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  1. Was it this one? https://www.cridfords.co.uk/inventory/used_cars/201111-porsche-cayman-gen-ii-29-manual/
  2. HERE’S WHY THE 987 CAYMAN R, NOT THE GT4, IS THE BEST PORSCHE OF THE DECADE https://flatsixes.com/porsche-culture/porsche-factoids/heres-why-the-987-cayman-r-is-the-best-porsche-of-the-decade/
  3. Reports suggest this will continue throughout 2020. Furthermore, many would see the R as the Cayman pinnacle. Not convinced the GT4 is defacto. Time will tell but an R is much rarer than a GT4, so there any many factors at play here.
  4. I suspect they got close to if not the full asking price. They seemed sticklers as such so I doubt they budged. More evidence we are headed towards £60K+ R’s in 2022.
  5. came across this old ad for an R - it is interesting to see some of the options one could get that I didn't know were available. Quite a spec huh, 30K's worth of options! https://cvluxurycars.com/2012-porsche-cayman-r-basalt-black-metallic-on-carrera-red-full-leather-6-speed-carbon-buckets-most-loaded-r-i-have-ever-seen-33k-in-options-alone-just-17k-miles-and-flawless/
  6. is yours an outdoor cover? if so which make of cover is it may I ask. thanks
  7. Actually, maybe that stance is the norm? Seems odd, but I guess being so used to the hunkered down R, then it looks odd on the S, but probably it is the norm. Weird how such a small difference makes a big appearance difference.
  8. i think it is ok, but a bit nondescript.... maybe its the photos though, but to me the wheels really let it down, it has no stance, looks like it is jacked up and a bit comical. I prefer this one for you that came up today https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202106143798762? i thought you wanted something with more of a pop of colour than grey/
  9. True, but it can be enjoyable cleaning ones own car. If money was no object, fair enough, but I doubt money is no object considering this isn't a supercar forum. Personally i find cleaning my R quite therapeutic and rewarding.
  10. I had a supposedly really good car cover made by https://www.specialisedcovers.com/car-covers for my 944 Turbo. Over the years I noticed that the cover was doing more damage to the paint than protecting it, caused so many scratches. and when it would have rained yet I needed to go somewhere, one removes the wet cover and has to store it somewhere, and then when you return, depending on the duration of trip, the cover is still wet and weighs a ton and the whole experience is a total faff. This time around with my Cayman R I have gone with ceramic coating
  11. - Jet washers, yes or no? I’ve always avoided Jet Washer. I use the Karcher k2 compact https://www.kaercher.com/uk/home-garden/pressure-washers/k-2-compact-16735010.html with the Vario lance, which allows me to dial it down https://www.kaercher.com/uk/accessory/full-control-vario-power-jet-for-k2-k3-vp120-26427240.html and the 180/360 vario lance head which allows me to angle it into the wheel arches. https://www.kaercher.com/int/accessory/vp-180-s-vario-power-jet-short-360-for-k-2-k-7-26432540.html - Hand car washes, yes or
  12. What ever they do for the 997 will work for the 987, economies of scale would make that logical, even more if they find a one size fits all across Gen 1 and 2's. I guess before all this happens, they'll need to be certifying the 997 and 987 as 'classics', which is on the cards I believe.
  13. Yep I know from other purposes that if it is not the genuine apple one then it can fail. I reckon it will be £1500 The 996 one is £1300 https://www.rosepassion.com/en/99664259000-p602221-communication-management-plus-P602221? so it'll probably be a bit more? say £1500? + installation £300/500 , so yep all in £1800/2000 ! nuts huh. I still can't work out how they will manage it across the Gen 1 and Gen 2, silver fascia, black and are the sizes the same across the Gen 1 and 2, plus in Gen 2 there was the CDR-30 version. They'll probably work it out, but my
  14. Got the Bovee up and running at long last! works great. That'll do me until Porsche bring out a new PCM retrofit unit. Thanks for all those that have replied and supported me on this topic. Best regards
  15. Went for a drive today and noticed when back home and parked up that it was a good ten mins of the fan still on. Of course it is very hot today, and I did have the AC on, and I assume that is normal for the fan to remain on for some time, but does ten mins seem like a long time? or in such circumstances of weather temp, that it is the norm? Thanks J
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