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  1. Hello all, Has anyone on here done a 3.8L conversion on a 987.2 in the UK? Looking on eBay, used 3.8l 9a1 engines, in various states of completeness/miles, can be had for something in the region of £7-12K, new ones c. £25K or c. £15K if you trade in your existing one (suspect this would be revised upwards for when trading a 2.9/3.4 for a 3.8). I know these swaps are common in the US, with bgb motorsports being a well known provider. Can be done to a 2.9 or a 3.4, though 2.9 also requires a EFI --> DFI conversion with Siemens rather than Bosch electronics. Has anyone on here done this in the UK? Curious to hear reports of difficulty and cost. I have searched and couldn't find much, but happy to be directed elsewhere if this has already been answered!
  2. Yes, congrats @futureechos, really happy for you. Looks like a lovely one, I'm sure you will enjoy it!
  3. I don't think it's an S, just has an 'S' badge but is listed as a 2.9 and had black lower front bumper sections, not body coloured. Quite why anyone would do that I don't know, I actually think the straight 'Cayman' badge looks more elegant when not adorned with the big 'S' at the end!
  4. That is just all sorts of bonkers. I don't think that price is realistic.
  5. It's a good question, and one that I don't know the answer to, but can confirm that it works on my gen 2! You'll need the below: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B06XXDMGW3/
  6. Federal 595 RS-PRO come in the right profile for 18 inch cayman wheels. Also a bit less dear than some of the other options.
  7. Thanks Windymiller, how do your find the HP2000s in terms of bite, fade and confidence? Significantly different to stock? I don't think I can justify the cost of the Pagid RSL29s so was wondering if the Brembo sports would be a good compromise.
  8. You might try the Yokohama A052 which are available in the right sizes. Interesting to hear that you went through the potenzas, what happened? Down to the carcass? I have heard that Anglesey is an abrasive surface.
  9. Posting in here too to get eyes on the question as I'm aware that many just come here to the 987 section!
  10. As per title, had coolant temps on OBD reader showed a high of 111°C on track the other day, generally hovering around the 108-109 mark. Up here even the "don't alarm the customer" in car coolant temp meter was creeping above 80°C. The question is, was I right to be concerned and come in when the temps get that high? I am thinking about fitting a 3rd rad to combat it.
  11. On brake fluid, from my research fresh RBF600 would be fine, you're not going to boil it and it's relatively cheap at c. £25 a litre. I have it in mine right now. You'll probably want to refresh it every 6 months though. Castrol SRF is more expensive at c. £60 per litre, but has higher boiling points (dry and wet) and should last a year between changes, so may well be the better option long term, and is what I intend to put in mine come spring time.
  12. Agree on Autodoc, and the app tends to be cheaper than the website as far as I can tell. I got new rear discs (Brembo), pads (Brembo) and wear sensors (Bosch) for £142 inc. VAT on one of their deals recently. Wayyy cheaper than D911's packages.
  13. On the subject of flywheels, has anyone fitted a lightend single mass one (I believe aasco makes them) instead of the DMF? From what I have seen they're cheaper and should add engine response, performance with the reduction in rotational mass. May get some additional drivetrain noises but I suspect I could live with that.
  14. On the tyres, I would recommend looking at the new Bridgestone Potenza Sport: https://www.tyrereviews.com/Tyre/Bridgestone/Potenza-Sport.htm which comes in the cayman's 18 inch sizes and have had very good reviews. Failing that, for more day to day road use you might find that the regular Michelin PS4 (Non-S) fit the bill better (again, you can get these in 235 and 265 40 R18): https://www.tyrereviews.com/Tyre/Michelin/Pilot-Sport-4.htm
  15. Errrm... yes That was my reaction to seeing the prices too, but I appreciate that some people must be happy to pay that, so wanted to flag them to you. One thing I would also say is that I often find the first 'brake' of the day to be pretty disconcerting, requiring a harder shove than expected, maybe just scrubbing rust off the rotors.
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