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  1. Yes a used one to have a play with and most likely make mistakes on, ( measure twice , cut once, swear three times ), is probably the way forwards..
  2. Hi Lenny, Yes that's possibly an option I'd pondered and was thinking I could chop a big block of the foam out but in such a way that you could re-insert the block, ( interference or Velcro), when you want it quiter.. However as mentioned the noise I noticed most was the air intake but not in a good way like induction roar. What I need to know is whether removing some foam would bring extra noise but still block out this noise? I will think on and poss have a play about. Cheers
  3. Yes I had pondered this..I was wondering if the carpet in the rear boot above the exhaust being removed might bring more desirable noise but to be honest that's not that practical/quickly reversible and starts heading towards race car..The problem I found with the engine cover was that the dominating noise is just a rushing of air which at sedate speeds is just annoying... A bit more mechanical noise from gears and pistons or more exhaust noise would be nice but achieving this without excess road noise or the air intake flow noise becoming dominant is the key for me.. I
  4. Not much for sale on the R front currently? I have a friend looking for a manual R with Recaros. Preference is white, grey, silver, black.. Anyone know of anything coming up or considering selling? Cheers, Ed. PS. He might consider a well modded fast road S also..
  5. To update, having gone shopping in the croc today without the carpeted shelf I think my cunning plan was certainly worthy of Baldrick..Not only was the gap below the carpeted cover bigger than I remembered, ( meaning a flocked cover would look lost/pointless), but also the extra noise was not particularly nice, just a constant sucking of woosh of air rather than anything particularly mechanical.. 😕 Still it was a good excuse for a drive..
  6. Really helpful thanks and yes it will be interesting to see what's right in a Gen 1. I'll have a play about with it to see what it's like. My other option was to buy a second cover and carefully cut some big blocks of the foam away so that I can still re-insert them and choose between standard and loud..Also I'm not sure what flocking is like ref high temperatures? Would it be ok on the top side of the engine cover if I go with me original plan?
  7. I've seen a few vids re people having a blast driving Caymans with the engine cover removed. They sound great but no doubt the novelty wears off very quickly as the noise becomes tiring.. That said for the odd weekend blast a bit if extra mechanical noise might sometimes be nice when I'm in the mood. I've yet to try driving the car with just the carpeted cover removed but with the metal cover still in place but i should imagine it could strike the right balance of enough extra noise vs too much ? I'll try it when I'm next out but what are your experiences? Like is often
  8. My car came with buckets fitted by the previous owner. I can't vouch for how much hassle they were to fit but have to say I can't imagine owning the car without them on the road let alone the track. They really help make the driving experience to my mind as you feel much more connected to the car..Just being lower and held firmly in corners will help your driving and make for a more enjoyable experience..Add to that they'll be a lot lighter and prob help lower the centre of gravity when you're sat in it then it should all be positive.. The only down sides are if you buy something t
  9. Hi. Previous owner advised the speakers were upgraded with a decent spec set, ( can't remember brand ). I have noise coming through central speaker do if amp was shot would it not all fail? Cheers
  10. Hi Beanoir and thanks for this. I'm crap at all things electrical .. Yes everything else is stock. I believe the amp is in the trunk near the tool store so will take a look for dodgy connections and any melting etc..Is there likely to be a specific fuse , ( for door speakers ), I should look for in the fuse box or at the amp? Cheers, Ed
  11. Hi. As per the title my 987.1 door speakers don't work, ( non Bose ). I don't think they were working when I bought the car. I belive they are possibly non standard/upgraded. Any thoughts on where to start. Assume it's likely to be connections at speaker end but seems odd if they had been replaced unless they weren't fitted well. There's a YouTube vid showing door card removal so I'll do this and take a look when time allows but just wondered if there's anything I should look out for ref common causes/issues etc..? Thanks in advance.. Ed
  12. Agreed. If you've got that money buy an R or build a hot rod and bank £10k..
  13. Hi John. Mines not the adjustable version, it's just the standard Rennline pedal cover with the extensions fitted. The plate is about 7mm thick. When you then sandwich the side extension plate between the two it probably adds 2mm more..I'd say it's just about right now. Some find the extensions on the side are a bit too close to the brake but if you wear slim shoes and keep this in mind you're fine. If it did pose a problem you could loose the extension bits but in that case you might be better just buying a cheaper cover/plate from likes of design tek etc.. I'll try to get a phot
  14. Great looking car. For me the silver looks better too and think the contrast shows off the lines/stance etc better than black.. I would have thought any reputable refurb company can do it but I guess ensuring the silver code is as per OEM is key..?
  15. In case anyone else is considering them... Got these two fitted today. Seem great. SB set to "sport 3" which seems to sharpen things up just enough to loose the slight lag/delay/dead pedal at very start of throttle movement without losing modulation. I'll explore more at a later date.. Rennline pedal with extensions is just what I hoped for. Brings the pedal about 10mm towards me + closes the gap between throttle and brake so much nicer heel and toe rev matching..Seems expensive but it's high quality and worth it to my mind. FYI although design911 states left hand drive
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