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  1. Great flyers well done really looking forward to going this event and all those CRs
  2. Although the Grey cars is a nice car for someone I would tend to agree with GT4 especially when he has had CRs with the spec he wants and had and lower mileage for someone that has had certain specs mileage he would be disappointed with anything less so can't blame him for still searching for what's right for him.
  3. Saw a Peridot at Brands yesterday parked up PDK comfort seats front bumper had a GT3 type grill cut in anyone here? Also a Grey R ?
  4. No problem Peter I thought it might be a good venue been there before Ciro is a car but very accommodating. Also Tracy put a call out on her Boxster FB page and PCGB Spyder Forum taking shape nice one.
  5. If the Spyder model is involved as well so be it wouldn't stop me coming but separate parking for the CRs would be better for a photo opportunity all together Peter I think a call to Sharnbrook Hotel might be worth a call they are very car friendly and host loads of car events. If you go with the Spyders coming along and need help with numbers my wife runs the Boxster Register for PCGB and can put a call out. Let me know if you want any assistance with that.
  6. Hi. Personally I would prefer a CR only gathering. As far as venue have you tried Porsche direct regarding Silverstone PEC Bicester Heritage might be a good call. Have you asked PCGB if we can use Corbury House ? Rennsport is opposite too. Another venue that is very car friendly is Sharnbrook Hotel Bedfordshire. Cliff.
  7. Originally circa 228 were made for the UK market almost a equal split between manual and pdk . The site How many left I don't think is accurate. 113 members is a good amount but not that many are Uk based I would have thought. Look forward to the data.
  8. Viper green always looks good On a Cayman I think my CS sport Ltd always got attention where ever I went more so than the more common orange. Very nice.
  9. Get some spyder wheels on it looks a good car with that mileage.
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