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  1. It's a good question, and one that I don't know the answer to, but can confirm that it works on my gen 2! You'll need the below: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B06XXDMGW3/
  2. Federal 595 RS-PRO come in the right profile for 18 inch cayman wheels. Also a bit less dear than some of the other options.
  3. Thanks Windymiller, how do your find the HP2000s in terms of bite, fade and confidence? Significantly different to stock? I don't think I can justify the cost of the Pagid RSL29s so was wondering if the Brembo sports would be a good compromise.
  4. You might try the Yokohama A052 which are available in the right sizes. Interesting to hear that you went through the potenzas, what happened? Down to the carcass? I have heard that Anglesey is an abrasive surface.
  5. Posting in here too to get eyes on the question as I'm aware that many just come here to the 987 section!
  6. As per title, had coolant temps on OBD reader showed a high of 111°C on track the other day, generally hovering around the 108-109 mark. Up here even the "don't alarm the customer" in car coolant temp meter was creeping above 80°C. The question is, was I right to be concerned and come in when the temps get that high? I am thinking about fitting a 3rd rad to combat it.
  7. On brake fluid, from my research fresh RBF600 would be fine, you're not going to boil it and it's relatively cheap at c. £25 a litre. I have it in mine right now. You'll probably want to refresh it every 6 months though. Castrol SRF is more expensive at c. £60 per litre, but has higher boiling points (dry and wet) and should last a year between changes, so may well be the better option long term, and is what I intend to put in mine come spring time.
  8. Agree on Autodoc, and the app tends to be cheaper than the website as far as I can tell. I got new rear discs (Brembo), pads (Brembo) and wear sensors (Bosch) for £142 inc. VAT on one of their deals recently. Wayyy cheaper than D911's packages.
  9. On the subject of flywheels, has anyone fitted a lightend single mass one (I believe aasco makes them) instead of the DMF? From what I have seen they're cheaper and should add engine response, performance with the reduction in rotational mass. May get some additional drivetrain noises but I suspect I could live with that.
  10. On the tyres, I would recommend looking at the new Bridgestone Potenza Sport: https://www.tyrereviews.com/Tyre/Bridgestone/Potenza-Sport.htm which comes in the cayman's 18 inch sizes and have had very good reviews. Failing that, for more day to day road use you might find that the regular Michelin PS4 (Non-S) fit the bill better (again, you can get these in 235 and 265 40 R18): https://www.tyrereviews.com/Tyre/Michelin/Pilot-Sport-4.htm
  11. Errrm... yes That was my reaction to seeing the prices too, but I appreciate that some people must be happy to pay that, so wanted to flag them to you. One thing I would also say is that I often find the first 'brake' of the day to be pretty disconcerting, requiring a harder shove than expected, maybe just scrubbing rust off the rotors.
  12. I see, thanks for the background, I can understand your concerns a bit better now! Looks like shark werks (well respected US porsche tuner) have done a Brembo BBK with the GT3 MC here: https://www.sharkwerks.com/2011-cayman-r-with-brembo-brake-amp-gt3-master-upgrade. Guessing it's the BBK you can get at design 911 here: https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod143508/Brembo-GT-Big-Brake-Kit--Front--Porsche---Brake-Disc-Size--355x32_13_2/ Either way, I would try again with the GT3 MC, maybe with a new mechanic 😜
  13. If you're looking for a firmer pedal, you'd probably be better off investigating fitting the GT3 master cylinder rather than a big brake kit. It's a popular mod and relatively inexpensive if you get the TRW part (PMN116) - there's a thread about prices here: On stopping distances, are you finding that you're triggering the ABS? Big brake kits are generally designed for track work to deal with the heat issues associated with repeated hard use (though very long apline descents can also cause this). Tyre grip is likely to be the limiting factor for stopping distances as long as you're able to brake hard enough to trigger the ABS. If you can't, there's something wrong with the brakes. The 987 is already one of 'The 50 best-braking cars in the world' according to Brembo (chart below), and you might find that a big brake kit doesn't achieve what you want it to. That being said, if you're dead set on bigger rotors, Girodisc are popular for track work and work with the original calipers I believe so don't cost as much as a full big brake kit would.
  14. Very interesting, thanks for sharing, 😍 those buckets!
  15. A sensible approach if you can stick to it 😜 And you raise a good point, the whole point of the track is that you can go as hard you want to, so you can explore the limits of the car even if you're not gunning it all the time. Like many others, I had little intention of tracking the car when I got it, but it has been the most rewarding aspect of ownership for me. Other's might not gel with track work, and will get more enjoyment from other aspects of ownership, but I would encourage you all to give it go. Choose your day wisely though, I have done 2 days at Castle Combe with 'Lotus on Track' so far. They were very well organised, 2 seater sports cars only, other drivers were courteous and numbers out on track were limited. There were times when I literally had the track to myself. I may not have had such a positive experience if my first day had been on a packed track with £2k Clio 182s dive bombing me into corners. On that note, be sure to check the insurance implications too!
  16. I was wondering the same, but I'm guessing it's Power Steering? On tracking it, I have had 0 issues with my 2.9. Fresh brake fluid and relatively fresh pads/discs and you'll be fine. I drive it as hard as I can. Accelerated wear, sure, but I'm very on top of maintenance, and the experience on track for me is so different to driving on the road that it's definitely worth it for me.
  17. Many seem to advocate for the Pagid yellows on the track (RSL29), I have been considering taking the plunge, but they aren't cheap, that's for sure! (c. £500 to have them on all 4 corners). Just switching to fresh Motul RBF600 and replacing my rear discs and pads (OE spec brembos) gave me a lot more confidence that I wasn't going to boil the fluid or see any catastrophic brake failure on track though.
  18. Ahhh yes, because he's taken the 981 GT4 here (number plate can be seen in latest vid) - https://911virgin.com/listings/cayman-gt4-pts-voodoo-blue-2016/ Quite a big chunk of money to find to move between those two! This is the 987.2 - https://911virgin.com/listings/987-2-cayman-3-4s-2009/ and here's his YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtt-20dqyPzwlu1saO1KdYA It will be a good car
  19. Here's one you might consider too: https://www.benedictsofbristol.co.uk/used-porsche-cayman-bristol-somerset-3644737 Not a Porsche specialist, so would definitely get a PPI on this one, and you'd need to haggle to pull it under £25K. Outside it's Meteor Grey and it has the correct turbo wheels on it (maybe the 997.1 Turbo diamond cut wheels in the first ad were an option on the early 987.2 I don't know, but I personally prefer the 997.2 Turbo wheels here). Missing the Xenon's though. Spec inside is as the other one, plus sport chrono (makes a noticeable difference on PDK cars apparently) and cruise control. Again, this is a middling spec car in my opinion, but I do like Meteor!
  20. Description now up for the new one: https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/2009-porsche-987-cayman-s-sport-3
  21. Previously sold one in March '21 for reference - https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/2009-porsche-987-cayman-s-sport-1 Interestingly, they don't seem to have sold a 987.2 Cayman (any model) on CC 🤔
  22. Circling back on this, I had the coil pack on cylinder 5 replaced with a new Beru one today. Car is running noticibly smoother at idle and is revving more freely. Seems to have sorted the problem!
  23. I'm curious about this, isn't this always possible, synchro wear or not? Is there anything in particular we should expect when trying this that would indicate an issue or not? Pretty sure I do this very occasionally in other cars anyway just for (my version) of 'fun'! May be different in the Porsche for some reason, or I may be misunderstanding entirely, but keen to rectify that if it is the case
  24. That's @crafty1's car and I looooove it. Has all the track focussed mods that I would like to do.
  25. Hello mate, don't know if you're still looking, but the below seems like a very solid value option to me (particularly if you can take advantage of his 'open to sensible offers' statement). To be clear, this one is very much base spec, complete with part leather seats. Pre-empting some heat 😅 , it will not impress anyone looking for a special or unusual spec at all, but if what you want is to get into a Gen 2 987 cayman for (relatively) low upfront and ongoing costs, it could be a winner. Mileage is undoubtedly high (105K) but the ad is clear on the long list of work that has been done including pretty much everything that usually goes wrong: "New gearbox cables (90k), coolant hoses, New engine and transmission mounts, New gear shifter bushings, All coil packs + spark plugs replaced, suspension overhaul (all drop-links and ARB bushes, front top mounts + bearings, and control arm tuning forks have all been replaced, Brake calipers refurbished and Goodridge stainless steel brake hoses added, new front pads and discs, Headlight lenses refurbished, New Air Oil Separator hoses, New exhaust muffler bolts and gaskets, New tyres fairly recently, replaced window regulator, wheelarches refurbished with stone guard paint (these areas are prone to rust, but now immaculate)." Seems to me like this one could be well looked after and very solid mechanically despite its high mileage. Should still be subject to a PPI of course. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202108075952482 ------------------------------- Edit: Additional one here, in a nicer spec (meteor + beige interior + 18" Boxtster S III wheels) for sure: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202107195214493 The ad is less upfront about the work and condition though, which doesn't necessarily mean that anything is wrong with it. The ad for the high mileage car above suggest an owner who is very knowledgeable and careful, and that's what I personally want to see when buying a car.
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