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  1. Admins is there a pain free way of mailing the people on the thread as a reminder I note less then half have actually paid, no doubt some will have changed there mind but there may be some that have forgotten about it ? im just going out to throw some water at mine as it done 1k round Cornwall last week and is pretty minging !! looking forward to it 😎
  2. sorry to hear Pete, here if you need a hand with anything Me and Frayz will undoubtedly travel up together from Sunny Essex if your coming through the tunnel we could meet you ?
  3. I haven't come across a car so specification fragile till I I decided I wanted an R imho - prospective Buyers that are willing to spend (almost in some cases) double the cost of an S know exactly what they want and have read every bit of literature and info out there and the fact they are willing to spend the extra means there not up for a compromise..........this means the same year car, same mileage, same condition but with different spec currently means about a 10k sweep ! from perceived perfect spec to "who on earth spec'd this one ? " spec which means the one sit
  4. Booked, I assumed I needed to book 2 tickets as I'm bringing a passenger and we both want pizza 😁 if so how do you know total quantity of cars going as there was no data taken for car ?
  5. the word you was searching for is wise cheers, I've got a serious decal fetish and these and the martini decal on the tailgate give a nice understated nod to History I think I leave the ring decals to the young ruffians
  6. if its that nice I'll hang around then, good effort looks iike the numbers are rolling in for the big meet ! grubby pic from last year below to answer Julian this place being only Caymans wouldnt have really registered as such to be honest ! I do really like PH for all the back biting and donuts who seem terminally offended theirs no other one stop shop where else you can look at someones DIY project, get travel info, learn about watch's, get tips on my animals and get Porker info ! I suspect the same reason why it's still flying and most forums are n
  7. so this is where everyone is hiding (especially Pete !!(I thought you was quite restrained after the constant nibbling from Mooseman !)) back on topic - was going to say Hello and post a pic of my Car but noted it's already here so happy days, owned my R 3'ish years now and love it to bits, hopefully it'll be a keeper
  8. thought I would join up to check on progress nice Idea Pete, looking forward to it
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