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  1. Hiya all I'm a noob - perhaps an unrealistic one - with a bunch of questions I hope you can answer for me. Truth be told, I didn't think I'd be looking at a Cayman when I first started my car search last week as even though I love them, I always assumed they were way out of my grasp, and perhaps that is where they will be after your answers. I have a modest income and was looking at used Ford Mustangs, BMW 4-series and Mercedes SLCs in the £20,000-£25,000 range when CarGurus decided to show me a lush-looking 2015 Cayman for £27,000 with 30k on the clock and got me thinking. Questions below (along with some rambling for context) About me: 1) Currently driving a 2006 VW Golf 1.4S 2) Not a speed freak so a base model automatic will do just fine 3) I want to balance looks and performance with ride quality. Remember, I'm driving a VW Golf so hardly living in Lexus-land. That said, it's a helluva lot nicer than my friend's Merc A200 which emphasises every pothole on the road. With that out of the way, here are my questions. Feel free to shoot my dreams down - this is why I am here. a) Can I get nice ride quality from a Cayman? I know it won't deliver GT comfort but at the same time, I don't want a boy-racer stiff, firm ride. b) My main issue is running costs - can I get a general idea of maintenance and parts? c) I've heard of German car specialists offering cheaper maintenance and parts than main dealers - is this true or a false economy? And does the same hold true for these parts supermarkets that stock perfect replicas of car panels and exhausts at a much cheaper cost than original manufacturers? If so, can I get an idea of cost comparisons? d) With BMW and VW, I don't fear high mileage as both eat 200k for breakfast, can the same be said for Caymans? If so, I can look beyond my 30k comfort zone and open myself up to more affordable cars. e) If maintenance is high cost then how old and cheap can I go whilst avoiding trips to the mechanic? Is a 2007, £10,000 987 with 75k on the clock going to be all-but as reliable and enjoyable as a 2014 £27,000 model with 29k miles? f) Looking at trade-only cars, I'm seeing 2012/13 and 2016 models in the same mileage and sticker price range (£28,000) and it appears that that's a steep price for the former so does that imply a better car than the latter (in order to command such a price) or is that just the variance of Caymans and that the newer car would be a better bet? g) As 2012 and 2016 Caymans are the same generation, would it make sense - on my limited budget - to go for an older, cheaper car? h) Finally, despite many <40k miles, 981s in the £24,000-£28,000 range, are they cheap for what's on offer - implying iffy quality and that decent cars of that age and mileage are much more expensive? Examples I am intrigued by: 2015 - 35k - £27,950 https://tinyurl.com/shgtzbn 2015 - 30k - £28,950 https://tinyurl.com/tsbeyz9 2015 - 43k miles - £27,995 https://tinyurl.com/u8n6c2t 2015 - 32k - £27,891 https://tinyurl.com/vx9eb76 2015 - 30k - 28,990 https://tinyurl.com/tsbeyz9 2013 - 44k miles - £24, 989 https://tinyurl.com/vw7ra8r 2013 - 30k - £27,995 https://tinyurl.com/tjmrgdg 2015 - 61k - £24, 950 https://tinyurl.com/rmjztn4 2015 - 46k - £25,500 https://tinyurl.com/vlt2v8k Thanks in advance.
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