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  1. i agree - i wouldn't be paying £1000-2000 for sports seats, in terms of holding you in when throwing the car about they is very little difference between the two. I'd look for some OEM looking leather recaro variants. Take a look on Rose Passion.
  2. i personally prefer the look of the standard seats over the sports seats 👀
  3. Hi Guys, Please forgive me for the basic question! This is the first time i'm purchasing brakes myself on the 987S, my main Porsche tech is so busy with work at the moment he can't fit me in for weeks and the brake light on my car has turned on so very keen to get this sorted ASAP. I contacted the next biggest specialist near me and asked for a quote on discs pads and sensors all round - i got £1400 for OE (Sebro/Textar combo) or £1000 for Pagid's If i price up Sebro / Textar on Eurocarparts with the discounts they always have on, i'm coming up to just un
  4. you should consider the Carnewal GT system, OEM look and quality with the inner reworked and secondary cats deleted. It sounds amazing, lets it breath a little better not anywhere as expensive as a PSE / High quality aftermarket. I'm over the moon with mine! If you just change the tips it will change the note slightly but it won't be night and day, i don't think it would be that noticeable from inside the cabin but definitely from outside.
  5. I think this is close to perfect spec for me! - Just missing the buckets How long till they get to drop 50% value 👀
  6. You’re a wealth of knowledge @Mavrikthanks again sir! Lots of useful information there
  7. I've spoke to my local Porsche garages and i'm getting the below 3 hours for discs pads sensors all round bleed and fluids (fine with that) if i have braided hoses too they want another 4 hours of additional labour so 7 in total! - i know the solid lines on the Porsches aren't the best but isn't this a bit much? Another guy i spoke to say it could be 1 extra hour for the hoses but if they are tricky to get out the solid lines it could turn to 4 hours...
  8. bought, thanks for keeping an eye out! do any of you guys know how much longer it would take to have the MC fitted when doing brakes just trying to work out labour costs. Apologies for all the questions...
  9. @mavrik i searched them they are coming up at crazy prices! £220 is the cheapest i can find. I'll keep an eye out and see if i can bag one for a good price. If not i'll stick with braided hoses and a rebleed with good fluid, i often find just a rebleeed sorts most of the pedal feel out. I can always add at a later date cheers bud
  10. Some really good pointers there! - i believe the rust was on the calipers to the flexi hose, i'll have to double check to be honest but that's how they described them to me. They had the car off the ramps before i got given the green light, i'm getting under the car with my local porsche tech this week to take a look apologies i meant dot 4 fluid not 4.1. I think i'll be adding a few item to my brake replacement now after this thread, definitely looking at the GT3 MC and with braided hoses and good fluid at a minimum and maybe the ducts. I've perfected heel and toe in it to be hone
  11. extensions are essentially foulers/ foolers so they trick the lambda sensor to read more correct data similar to that which fully working Cats would provide. apologies for the high res picture... maybe its easier to have the CEL's mapped out if the Lambda's are tricky buggers to get out. The last thing i'd want to do is spend 2-3 hours of labour and 2 x £80 lambda sensors just to turn of a CEL. cheers "Sandra" 😉
  12. really liking the look of the 4.0 and i'm in agreement with Windymiller too. It will only bring down the prices of the 981GTS which i've been eyeing up for a while, they are still commanding serious money for the age of the vehicle. Once the drop below 35k they'll be a good steal...
  13. i had DS2500's on my DC2 ITR and they had great performance but were sometimes prone to squeaking which can be frustrating when in stop start traffic. I'll be doing my hoses at the same time (as i got an MOT advisory for rusted lines) do you think its worth me moving away from the OEM hoses and going braided with Goodridge/HEL (had these on my DC2 too) I think the last time i tackled this job with my Porsche Tech (50k miles ago) he put in 4.1 fluid. did you notice much difference with the master cylinder? is it more the brake feel and modulation or outright power?
  14. Hi Guys, What discs/pads combos do you guys tend to go for? Is it the standard Sebro Discs and Textar pads or have you found another combo that works really well? On previous cars i've delved into the aftermarket world of EBC and Ferodo/Dixcels and have always been impressed Interested to hear your thoughts...
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