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  1. The obvious big question is: if you have an unlimited budget, why go for a Gen 1? I bought an '06 Cayman S a couple of months back and have been softly looking into "unlimited budget upgrades" with the aim of producing a "fast road car/occasional track tool". My wishlist began: Oversized engine rebuild ~£10,000 higher displacement with improved bores/pistons & uprated connecting rods/bearings 20-30bhp gain Bilstein PASM B6/B8's ~£1,500 19" wheels Intake/filter/exhaust upgrades to match the engine rebuild You don't have to vent
  2. Also incredibly interested. I had one "helpful" suggestion to put plastic covers on the bolts...
  3. I'm aware there are dozens of threads on head unit replacements/upgrades, but I'm hoping to get some; up to date, and specific advice for a replacement. I've found a couple of double-DIN units I like (SONY XAV-AX100 and XAV-AX3005), but gather my life is made more difficult by the bose and PCM spec I currently have. I would appreciate anyone who has performed an upgrade on a similarly-spec'd Cayman giving me advice on what needs doing (and whether it's DIY-able). I'd also appreciate info on any functionality I might lose by performing such an upgrade.
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