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  1. Hi Syer, Yes I've seen quite a few, only driven one so far but got another (and my favoured candidiate) lined up for tomorrow so there could be good news on the horizon!
  2. I would be interested. Just hope I get the car before the T shirt! 😳
  3. Interesting, @Dougle_turbo thank you for sharing your experience.
  4. Thank @Windymiller, that follows my own expectation. The PCM update was quoted at £313 so maybe achievable and it makes sense to try for some of the fluid changes for peace of mind. Hoping to test drive next week so I am edging closer. Viewed another of my contenders yesterday but that has now been ruled out.
  5. Homing in on a potential target...………. Has anyone any experience of purchasing from OPC in terms of price negotiation? I appreciate that we are in a unique climate in terms of car sales but aside from that, have people found that on the lower priced used cars at OPC, is there any room to negotiate on selling price, or maybe on extras if retrofit options are requested? Or is it as I suspect pretty much the price is the price, as they are confident if you don't make a purchase someone else will be along soon that will? Many thanks,
  6. Perfect with me, and thanks @Windymiller for your time and effort. Will make payment as soon as instructions received. Cheers,
  7. Thanks @jaketame, good to know and those lances look a reasonable price.
  8. I see a pattern here @Dougle_turbo, you post an idea you are having, quick debate with forum friends, and you bite the bullet...….. Love the enthusiasm and thanks for sharing, we all get to benefit from your pioneering approach. Brilliant!
  9. With the imminent arrival of my first Cayman and the first car I will be treating properly in terms of cleaning (so much easier when a competed in Land Rovers and on bikes ) I am doing my homework on some of the kit I will need to keep it clean. So looking for recommendations for a first (not overly expensive) snow foam lance that will suit my purposes, recommendations highly appreciated. I will probably also need to get a new power washer so is this something I should do at the same time or are they all interchangeable? Thanks for any feedback.
  10. 1) Windymiller (Jason) 2) Ben (Black 987.1) 3) Edmundo2 - ( Black grille to fit 987.1 please ) 4) sevenfourate / Syer - (Black grille to fit 987.1 please) 5) Maxheadroom (red) 6) Andrea (black) 7) Childsy (Black to fit 987.2 please) 8) Liam - Syers friend (Silver for a 987.1 please) 9) Triton (Kevin) Black 987.2 please
  11. Thanks for the replies @GlosRich, @Windymiller, all useful information and thoughts. I also found the forum on 911virgin which has a wealth of information on dealer reviews, both indie and opc as well as feedback and experiences with warranties from both. Really good resource.
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