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  1. https://www.autodoc.co.uk/pierburg/14433304 Is this not it? Autodoc suggesting it for my 2.9 and all other 987.2 cars. May have come up since you searched.
  2. Oh dear, reading through that forum makes it sound like the water pump. Is yet another part that should be replaced every x years! Think I'll just wait until it fails - has yours gone or is it preventative?
  3. I don't think the 12 months of not being used much would be a big issue necessarily. It has generally been used. I had my 12 year service in April including oil, filters, spark plugs, gearbox oil, brake and clutch fluid, and polyrib belt. This came to £569 at my indie (Zuffenhaus). Significantly more at an OPC obviously, though even this can vary significantly. See here for an idea of what needs doing and when: https://www12.porsche.com/filestore/download/uk/none/porscheservice-servicepricing-boxster-cayman-987/default/0fa362b8-1d2c-11e8-bbc5-0019999cd470/Boxster-Cayman
  4. Pretty sure that's aftermarket, happy to be corrected though.
  5. I believe it can vary, I know that some early Gen 2s can be on '58' plates. I don't know if the 3.4 and 2.9 were released at the same time for the Gen 2. For Gen 1 the 3.4 was released first and then the 2.7 a little later (I think!). I tend to just put '2009 onwards' in the search criteria and then look for the cues: 1. Rear lights are a different shape and the clear lens is at the bottom on the Gen 2 vs at the top in the Gen 1. Modded lights can cause confusion here though so also check: 2. Interior centre console is silver on the Gen 1, black on the Gen 2. I haven't
  6. Thanks Windymiller, the different ARB is news to me, I thought just the 'R' was different or is that the same ARB as the 'S'? I did know about the difference in rear brake thickness (I'm looking into replacing mine at the moment). Interestingly the 981 and 718 base and 'S' models all use the same 20mm thick rear rear that the 987 base models use vs the 24mm one on the 987 'S'. The 981 and 718 also have a slightly larger front disc than the 987 though at 330mm vs 318mm. Has got me wondering about what I might need to change to run 330mm discs up front as a track upgrade
  7. To quote 'Max Revs' from YouTube, "the best cayman is the one you can afford", and it's wise to include the maintenance costs in the definition of "the one you can afford"! On colours, white can be nice too, particularly if you add the black 'Porsche' side stripes 😊
  8. Hahaha, yes it seems we're reading into a bit too much into an off-hand comment! The colour choice is, of course, entirely subjective. I really like the 'Aqua Blue Metallic' that mine is in, but it it eye catching and does get some attention and looks, this for me is not a good thing, but others may want that! It's probably a good middle ground between the silvers and the more 'in your face' colours though. You might want to check out 'Meteor Grey' if you're after a subtle shade, personally I prefer this to the silvers.
  9. Yeah, I appreciate that some budget limits are harder than others though, but it could always be worth a negotiation punt for the OP. Makes it easier to play hard ball with a 'best I can do' offer of £21K if you know you mean it!
  10. Hahaha, yes, had forgotten that mid life crisis was the goal, you'll probably be wanting a guards red or speed yellow one!
  11. While I wouldn't say that the silver car was a special spec, I don't think it was a bad one either: heated seats, cruise control (not standard, amazingly), Bose, PCM 3. Personally I like the 'Metropole Blue' leather interior but then I am biased as mine has it (and its 'Aqua Blue' on the outside too!). Other colours are certainly more striking and eye catching, but whether this is a good thing or not depends on your point of view. As a side note: those are Boxster S II wheels, not Cayman S wheels as the ad stares, and I like them! Other cars will come along
  12. All good reasons for wanting a Cayman Based on the above I would recommend 987.2 (base or S), probably with a PDK. I would also consider a 981 though, again, base or S, with a PDK. As ever, these things come down to budget. On average you will pay more for a similarly specced and miled S to a base, and more again for a 981, but all models here overlap to some extent on pricing (yes, even 987.2 base to 981 base!). As I said before, I would generally see higher miles as an opportunity to bring more options into your budget rather than something to be concerned about, and a good PPI will b
  13. I think I would give that one a miss, personally, unless you were also intending on not driving it. One thing I would say is that the 987.1 base cayman (2.7) seems to be better on the reliability front than the 3.4. IMS is close to a non issue for 2006 onward cars, but the 3.4 does seem to be prone to bore score, less so on the 2.7. As you can see, opinions on S vs base, wheels, gearboxes, and just about anything else varies a lot, even within the enthusiast community. For this reason, it is useful if you know what you want from the car. Are you looking for speed in a s
  14. As others have said too: 1. Try to drive a few to get an idea of what a good one is like and what spec might be important to you. 2. Buy on condition and maintenance history. High milers can be far better than low mile garage queens! A PPI should be able to advise you on what's been done previously and what might need replacing soon
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