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  1. Back from today's visit to Chipwizards. Have to say i was really impressed with Wayne, his knowledge and his set up.. To recap, the car is a 987.1 S. Engine was rebuilt by PARR around 55k from memory , ( now 92k ). Only mods to engine are de-snork, BMC filter, Topgear 200 cel stainless manifolds, Carnewal GT cat back, AWE tips. Otherwise stock. As expected there wasn't much to gain but the starting point was pretty disappointing at 291bhp, ( vs 295bhp stock ). The main reason I swapped the manifolds was for noise but hoped they might have yielded a bit of extra power..However it transpired the vacuum pipes to the flaps in the left bank inlets were not properly connected. With these sorted it finished up at 298bhp. So 7 bhp gain which takes it to just 3bhp more than stock. What I don't know is where the power was before the headers and filter were fitted ..I think it would be fair to think power would be less than when new so perhaps the headers have raised power up to the 291 I was at..? What was more pleasing was that in the mid range power was 16bhp better than on arrival which is great to see as this is more usefull than peak power... For the record I had previously fitted 82mm TB and IPD plenum but was underwhelmed and Wayne advised that he never sees them improve things so I removed them. On the drive home the car did feel marginally punchier around the 5k mark so all good. To sum up I'm glad I did and that it went to Wayne as his wealth of knowledge is clear and helped to quickly identify the lack of vacuum and therefore sort the issue. 7bhp top end at 16bhp at mid range seems like a good result for a few hours work and it's clear that a more expensive remote/plug-in remap would not have found the problem .. That said it's clear also that extra power is hard to come by. Next stop GT3 master cylinder..
  2. Indeed. I think I'm right in saying the Carnewal GT back section I have means the rear x2 cats have been removed. So coupled with the 200cel headers it's as free as you can make it without being straight through...? The improvement the headers made was very noticeable which isn't surprising when you look at the standard design which is horrid. Will be interesting to see what the dyno says...
  3. Here's hoping. Re the exhaust I wanted it loud in a 70's LeMans kind of vibe. I have to say the combo Ive arrived at is just about perfect to my mind. It's fairly quiet at idle but with a noticeable edge vs stock. Theres no booming on the move and you can drive it quietly with relaxed cruising etc by just keeping it in a high gear but it really sings above 4k.. Will let you know how the remap goes..
  4. Well its booked in with Wayne Schofield/Chipwizards for remap three weeks today. 4 hours on the dyno booked. I know as standard there's not much power to be gained but reports of better power curves with flat spots reduced and throttle improved which would be great. My car has bmc filter, equal length 200 cel headers, and Carnewal GT silencers so hoping there's a bit more to be gained from mapping.. Will feed back in due course..
  5. Hi. Yes I got all 4 done and OEM gaskets. All good now!
  6. Ok cheers. Not had it long and only just getting to such things..Will see where they are at and try stock to start with. Cheers
  7. Any advice on tyre pressures? Car is a 987.1 s running on 19" wheels with Pilot Sport 4's , KW coil overs, CR geo.? What have you found works best on similar spec set up, ( on the road). Cheers, Ed
  8. Hi all. I recently fitted Topgear stainless headers with 200cel cats to my Cayman 987.1s. The fit and finished seemed great however I noticed a light ticking noise when pulling away slowly upto about 2.5k. My suspicion was manifold gaskets which looks to be the case so I'm going to try swapping to OEM gaskets. Also after 100 or so miles its thrown a CEL. On inspection it looks like Lambda sensor and I've been advised extensions should help sort it and stop light coming on. Has anyone else had experience of this? If so did you fit x4 or just x2 after the cats? Thanks for any info relating to either gaskets or extensions. Ed
  9. Received today. Really appreciate your initiative and efforts Jason. Many thanks! Ed
  10. Hi. I had seen that and the price looks good but it's a bit horizontal and more splitter than lip...Sounds a bit picky I know but I will either leave as is or it would have to be right as it's just an aesthetic really as it's a road car...Thankd for the reply though. Ed
  11. Hi. Does anyone know where to purchase a GT3 style lip/splitter for a 987...I've not seen many I like as I'm looking for something very subtle. I like this one which is on Rennlist forum and found it on Amazon but it won't ship to UK. Apparently it originates from Composite Concepts in Germany but I think the stock on Amazon is in U.S. It is also expensive .. https://www.planet-9.com/threads/gt4-style-wing-for-all-cayman-and-boxsters-987-and-981.158425/post-1551322 I certainly dont want anything deeper or more protruding etc.. Any thoughts on alternatives or a way to buy this one..? Thanks, Ed
  12. Excellent news and thanks a lot for sending on. Cheers
  13. I was just browsing the zunsport site and I got a pop up saying 10% discount code if sign up etc..Unfortunately I left the site and it no longer appears to pop up. I'm looking at buying a pair of the outer grills in black so would have been £136 instead of £140. Anyone know of another code or COC code etc before I pay the full whack? Cheers, Ed
  14. As per the title. Any advice on best place to source a touch up pen in Lapis Blue? Ideally best match at best price in best pen type format. Thanks in advance, Ed
  15. Yep 3.9 could be magic.. Theres lots of stuff out there that's way quicker but I'm not really concerned above 100mph as it's a road car and for me the car is more about being enjoyable as a whole if you know what I mean. The Porsche thing re quality, noise, balance, etc.. The 3.9 would be fab as I'm sure it would make a big difference below 100mph as much as it would above it.. Incidentally on the subject of big engines in small cars, I was hillclimbing a small gsxr engined single seater for the last 10 years before buying the croc this year. Just got this through on twitter re the latest star car from the top class.. 700bhp in 410kgs..😬
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