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  1. I bought an average mile (44k) 981 S from Maundrells for £37K with an allowance of £26k for my 2010 Aqua Blue 987.2 with PDK, 19inch wheels and sports exhaust. The 981 has Sports Plus, 19" wheels, PASM, dual climate and some other minor bits and is in agate grey. It's a world apart from a 987.2 S which is pretty much a 2006 design. You can really feel the chassis stiffness and control over the 987.2. The Sports chrono pack transforms the car into the sports car it should have been as standard, phenomonal. Usual let down is the PCM system, pinched from Noah's Ark. Ordered a new Sony headunit with DAB and Apple car play. I had the same setup in my 987.2 and it was brilliant. I'm a happy chappie at the moment!
  2. Has anyone got a link to a vin options list decoder?
  3. I'm thinking of swapping my 2010 27k mile old version for a 981 but can't make my mind up whether to plump for a GTS or the S. WBAC value my 987.2 the same as I bought it for 12 months ago at £25k, however they value a GTS at £38k with 45k miles and £34k for a 981.S. All the GTS's I see for sale are at the £46k price bracket whilst the 981 S versions are only about £3k cheaper. Not sure if I should buy at the moment as I really don't want to suffer massive depreciation in 12 months or so. Any thoughts, 981 owners?
  4. I had a exhaust fitted by him a few years ago. Loved the big TV's in front of the ramps. Bit of an Aladdins cave!
  5. My 987.2 had 22,000 miles on it with full OPC history. The inner bleed nipples had never been touched and the nasty pollen filter was date stamped 2015. The oil filter housing was filthy and grimy. IMHO an OPC service record is not worth the paper it's stamped on when it's obvious stuff hasn'tr been done.
  6. One thought I had was to make sure your man is bleeding the brakes using both the inner and outer bleed nipples on each caliper.
  7. It's probably him being a bit thick. I'm not sure if that's classed as him being defective or merely substandard. I think he has already been tested by the well proven 'bleed my brakes' intelligence test and has failed. Maybe try a different garage with better performing people. (On a seperate note, I have never heard of a defective new master cylinder, the manufacturers tend to be quite careful about that sort of thing, something to do with safety I think... )
  8. Read this thread for details on fitting the master cylinder:
  9. Get your GT3 Master cylinder working before you do anything else is my humble advice. I fitted mine myself and whilst it was a bit of a faff to get it working properly, it transforms the driving experience, not just the brakes. Tell your mechanis to bleed the brakes. The pedal may well be mushy, but then drive up the road and engage the abs a few times by stamping on the pedal hard. Then rebleed and you should be good. The ABS needs to be activated either by a diagnostic tool or by the manual method above. I was slightly sceptical, but it did actually work brilliantly.
  10. Try the DS3000 pads. If you look at the ferodo comparison graph info ( https://www.ferodoracing.com/products/car-racing/racing-brake-pads/ ) they have a much better heat range. They work when stongingly hot - my wheel centre caps melted. They were copies, but even so..
  11. Even more special, my lightened short throw pen
  12. Mine also has the optional saphire crystal ink level viewing case integrated into the design rather than the cheapo solid casings of the other contributers.
  13. 8 BHP increase? Seems a lot of ££ for 8 BHP unless I am missing something, which isn't unheard of tbh!
  14. Not sure about the seat though! o be fair, it's what you would expect at that age. I'd have thought a lot else on the car would be in a similar aged condition. Not sure if any car of that age is a good purchase really. Sorry to be ageist..
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