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  1. Millers or Fuchs Titan Race Pro S are the only high grade oils I use in mine If on a budget than any a40 spec of Castrol GTX Edge will do the business, amazon are competitive for most oils
  2. looks lovely! top work with that 👍🏻
  3. Looks fantastic @Aaron think you did quite well at ÂŁ1.5k~ I'd be very interested to know your emission results, were you way under? do you have an OEM catback exhaust? Personally think FVD is hugely overpriced, I'd much rather a Carnewal or custom setup like this
  4. my regular 987.1S with a Carnewal sounds awesome. I agree with @Beanoir™ definitely better to go down the Exhaust route, I don't think the intake sound will achieve much personally. It may be a placebo effect but since the upgrade I definitely feel it has a little more pull in the higher gears
  5. TRW are the way to go, it's the same as the OEM Items you'll get form Porsche just without the Porsche Stamp. I got mine from Autodoc for a very competitve price (5 days delivery so not the quickest), i also tackled the outer track rods at the same time to tighten up the steering while on working on the rack. If you tackle it yourself its pretty simple, if you get a specialist to do it he'll charge you 2 (inner and outer ÂŁ150~). As mentioned alignment is recommended although some mechanics count the treads to save the hassle, bad practise though
  6. Not at all. His price includes the cost of the manifold too bargain in my opinion. I’d have budgeted around 1-1.3k for this upgrade. Carnewal 200 CEL manifolds are £720-750 I believe. £3-400 for labour and bolts and clamps. Sounds fine to me
  7. how did you leave it with Porsche, I always feel OPC's have their hand in their arse when you turn around and say no for whatever reason. Can't say I've ever left an OPC without them feeling frustrated, they always look at you like you were never serious or a test driver/tyre kicker if you don't commit 🤣
  8. great write up there! always been a big fan of the GT Silver! it's shows of the curves off much better than more vibrant colours because of the shadows on the undulations of the bodywork. One of the main reasons why cars are still showcased in silver... i know what you mean its a lot of money to throw into a car if its not perfect. I know if i was laying that sort of cash down it would have to be something I'm entirely happy with! Is the 981 GT4 out the question?
  9. happy to help, let us know how you get on with John
  10. there’s quite a bit of literature on this online on various Porsche forums. The exhausts are either copied or made by a company called Liang Fei (mass produced Chinese garbage) often they offer lifetime warranty on the exhaust as it costs them peanuts to make. Not many people complain if the quality so if you only need it to last 5 years or so then you won’t have any issues at all. with regards to fitment there is a video on YouTube by MAXREVS.. he has a fairly big cayman channel, he owns a blue 987.2 S. He had a SOUL fitted and I remember in the video he mentioned there
  11. I'm interested in changing my OEM manifolds, i was looking at Carnewal 200CEL HJS variants but I feel the 987.1 manifolds (2006-2008) are too restrictive, i wanted to get the 987.1 (2005-2006) manifold which is much less restrictive its just difficult to source. Gert said he'd make some for me if he finds them but I'm giving up hope now.. I looked at SOUL and a few other aftermarket ones but I heard fitment isn't anywhere as good as OEM plus materials are cheap and made in china Never heard of FVD, are the reputable? how much do these go for? Tried looking on their site
  12. which Cats did you order? HJS Motorsport? Interested to know how many hours it takes your tech / how much you pay Cheers
  13. i spotted this on my youtube subscription list, fantastic review! edit: love the extended leather too!
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