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  1. I've had the idea to cut a small hole in the engine cover for a while. I reckon it would only need to be tiny too, though you'd probably want it right the way through to the engine bay and plug it with a bit of insulation and carpet so it's discrete. It only takes a small break in the cabin seal to get a reasonable noise increase: try rolling down the windows just a millimetre. I'm sure you could make it more elegant and have it wired to a switch, too...
  2. Where do you get spares for these wee bits? I'm trying to find clips for the front splitter, side vents, etc. and even searching for part numbers there seem not to be any UK-based sites, and importing from the EU is... well, getting expectedly more expensive.
  3. Not yet; do I need to leave the fuses out long? The local spec said the cheap option was to take out and leave out the fuse... since I have the BOSE setup. I have just looked into replacing the BOSE amp as well as the head unit, because that's marginally cheaper in parts than buying the MOST adapter... but I'm not sure I could really DIY it, so labour might be nasty. If there are any techs in here, I'd appreciate a walk-through, for when I have a spare grand lying about. I've lasted 2 weeks before on my 85Ah battery, never tested more since it's a daily. This
  4. Thanks for the good wishes sevenfourate; I'm going to order a 12v socket for the future. It being New Years, I had to deal with whatever Halfords had, which was some low capacity jump leads... nonetheless, success. Few details for anybody interested; I connected the jump leads to my partner's Picanto and, while it probably wouldn't have jumped me, it was fine to get the lid to pop. Then I left it charging for 4 hours (which SHOULD have been ~25% charge, but my charger measures less), and successfully started the car. Rough start, rough idle, and a hundred and one warnin
  5. My battery is dead and I can't get under the bonnet. Locking wheel nut is in the trunk, so getting behind the wheel to use the manual latch seems hopeless I've hooked up my charger (5A, Noco Charger Genius 5) to the fuse box terminal and it makes a loud ticking noise but does not power the release switch See video of the ticking here What do I do? The two local specialists don't open until Monday. For extra credit: the reason the battery died appears to be my head unit. A few months ago, the head unit began to die and reboot constantly (every 20 s
  6. Patents (in the UK, Europe) are granted for new and inventive technical ideas. A design (which protects the appearance of a product) would be much more suitable - and much cheaper. While we're on the topic, for anyone who might ever want to protect their ideas: talking about it could stop you from having protection at all, if done too early. It's safest to apply for the patent/design and THEN publish it to the world.
  7. Sadly no Durametric/PIWIS, but that does sound fairly straightforward (with a little equipment). The caliper is generally okay. A few little chips in the paint here and there (most of the rear is just dusty), but yes a fair bit of corrosion around the nipples. Any DIY suggestions on fixing them up? Can't bear another bill right now.
  8. Seems super sensible. I was on the fence about tackling the fluid change myself, would've tried if I didn't need the pipes doing. Is it particularly difficult? The "label" price was around £1700-2000 - unclear because I think the machinist did more than he was actually paid for.
  9. (The name of my new band) This post is a mix of post-stress relief, and perhaps food for thought. The situation My Cayman was due a brake fluid change, and some pipes were badly corroded so I booked to get them changed as well: Full credit to the specialist: they took me aside ahead of time and said that there was a worst case scenario in which the bill would be pretty large. In a portion of these cars ("maybe one in twenty"), the various fitting points on a caliper can corrode to the point of seizure and snapping upon attempted removal, especially whe
  10. The obvious big question is: if you have an unlimited budget, why go for a Gen 1? I bought an '06 Cayman S a couple of months back and have been softly looking into "unlimited budget upgrades" with the aim of producing a "fast road car/occasional track tool". My wishlist began: Oversized engine rebuild ~£10,000 higher displacement with improved bores/pistons & uprated connecting rods/bearings 20-30bhp gain Bilstein PASM B6/B8's ~£1,500 19" wheels Intake/filter/exhaust upgrades to match the engine rebuild You don't have to vent
  11. Also incredibly interested. I had one "helpful" suggestion to put plastic covers on the bolts...
  12. I'm aware there are dozens of threads on head unit replacements/upgrades, but I'm hoping to get some; up to date, and specific advice for a replacement. I've found a couple of double-DIN units I like (SONY XAV-AX100 and XAV-AX3005), but gather my life is made more difficult by the bose and PCM spec I currently have. I would appreciate anyone who has performed an upgrade on a similarly-spec'd Cayman giving me advice on what needs doing (and whether it's DIY-able). I'd also appreciate info on any functionality I might lose by performing such an upgrade.
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