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  1. Hi Doug


    Apologies for the interruption, James (jcm987) has suggested you may be able to help me but I can’t seem to PM you 😕 .


    I’m just about to start a race car build based on a 2.0 718 and I’m investigating cooling options. I understand that you have added a centre rad to your car and was wondering how it all went together and if you were able to quantify the improvement?


    Thanks in advance!


    Steve H

    1. Dougle_turbo


      Hi Steve,


      No problem.


      I would say the third rad is a no brainer, if on the 718 the system is similar to the 987 it's a very simple modification, and goes together very easily. The most difficult bit is bleeding the cooling system afterwards and cutting the bumper for the vent. Unfortunately I haven't been on track on any really hot days since fitting so it's hard to quantify, but any form of extra cooling will be beneficial for a car that will always be driven hard.


      Look forward to seeing your car - I think the 718 would be a great base for a race car especially with the tuning options on the 2.0 turbo!

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