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  1. Well done guys - I will share the flyer with my local PCGB region as I know there is one 987 Spyder.

  2. Would Porsche be interested in offering the Silverstone Experience track out so that they can offer less experienced drivers the opportunity to receive tuition and they would pull in some revenue. If it was next spring I would really welcome this  but I do have a PDK CR with the ultra rear - optional rear wiper! Doubt there are many others with this odd feature. I purchased the car from Top 555 5 years ago in December having just missed out on the sale of the only Viper Green R which it looks like you now own. Well done for organising and inviting the comfort versions with auto and sports seats!

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    2. Jon704


      Thanks Peter and you are a lucky man to have the one and only VG. And like you I will always be tempted by a 997 GT3RS in viper. 

    3. Budflicker


      I'm never tempted by a Viper RS, they are well out of my budget :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


      I'm very happy with the little cousin though.

    4. Budflicker


      Updates added

  3. I would be up for a 10 year Cayman R celebration meet next year. Had mine for 5 years and could be a long term keeper!
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