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  1. It's been a bit of a trial and error journey if I am honest. The moulds are HUGE for starters so everything is a two man lift but it's very very good as a result. It's a straight copy of my deck-lid at the moment, nothing new or funky included. As for the springs - CF is surprisingly strong and resilient once you have as many layers as we do - and the OE lid is already beefed up in those areas but we will see as we move forward. Bolt holes etc. are all in place and yes, the damper (but more worryingly, the gas struts) will all need to be tweaked as we go. We're a long way from 'done' I expect.
  2. Hey guys. Figured some in here might be interested in this. We spent a very long time trying to figure how to reduce weight on an already pretty light car... Carbon deck-lid and doors sprang to mind. That was nearly a year ago! lol And thanks to being at home every day for 12 weeks - here's the first piece... Finally ready for the glass and a test fitting on the car. Pretty happy - 3.5 kg -
  3. Hi Andrea, Can I ask where you got to on your thoughts for duck tail please? I Love it!!! We are in the process of building a Cayman and would love to see more detail of the ducktail design you have. I wondered if we could incorporate it into the CF rear hatch we are making... Do you have more shots or a CAD design for this? All the best, JR
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