the fence. Just tried to upload the cold start video but even when condensed the clip is 25x too big to add as an attachment.
  14. Hello all, Had my cayman about 3 weeks. Guy I purchased it off had about £1k worth of work done replacing coolant pipes etc due to corrosion etc in january of this year. Apparently a common thing with these cars with age. Anyway moved it out the garage this morning for a clean and there is alot of coolant leaking from below the engine bay it appears. Anyone have any pointers on what could fail and where to look? As I said looks like it coming from directly under the engine bay
  15. I presume so, they open it up, sprinkle a little fairy dust then close it up, not sure exactly what they do to be honest lol. I have asked two companies and they are a little reluctant to tell. That sounds really nice though 👌
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