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  1. Ginginho I took your advice to contact said owner of 408 my old car a few days ago heard nothing back. Not sure it's still around is my gut feeling I have contacted two dealers I actually know and one I don't they have been very kind even contacting people they sold too at least 4 owners. No ones heard anything about the car for about 2/1/2 years now so at a standstill now done all I can the vin given is not right. Cheers Cliff.
  2. Thanks for a hands on view. As said previously I was in conversation with owner but was sketchy about any additional work.He was honest about everything else about chips ect . With that in mind I made an offer to bring it up to scratch but obviously declined never got an email back. Are the tyre s out of date? I ask as it hasn't done much mileage in past MOTs it was out of MOT when I required but since been done. Its been up for sale a fair time now and with winter here can't see to many buyers, with all the above I think I made a decent bid subject to viewing and an inspection. But hey ho I will see if it's reduced in future and maybe try again. Thank you for your information appreciated. Cheers.
  3. Hi. Yes pics are not good interior look unloved but may clean up number plates are ratty but no big deal he told me it has chips to bonnet and bumper and was a bit sketchy about any additional work only said it had a service history. if you do know any more about the person who viewed it and his conclusion ? Be fantastic. With what I was told I made an offer to rectify some of the above but as said my offer obviously wasn't acceptable I never got an email back. At the time it never had an MOT but has since been done. appreciate if you know the viewers finds. Cheers.
  4. Cheers, the one on CC has been up for sale a fair while on there and before that on Auto trader and Piston heads did speak to owner when it first came out and did make an offer but heard no more so guess my offer was not acceptable. I will keep a check on it to see if it's reduced as it's not selling at current price. Thanks appreciated.
  5. Still being elusive not sure it's still around. Still looking for a sport at a reasonable price though.
  6. Cheers guys. I did try looking on facebook but never found anything Cayman related. Seen that white one on autotrader to messed about with and looks like a revamp not in original spec plus in my opinion price is way to high. Seen others in past a lot less expensive.
  7. My research in past originally there were 4 Viper Green or Multicolor on logbook in Uk. Now looks like 3. Umm ones gone missing could be my old one as the old reg does not exist. Tracking it over the years she's lead a life through many hands and problems. If she does exist still may not be for sale or may just be to higher mileage or price for me. If a similar Sport comes up at a very reasonable price I may be interested. Just like to thank both you guys for your efforts
  8. Hi Windy If you.mean the car number it's 408 of 700 Defo not on its old reg plate number now. Cheers.
  9. Cheers Windy. Yes Tom has passed on the message to me with the above its the last contact with the car, if it's still in Cardiff or not remains to be seen. But come to a dead end at the moment. Thanks anyway Windy.
  10. To rich for my budget thanks for the thought.
  11. Hi. Spoken to Revolution a couple weeks ago they know two people that owned it then lost track of it. 911 virgin sold my old car twice I spoke to them it was in the Chiltern area with the 2 owners. They now think it may be in Wales I found out from 911 virgin it had an engine rebuild opc Leeds in the 40s mileage wise it must have at least 10 owners now probably 60k miles of more. With the huge owners and probably high mileage it's lived a life. Still looking but not convinced it's still around all trails seem to have gone cold by all that the cars past through there hands. Btw my log book said multi Colour
  12. Hi As per tittle looking for a specific Cayman S Sport Viper Green my old car to be exact I know she had plenty of owners and good few miles added . But could be in the market at the right price. Thanks for looking.
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