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  1. Thank you! Oh that looks way better than the specialist car cover I got. Thank you, really kind of you. Looks good that it is soft and silky as my old one is not. I'll take pics of it tomorrow in daylight. Thanks again!
  2. Superstar thank you. Would it be highly annoying of me to ask if you could share of photo of the material close up just to see both side of the material. Sorry to ask. If a hassle no worries. Thank you again
  3. really good feature that video
  4. Yet another Meteor Grey came up for sale today https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202009113608574 how about that one? That got what you need, and sub 30K miles
  5. Hi Had my service today at AutoFarm. What an incredible place! Top service and excellent customer service....all in a beautiful part of the country side. Whilst they worked on my R I looked around what must be about 30 vintage 911's and went for a walk in the countryside and was given a private office space to work. In all my years of 944 ownership I'd been to quite a few places but AutoFarm is next level. Their mechanics seem really best in class. It is like going to a country club resort meets a Porsche museum for the day! I thoroughly recommend them. Best reg
  6. Looks lovely that. Seems a fair price too considering the spec. Someone on PH was definitely wanting a Meteor Grey one.
  7. Thank you both for your replies. Blimey i gets quite a pricey solution doesn't it. I might stick with my airpods for when I want to listen to podcasts then, but appreciate your guidance and will consider option 2 or 3. One day they will produce a classic radio update like they have recently for the 996 and 986 - probably only a matter of time. Cheers J
  8. Hi The telephone stuff all works fine, but is there a way that when my phone is paired with the PCM and I have a podcast on my phone that it can stream itself through the car hi-fi, ditto for the Google Maps voiceover on my phone..... I can't quite work out what buttons/settings to press. Best regards Julian
  9. Thank you Budflicker for orchestrating all this. So wonderful. Either day is fine, though if I had to vote, it would be a Saturday, none of the 'gotta be back at work tomorrow' blues... but I'll happily go with the flow. To an earlier comment, price perfectly fine yet I would prefer to pay a bit more and help raise funds for charity. Food wise, pizza for me! and without sounding high maintenance, a vegetarian option please ....I know, I know....but hey I have been for 35 years, so am the trendsetter rather than jumping on trends! Thank you! Best regards Julian
  10. So, egg on my face, but in a good way I feel. There I was about a month ago about to pay the remainder of the deposit on the R and then realised it was Basalt Black Metallic. I wobbled then on the purchase as I really wanted gloss black as after research had come to the conclusion that Basalt looks amazing indoors, but outdoors it can appear not a super deep black. My brother had a metallic black and it always struck me that it was just a shade or two away from pure black. but hey, I forged ahead, travelled cross country to buy the car, saw it in real life and thought how lovely an
  11. any interior pics available to gauge the spec from?
  12. this is close to the material on the Outdoor SpecialisedCovers one I had. As you see it is very fabric like, and absorbent. When rained upon it weighs a ton and a total hassle to remove off the car. Is the Classic Additions a similar porous material?
  13. I hadn't noticed that. So actually it has just one of the holy three - buckets, manual, spyders - ,being the buckets.
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