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  1. Hi Bud, thank you. Would be good to meet up for a drive some time! Once all this is over perhaps we can sort something!
  2. Thanks. They are quite a bit firmer and initially I was concerned as the hugely compliant ride at whatever speed seemed compromised. There was more road buzz through the entire car and initially I thought it felt a little skittish. Oh no I thought, I’ve done the worst and sacrificed ride quality for vanity! I’ve had three good drives (about 250 miles on B and A roads) in her since, and my mind is changed. Yes there is more road buzz, and the road bumps aren’t ironed out, but to my mind the drive is better. On all but the worst road surfaces it feels far more planted (and this is a
  3. Thanks 👍. Yep, that’s the one. It’s since been treater to a set of H&R springs, an oil change, some new exhaust brackets, plenty of Super, and a load of the countryside in the South East. First foray into Porsche ownership after plenty of M cars, an S2000 and an S3. Needless to say I wont be looking back. Was thinking this morning just how good the steering feel is - better than any car I’ve owned / driven.
  4. Living in the South East the only time you can really enjoy the roads is early morning or late at night. I find it utterly brilliant for clearing the mind. And just because I like the photo here is a completely gratuitous shot 😀 Anymore sunrise (or sunset) shots?
  5. Sorry as this comes a bit later than promised but I just picked the car up from the garage today. As a reminder mine is a Gen 2 S with PASM, and I’ve just had the H&R 35mm springs installed. I’ve only driven about 15 miles and haven’t had the alignment done yet, so this is a really early view and a very positive one. My concerns were: a) would the drop in height be too much, and b) would it compromise the ride too much. Height/drop I’ve measured the drop and its 20mm front and 25mm back back. I’m gutted that I didn’t take a side profile pic before t
  6. Ok Beanoir will do, but prob won’t manage till tomorrow. Trust pilot reviews have also really worried me.
  7. That’s interesting. The test makes sense. Yep it was the one at EVO motors, nice chap to deal with and an ideal drivers spec
  8. I will have completed this by the end of next week. Have a 2009 Gen 2 Cayman S with 30k on the clock and PASM. Have bought a set of H&R springs (35mm drop) Being fitted a Friday or Saturday. Will report back.
  9. Hi all, have been lurking on here a while and having found loads of helpful information here I bought a Cayman S a month or so back. I’m curious as to people’s experience with Porscheshop - I’m having a bit of a nightmare ( without going into details as I’m sure there are forum policies) but wondered if I’m alone, if not how people fixed their issues. Thanks
  10. Interested in the comment above about stock LSD needing a rebuild after 30k... seems crazy to me. Also I’ve just bought an 09 Gen 2 S with 33k on the clock (and factory LSD) - no signs of the diff going (noises or whines) so here’s hoping it’s good for a while. 🤞
  11. Cheers Rich, my predicament is finding somewhere I can trial things with the world we live in right now! Interesting it doesn’t fit the standard seat quite right, prob doesn’t bode well for sports seats. Will keep researching!
  12. Hi all, I’ve been lurking a while and I’m pleased to say I’ve just bought myself a 987 Cayman S (gen 2) it’s brilliant! It’s got the spirts seats option, a mate runs the workshop at my local OPC (helpful!) so I’ll get airbag deactivation and isofix points fitted. My question is which group 2/3 child seat will fit in the Cayman Sports seats. The maxi cost rodifix look like they might do, certainly on the base but not sure on width at the back. Does anyone have any insight please? Thanks https://www.maxi-cosi.co.uk/car-seats/rodifix-airprotect
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