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  1. Same here, my poor old ECU, must have got a bit of Alzheimer’s, silly sausage!
  2. That sorted it! Thanks, was a bit sceptical cos these things never work, lol. Thanks v much
  3. I'm 200 miles away from home on holiday. Mr Amazon Prime is delivering a 10mm spanner here tomorrow, I's arrived at that conclusion earlier. Can't think of what else to do, there's nothing I can find on the net, only similar thing is if the sensor fails, but then you get an error message on the dash. Very odd one!
  4. Yes, scrolled up and down. I regularly check the level as my previous 987 had a drink problem!
  5. For some reason my check oil level option is missing from my dash display. When I press the lever all I get is the settings menu, nothing else. The other options you would normally get are also missing. Means I can’t check my oil, obvs. Any ideas chaps?
  6. Found this, 987.2 Cayman parts catalogue https://www.porsche911.lt/files/Cayman 987C2/E_987C-2_KATALOG.pdf 987.1 here: https://www.porsche911.lt/files/Cayman 987C/E_987C_KATALOG.pdf All models here: https://www.porsche911.lt/
  7. Can't see it on Companies House. I suspect it will be some sort of slae or return car broker sort of setup, selling cars on behalf of the actual owner. Who knows?
  8. I get your point, but this is a life and death matter! I suppose you could put the dogs in a roof box with vents.
  9. Best just to stick a couple of dogs in and see how they do. Please report back as I'm sure there will be lots waiting for the conclusion of his epic thread.
  10. Apart from the fact it could do with a polish (joking) is that a Sport rear spolier? I haven't seen one before>
  11. My 987.1 boxster accrued almost exactly 100k miles. It was drinking oil at the rate of nearly 1l per 1,000 miles. I had Autofarm A very well respected Indie) check for borescore with a very clean bill of health. Everything else seemed quiet in the engine dept but I feel the bores had ovalised and therefore used a bit of oil. It was never going to improve, so best to avoid that sort of situation really by getting a 987.2. If you think 1 litre of oil isn't that bad, try pouring a litre of oil on your kitchen floor and see how big a puddle it makes! Not sure if I would wan
  12. I'd definatley be looking at a 987.2, an S if you can stretch to it. The later generation doesn't have nay of the inherent and potentially expensive booby traps that may -or may not- occur. Apart from the engine, the 987.1 and 2 are pretty much the same. I'd go for the PDK box - it's a 7 speeder.
  13. Not sure TBH, but front bumpers are commonly repainted due to stone chips, so likely it has been painted at some point.
  14. I think I'd prefer it if the front bumper was painted in the same shade as the rest of the car TBH. I know photos can be misleading, but it looks different in every shot. The rear looks suspect as well. Shame really.
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