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  1. Yes this was my dilemma.. The Cayman finished up my perfect spec but I've always wanted a Caterham as they offer something no other car can. If I had the space and a few more quid I'd have kept it but theres only room for one toy so needs must. First world problems I know but a tough decision non the less..
  2. Sure no probs. Stands to reason that most Cayman owners will like the notion of a Caterham as both are about driving purity...I'll post something up here as and when. Cheers
  3. Just a quick note to say my car sold today. A sad day as I really loved it but it had to go to make way for a Caterham. I hope the new owner enjoys it... Thanks to all on here that gave me advice and tips. I may be back in the fold some day as other than a Caterham there's very little for sub £50k that interests me... Cheers and happy motoring, Ed
  4. An interesting topic. I've not owned an R but they really appeal. I think they're worth the money and then some but unfortunately when I was looking I couldn't afford one..List the spec/quality/rarity/dynamics on paper and it sounds pretty magical to my mind.. However as others have said, I think the S is underrated and offers up well given a few choice mods...In some instances said mods might be better than R spec, ( adjustable coilovers, better LSD etc), if chosen wisely. I also agree on the finer points..I found in the S the brake pedal travel too long, the throttle pedal too far away,the response slightly leggy, the shift not quite as positive as it could be. Choice mods see to all this. Not noticable to the uninitiated but an improvement if you are looking to make it as good as it can be.. As an example I have my sprint booster set on the second lowest setting..£180 worth of undetectable change to the layman..Well spent marginal gain to my mind..Rennline throttle pedal..an expensive piece of aluminium but worth it to improve heel and toe down shifts..GT3 mc sorts the middle pedal etc.. I found the traction lacking at times, cue Wavetrac LSD..., the revs a bit slow to rise, cue LWFW.. As some of you know I, ( and the previous owner ), have been right through the car to bring it to a spec that I think would likely rival an R.. Granted it's gen1, ( but with a rebuilt engine ), and never going to be as special as an R but I'm surprised there's not more cars around that have been modified. Diminishing returns no doubt plays a big part of it but I also think theres just a lack of appreciation re how good a car can be built as and when funds allow.. If you anyone fancies said recipe without the full financial outlay my car is for sale...A bit more than a stock tidy S, but a lot cheaper than an R or building your own..It seems there are plenty of people out there waiting for the proverbial unicorn spec R but seemingly not that many people who want a car that's dynamically right with it for less than half the money.. Just goes to show, the Rs appeal for many is not the dynamics alone but more so the combination of rarity/cache/dynamics See as here if it's of interest to any wannabe R owners that can't afford one.. https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/11513565
  5. Hi. Advert now live on PH. Link here..https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/11513565 Ed
  6. Hi. It's a good point but I worry I'd be wanting to hire one every month or so! The car I'm out in on 18th is circa 220bhp so should give me a good feel for things..It could still be that I figure the Cayman provides enough of the thrills to stick with it but we'll see.. Thanks, Ed
  7. Hi Julian, Thanks for the heads up..Said friend actually bought a 981 GTS soon after I posted this. He's loving it.. Ironically I might now be selling my modded S , ( having a run out in a quick Caterham soon to check I'm making the right decision )! It's a great spec and less than half the price of the cheapest R..
  8. Hi Sarlech.. Thanks for the comments. I've grown up around 7's so fairly familiar with them. I have fond memories of riding shotgun in my Dad's Westfield SE as a kid. It was basic but with a Mountune built crossflow on big webbers which sounded great. 200 bhp looks like a sweet spot so I'll be aiming around there. Duratec on RBTB or VHPD K both of interest but prob have max £23k ish if I get the right money for mine.. As mentioned previously I'd been hillclimbing a single seater prior to buying the Cayman and it was great fun. My thinking is a quick 7 will potentially allow me to enjoy some track time gain with more focus/ability than the Cayman and with lower risk/costs but also provide just as much fun on B road blasts which is what I'm actually doing most of the time. Obviously Covid has limited opportunities to attend events and use the Cayman as I intended but in hindsight I suspect any toy I have will spend much more of its time doing short blats vs longer runs ). Caterham are grim in the wet or on motorways but I'd avoid that where possible anyway.. The down side is the practicality is not as good if ever I want to travel further and of course I'll always miss the sound, balance, look, character, quality of the Cayman. The thing is I've developed the car to be a great all rounder on road or track and it is absolutely that, ( I've not had it on track but it's prepped suitably and it's performance suggests it will be great ).However I've come to realise that I possibly don't need an all rounder! I planned to drive to watch some motorsport as a replacement for competing and figured I could enjoy the Cayman as a means of travelling to such events..In reality I've had a season out, ( transpires everyone has ! ), and I'm missing being on track and whilst I still want to spectate I have a nice new 330e that is good transport. If I want to do some track stuff then a Caterham is even more focussed so begs the question - why not.. The only reason I'm hesitant is just because the Cayman is so lovely..If I had the space and slightly more in the kitty I'd be keeping it and adding the Caterham as a third car but I don't so if I want to scratch the itch the Cayman will reluctantly have to go.. Tragic but I realise I'm very lucky to own either and life is short .. In retrospect I should possibly not have spent so much on the Cayman so quickly but it's created a cracking car and I've enjoyed it and glad it exists. I'm going out as a passenger in a 200bhp K series Caterham on the 18th just to check i haven't lost my marbles. My suspicion is i'll come to the same conclusion. They are both epic but if you have the luxury of another car for transport and will therefore just be heading out for Sunday blasts, trackdays and poss want to enter the odd sprint again etc then the Caterham is the best choice.. If that's the case and I'm certain then I'll advertise the Cayman properly.. Andy - Thanks for the heads up but that Caterham is poss a bit too highly strung for my needs just now.. Cheers, Ed
  9. Hi, James- PM replied to thanks.. Andy - thanks and yes it sounds great. I had a fabulous run out a couple of days ago. Bright skies, epic roads and cold, dense air... The TT road from Helmsley to Stokesley and then across and back down The Blakey Ridge over the North York Moors. Had a friend in tow in a 981 GTS and nothing in front of us...Sublime! If I sell it I've no doubt I'll miss it desperately but just hope that the Caterham experience is enough to make it worthwhile..🤒
  10. Hi David. How strange...I'd been looking at your very car for a few days! Not sure if mines right for you but I personally don't find the NVH to be bad at all. Really quite civilised until you really give it the beans.. I'll send you a pm to exchange numbers.. Cheers, Ed
  11. Hi All, Just testing the water here.. ( Moderators- please pull if thread not allowed here - Not a for sale add as such but an indicisive owner struggling to choose between two passions ) I'm at a crossroads whereby I really love my Cayman but having come from 10 years of hillclimbing and sprinting a single seater, I'm already missing the thrill and rawness of a really quick and lightweight car and think i want to get on track a bit.., ( possibly against the clock ). As a result I have the itch for a quick Caterham as a road/track toy... I don't have the space/time/cash to own two toys so if I go Caterham the Cayman will have to go ..It's a fantastic car and pretty much everything i could hope for as an all rounder but I'm really just using it for Sunday morning blasts so figure i could poss sacrifice some practicality for ultimate driving thrills and even better track suitability if I start to go there.. I'm really worried I might regret it as it's a cracker that's had a fortune spent on it to bring it to this spec and as is always the case, I'll never get back what it owes me but more to the point, if I sell it and regret it I couldn't hope to find something as good for the same money.. The car has receipts for £30k+ of parts or mods since 2017 and owes me well over £20k since i bought it a year ago so I'd hope to see high teens for it now..It's pretty immaculate baring the odd small stone chip.. The car had been well developed by the previous owner, ( MD of a motorsport company ), and I've spent a considerable amount in the last year developing it further..Not sure I really want to do this but here's the spec..The miles really don't reflect the car as its pretty immaculate and rebuilt or new in most areas.. If you're genuinely interested and want to discuss or have a fast road spec R400 or VHPD Superlight R Caterham you might want to swap please let me know.. 2006 Cayman 987.1 S Lapis Blue 95k miles Full PARR rebuild at 60k in x6 liners All sus/steer component new 2017 Top gear s/s 200cel manifolds 2020 Carnewal GT exhaust AWE stainless x tips 2020 BMC filter/desnork 2020 Chipwizards remap 2020 Aasco LWFW/Sachs clutch 2021 Low temp thermostat 2021 964 RS gearbox mounts 2021 Bigger/baffled billet sump 2021 Wavetrac limited slip diff 2021 GT3 short shift Cobra Nogaro seats Door cards/gaitor/wheel retrimmed Rennline throttle pedal 2020 Sprint Booster V3 2021 KWV3 2 coil overs/custom valving Eibach lower suspension arms R geo set up at RPM technic GT3 master cylinder/fluid 2020 Braided brake lines Performance pads, ( unsure spec? ) GT3 Brake ducts 2020 718 S 19" wheels/spacers Zunsport outer grills black 2021 Michelin PS4S 2021 ( 100 miles ) As you can see it's really well prepped and would be a great on road or track..I'd love to take it further with a Hartech 3.9, ( circa £15k ), or MNR twin turbo conversion, ( circa £7k), which would make a mega car but you could argue it's optimum as is as you get to wring it out more often..? Feel free to drop me a line if interested.. Cheers, Ed
  12. Thanks Been our and yes I was expecting them all to have an effect, all of which was positive in my mind providing they didn't add up to too much NVH.., ( which it hasn't) I ended up leaving out the yellow powerflex engine mount insert just in case this tipped things too far..It could possibly take this as well but I'll see how the car feels in another 500 miles or so.. I understand the effect each part/mod has on paper but didn't have previous before and after first hand experience of how the mods feel in practice so was wanting to see if others described the effect as I did..The main concern was the fact it seemed to change after 100 miles or so rather than from the get go? Not sure why but assume things just settling down/bedding in .. The result is really nice..A sort of mechanical gruff turbine noise/smooth vibration as you build from low rpm that gradually gets drowned out as the rip from the exhausts starts to take over at about 4k onwards.. 🙂 PS. I have a spare set of yellow powerflex inserts if anyone wants them, ( I ended up with x2 sets ). £25 delivered. Drop me a line if so
  13. Thanks for that. Sounds consistent with my description and helps to allay any concerns. I didn't want to be enjoying this new found mechanical feel only to find I've actually been enjoying the sound of a spun bearing..😟
  14. Hi. After a few grocery runs to get the car out since recent work I've noticed a recent change in sound.. The work included LWFW, Sachs sprung clutch plate, Wavetrac LSD, 964RS trans mounts and a deeper baffled sump.. Initially the car sounded the same but part way through the previous outing, ( having covered circa 50 - 100 miles since fitting ), it seemed to take on a deeper more gutteral/thrum together with a different feel by way of subtle/faint vibration through the seat.. Now the noise/sensation seems permanent. It's a nice noise/sensation and the car seems to go just as well all be it with a tighter feel.. My only query is as to why the change came about after say 100miles rather than instantly..? Does this happen as engine mounts settle down? Could it be the LSD bedding in..etc..? The brand new LSD brings with it a more mechanical/taughter feel, the flywheel has brought a livlier rev rise and blip but no discernable extra rattling etc..Everything I was hoping for.. So my question is - is the change in noise just a result of the new trans mounts holding things more firmly and transmitting a different pitch of noise/harmonics/vibration etc? Or is it the LSD that's just more aggressive and it's being transmitted through the car..Bit of both? Just wondered what others experiences have been so I can sleep easy that this change is as it should be and that it changed after 100 miles or so due to things settling down/bedding in rather than anything being out of balance, loose, too tight etc..? Obviously that's quite a few changes all at once that stand to alter the feel and all likely to bring a more mechanical sensation..Just want to be sure that everything is right.. Any thoughts appreciated..
  15. Got mine fitted about 3 weeks ago.. Instantly noticed the improvement within 50m of leaving the site - Strasse who fitted LWFW/964RS mounts/Wavetrac LSD at same time..Even though these other mods bring a significant different feel the GT3 mc really stood out.. Much better at every speed so far and I've not yet had chance to drive it in grippy conditions..
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