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  1. Thats a really illuminating article re the standard chocolate diffs. Thanks for the 987s track car linky as well Rich!
  2. Has anyone got any experience of this? Is it best to buy a gearbox with one in or buy a diff and fit it. There doesn't seem to be much info on how they work. I assume its not a plate type diff and probably a Thorsen gear type. How 'tight' are they? For example in my previous life as a rally driver, I had diffs that if you launched the car with one wheel on,say, a grass verge and the other driven wheel on the tarmac, 99% of the drive would go to the tarmac,(leaving rubber) where a free diff would merely spin the tyre on the grass with little forward motion.
  3. Bit of an update. Did my first cross country drive in dark conditions with my HID dipped units. They were absolutely fine. Switching on standard mains made hardly any difference - just a bit of a yellowish glimmer compared to the HID's on dip. Whats the latest thinking for 987.2 main beam replacement for the dark times we now live in!? LED'S or HID's? I can't think that halogens of any description are going to cut the mustard...
  4. Have you looked at Pistonheads for a bit more choice?
  5. I have nearly new Pirelli's on my 987.2 Cayman. They are horrible. I had a 987.1 Box a few years ago. I swappedover to PS4's - night and day. Similarly on my recently departed 7.5R. Lots quieter and lots more grip allied to better wear rate. Bit of a no brainer TBH.
  6. Maybe if anyone could see if the part number for an R damper is different to a standard Cayman damper would help?
  7. That corrosion block inhibitor looks as though it was made for the front crossover pipework!
  8. My point to my sons when bringing them through National Karting was if a top F1 driver (Schumacher was the flavour at that time!) would be faster in your kart, then you need to try harder. When you are as fast as him, then we can mess with setup! Wasn't quite that straightforwrd obvs, but you get my point I hope. Of course we messed with setup etc all the time, lol! Hence my point re a couple of BHP on a track car.
  9. You might lose a couple of BHP over a larger bore, but if you are mainly doing track days, why worry about arriving at the scene of the accident a couple of MPH faster. There's better ways of improving performance and fun IMHO..
  10. I did it to mine without dropping the subframe as I mentioned earlier. Don't try it. The bits you need to get to behind the subframe are partially hidden, so you can see, but not touch or touch but cannot see. If you see what I mean. Horrid job! But what a great write up!
  11. Or better still, post your write up here! I did it a few years ago without lowering the subframe on a 987.1. It was like training to be a gynaecologist!
  12. Thought that was how it worked. Too easy really, lol!
  13. How did you do the PSE always on mod - pull the plug off the solenoid in the engine bay?
  14. Fitted it today, was pretty straightforward. Well it was once I found out that you didn't use the mounting cage that came with the radio. I van play bluetooth music etc (sounds app ftom the BBC, or via Radio app which streams pretty much any radio station. You need to connect your iphone with a cable as normal for apple car play that then works reall well. Makes a lot of difference to to dash appearance and the sound is pretty good as well, with various options to suit your ears.
  15. I'm waiting on my new Sony unit which is out for delivery today. I'm getting: Sony XAV -AX555OD. Apple car play, bluetooth. £479 +VAT Porsche fascia pack £134.99 Dab arial splitter £29.99 carriage - FOC Ear ache from my wife if she finds out the cost - Also FOC! I'll post up pix and review when I have bunged it in.
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