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  1. agreed its not really indicative of the condition or maintenance of the vehicle. Much better to look at how well its been maintained.
  2. i had this issue in my Integra Type R (DC2) some gearboxes are very sensitive to new oils. I ended up swapping it out with Amsoil MTF and it fixed all the crunching i was getting before.
  3. my .1 S is coming up to 110K now, i'd love it if it keeps going strong till 200k! Highest original 987.1S i've seen is around 140k on autotrader/ebay
  4. I hired out a new 310R for a weekend (300 miles) it was a right blast! completely different experience to the Cayman S On an empty background it gives you thrills the Cayman could never dream of, it's not actually that quick after 70mph but that's the beauty of it! It's all about raw driving pleasure, no frills! The car is incredibly playful, turns heads much more than a Porsche. Everybody wants to speak to you at the petrol station or in traffic, even a lot of my neighbors who rarely talk to me came out of their house to come over and chat about the car. Owning the car is an event The cars themselves are quite flimsy but if you are mechanically minded you won't worry as everything can be fixed with a screwdriver/spanner, the roof's bracket flew off as I was trying to get the roof on before it started raining (fixed in 5mins) and one of the wipers (thankfully passenger) flew off on the motorway when i was handing the car back to Silverstone but otherwise such an incredible experience. I was expecting the dealer to kick off when I returned the car with just one wiper but she said this happens on a regular basis 🤣 I'd want one but I'd only really take it out in damp/dry conditions, it's a nuisance to drive in heavy rain. its a proper weekend/track car (not what I'd consider the Cayman to be). The one i had was only 160bhp and i did feel a little short changed after second gear on the power front, i'd want one with 200+. If you want smiles per miles i don't think you can get much better than a Caterham / atom. I'm considering one next but i'd only want to budget around 15-20k for one personally, i think when you start heading over to the 25-30k's the Atom's are there with their Type R engines and gearboxes and i'm a sucker fo them! If you haven't made your mind up I'd contact your local Caterham OPC and ask them about their hire program, the prices are pretty reasonable especially if you just want a 1 day weekday hire Good luck!
  5. @Windymiller i've done little reading on the 981GTS but did consider it when Lusso Prestige had one up for 45k (higher mileage than this one) heard the adaptive engine mounts are prone to breaking aside from that i think its very similar to the 987. Engines and gearboxes are bullet proof! I like the spec but not sure if the echoes in the showroom exaggerated the tapping/ belt's sounded a little loud to me... edit.. have you considered the 911 997 GTS? That was another one i was looking at too for similar money, manuals are a little more expensive but 410bhp with the power pack and doubt it'll drop much more on depreciation
  6. i paid around £450-500 for 2 front OEM springs supplied and fitted by a reputable specialist IIRC (4-5 years back) not sure if this helps GEO for 4 wheel laser alignment with a print out is around 100-150.
  7. definitely sounds like the pump, have you found out the location of the leak? how quickly are you losing the fluid?
  8. sorry to hear about your experiences, good money pits these things are! Hope all the common problems have been addressed Welcome!
  9. very surprised you complain of drone from the carnewal, i have literally zero drone at all in the cabin! My Father who is the fussiest of passengers in any of my sports cars doesn't even complain of the drone from inside the cabin. To me its very close to OEM. I was in the same dilemma about 6 months ago and also got quote from carnwal on the PSE system with new actuators but decided to go for the GT system fitted by the man himself. Are you putting the bypass switch in the Ashtray? one if the reasons i didn't go for one is having a tacky computer on/ off switch hidden somewhere in the car. Best decision for me by a long way having heard PSE in and out the car All subjective of course and can't rate Gert high enough edit...i'd be interested to know what decibel you read in your cabin? complaining of gearbox noise from the arm rest? i can't say i've ever heard anyone say that before driving a sports car 🤕....what car did you come from an S class?
  10. I’ve tried N rated PS2, Conti sport contact 5p n rated, and non n rated pilot sport 4s and the 4S is by far the best performer of the three. I will however say the sidewalls are stiffer on the n rated tyres so give better initial feedback when darting left and right. I find the 4s are a little soft in the sidewall but outright grip is leaps ahead of the other tyres I had I’d never go back to n rated again now, it’s only really worth while to keep warranty etc Edit ... as stated if you press on you want the same tyres on both axels
  11. ahh not good will have to test mine to see what it’s static is then, I suspect more than 101 with a carnewal... 😬
  12. I might be up for this, any idea what the decibel limit will be?
  13. Millers or Fuchs Titan Race Pro S are the only high grade oils I use in mine If on a budget than any a40 spec of Castrol GTX Edge will do the business, amazon are competitive for most oils
  14. Looks fantastic @Aaron think you did quite well at £1.5k~ I'd be very interested to know your emission results, were you way under? do you have an OEM catback exhaust? Personally think FVD is hugely overpriced, I'd much rather a Carnewal or custom setup like this
  15. my regular 987.1S with a Carnewal sounds awesome. I agree with @Beanoir™ definitely better to go down the Exhaust route, I don't think the intake sound will achieve much personally. It may be a placebo effect but since the upgrade I definitely feel it has a little more pull in the higher gears
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