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  1. Wow! How on earth did you make that? Dis you have to make a mould first or did you use original deck as the mould? Looks stunning.
  2. For me I find the satisfaction of doing it yourself so rewarding - providing it is a job that I am confident doing or is a mechanical job where it is fairly black and white that it can be completed correctly, if it is something that is better suited to years of experience or skilled tuning or adjustment then I'm always left wondering if it is right if I complete myself. I also find that you learn so much more about your car in the process and often about unrelated parts just because they need to be removed first. The other consideration is if you have the time, I am in awe of the progress you have made in such a small time that you have owned your latest vehicle, in comparison I just keep looking at weekends that are coming up and realising that I barely have time to drive at the moment let along start fettling...……..! Having seen from your previous posts your interest in the vehicle and the specifics of every feature or modification I think something like suspension set up which can be so personal, but also something which is continually tinkered with until you find the perfect for you set up, is something you might be happier having done yourself especially if further tinkering might take place after the initial installation. Look forward to the updates whichever way you go.
  3. I'll have a look, probably should have checked before asking here really! Spent too much of yesterday cleaning and then driving it to do jobs as well. Its a bit of a pain in the butt that the garage is too narrow to sensibly do anything on the car inside and a pain moving other cars just to drop it out as well as not wanting to start it just to move it in and out of the garage. I could roll it out but would struggle to push it back in again! First world problems
  4. On my 06 plate Cayman S it has the OE multi CD changer mounted in the frunk next to the sat nav CD unit. When I first got the car and discovered the multi changer I pressed eject to see if there were any CD's left in the cassette and to just try buttons, like you do on a new car, the cassette ejected fine, no CD's. However, since pushing the cassette back in it has failed to eject again ever since after trying on a few occasions. I haven't checked the fuse yet to see if for some reason that has blown but wondered if there were any other things others have experienced or if there is another manual release to get it to eject? I have tried pushing the cassette in to see if it springs back out but just seems snugly and squarely and happily located where it should be, just the eject button doesn't have any effect?
  5. Having searched and viewed a number of Gen 2's throughout the lockdown and eventually going ahead with a modified Gen 1, I am intrigued by the spec that is alluding you? Is there something specific and rare that you are looking for? I ended up with a very small shortlist of possible cars and none of them ticked every box but each on the list ticked enough boxes. When it came to it I drove the top listed (and top priced) car and just wasn't that won over, nearly gave up the idea of buying one at all. Then I re-evaluated and changed direction, drove my modified Gen 1 and have been grinning ever since and only spent half of what the top of my list Gen 2 would have cost me. Following your search with interest.
  6. Yes please...….. shall I order through the pistonheads website? Thanks @Beanoir
  7. sounds good to me...… many thanks
  8. @Beanoir Do you have a similar product to the one linked for cleaning alcantara please?
  9. Hi Nick, I guess size would be large and design would be 987. Thanks,
  10. Another south west / south wales newbie...… congrats and welcome
  11. @GlosRich thanks for the link, looks straight forward enough.
  12. As per the title, I have gear gaitor and steering wheel in Alcantara and am looking for recommendations for cleaning and protecting. During my reading of various forums prior to buying my car I saw a thread on one of the forums with many opposing views and I'm sure the final view was just soap and water...… but of course now I want the thread I can't find it anywhere. So any real life experiences would be most welcome. Thanks,
  13. I've just booked some tickets, will be coming from Bristol direction so might be able to meet up with others beforehand.
  14. Tried to log onto their website to see if the revised date had been announced but each device I tried to access their site with suggested the site was not safe and denied me access! Anyone else find this or know the revised date?
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