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  1. and probably weighs less than the cayman r version every gram counts😀
  2. Wow i prefer yours in shark blue
  3. Ive heard good things about these but think i read that the top adjusters on the rear shocks means you cant pop the trim back on. Is this correct
  4. Thanks Windy. Coffin arms have been changed. Indy recommended h&r springs over R springs as they are progressive. So I guess the choice is b4, b6 or b8.
  5. Have been looking to upgrade my suspension for a while but keep putting it off due to being worried i may regret my choice for the sizeable outlay I'm happyish with the ride quality/handling for the road of the std set up but not so much the looks. Can anyone with first hand experience help. Choices are Bilstein B12 which comes with h & r springs - ride height may be too low from images Ive seen and much stiffer than oem - cost £1400 B4 shocks with lowering springs - safe option and has been good on other marques - cost £900 cayman r - probably best option for me & well proven but will it be much different to b12 & pricey at £2000 coilovers - overkill for the road and don't want the hassle of setting up & rebuilds
  6. no just a gen 1 S for which i didnt feel a great difference. Maybe the speedo numbers were a little higher but think i preferred the feel of the 2.9. Not many gen 2 S for sale locally that I can try. Like you say i dont track it and plenty fast enough before iI catch up to traffic these days. Think the main issue is the longish third gear
  7. I have a really nice 2.9. Really enjoy wringing it out but sometimes feel it lacks a bit of mid range punch particularly when an overtake presents itself in third gear (yes i know could drop down to 2nd). It would probably be circa £6k to change has anyone driven both is there much difference in performance.
  8. How much do Porsche want out of interest
  9. https://www.ashgood.co.uk/vehicle-details/Used-Porsche-Cayman-987-For-Sale-U2588 🤢
  10. Seemed to ok tonight very odd. So when set to manual mode if say set to 22 but the cabin is at a warmer temp it will start sending cooler air. Can understand it doing this in auto but not in manual mode. Do you know where the sensor is located is it in the control panel as the manual mentions it has one there.
  11. Does anyone have any ideas on what this issue could be. When I set the temperature to less the 25 on the climate control i dont seem to get any warm air then at 25 air is warm/hot. This is manual mode with air con off. In AUTO it seems to do its job. Pretty sure it used to be warm at 22 C previously. Coolant level is fine and engine warms up to operating temperature fine so doubt its the thermostat. Could be a temperature sensor somewhere or is this normal behaviour. Car is a gen 2.
  12. I'm just looking to have the splitters colour coded as mine is a non s. So i take it there shouldnt be a need to blend in the bumper from what youre saying
  13. I had a quote of £340 to paint the front splitters. Thought it was a bit high. They want to blend the paint on the bumper is this necessary
  14. My car is due an oil change Autofarm have used castrol edge 5-40 for the last few years. Sure its ok but notice its not a40. Is this an problem or should I switch to mobil one 5-40. Would like to avoid thinner oils due to higher mileage.
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