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  1. MSV site says front and rear required. There are similar orifices at each end covered by a circular plastic bung.
  2. Has anyone fitted these to their cars for a trackday? Are the metal eye ones with a bolt ok or am I better with a strap. Only trouble with a strap I guess is that the mounting plate has to be external to the bumper.
  3. I woud have thought the AA would have snapped up that car, crying out for "AA rapid response vehicle" stickers.
  4. The sellers would have a lot more credibilty if they could punctuate and spell. well, unless it's being sold by a 6 year old.
  5. One of the nice things about a Cayman is the happy feeling when you walk back to it when its parked is just how damn good looking they are. We once had a car (Japanese) that my wife called a 'heavy heart car' which is what she felt every time she looked at it. Felt even worse when she sat in it with the 'quirky' interior. It lasted about a month before it went. That happened twice with different Jap cars, both of which on paper were fast and considered a good buy. She has good taste, my wife, gawd knows what she thinks when she looks at me! If I was made from metal, I'd
  6. Having had both cars, they are indeed a different proposition. 987's are so much more practical, spacious and refined. An Elise is a fab car to drive, but always seemed (I had a new 111s in 2005) a bit 'British' and home made by comparison.
  7. My latest WBAC for my 2010 987.2 S with 22k miles is £25,860.
  8. Looks brilliant, but perhaps not for a DD. I spent some years in my younger days driving round in fully liveried tarmac rally cars. You had to be on best behaviour 24/7, lol. A bit embarrasing in Tesco car park!
  9. If I was forced to run a 17" wheel with wobbly 50 series tyres, I'd probably settle for a classic MGB or mx5. One of the selling points of the Toyota GT86 was that it was deliberatly under tyred so it was a bit slidey. Personally I would rather have grip and move the performance envelope upwards rather than downwards. Porsche suspension is more than compliant enough to cope, especially if you watch where you are driving.
  10. I don't think (as the OP) that I will be swapping my S for an R at something like a £15k + premium. I was just interested in what an R was like compared to an S. IMHO a BHP increase of more than 5-10 BHP would make the car definately more desirable, certainly for me. Who knows, I might change my mind in the future, but I don't want a garage Queen being mollycoddled because of overly high depreciation. As ever, it's whats best for one's individual circumstances and preferences. Pleased it's encouraged such a lively debate. Crack on with more, its interesting!
  11. The 'on paper' spec differences are pretty well documented, as the OP, I'm interested to understand the benefits of the sum of the parts equation. Depreciation V outlay is perhaps one of the parameters.
  12. When did you buy your R? I paid £25k on a P/ex for my 2017 7.5 R (Golf..) where the allowance was £19,500. My October 2010 Cayman S has heated seats, sports exhaust, 19 inch classic wheels,sports steering wheel, paddles, PDK, 20,000 mile and full service history. Thought that was about right and We Buya Any Car and the VW pricing website both value the car at £25k after 7 months. R's are a load more money considering there was only about £5k price differential when new AFAIK.
  13. I looked at the red gear shift and thought "Knob".. Last time I rode in a car with red upholstery it was on a fairground. Yikes!
  14. I'm not looking to replace mine 987.2 S, but I think the silver grilles look a bit odd. Easily sorted though. No sports exhaust. Plenty of miles as well. I paid £25k for mine with 20k miles in Aqua Blue, Switchable sports exhaust, heated sports seats, PDK with paddles, full OPC history (for what thats worth..) 19" wheels ,Climate control, rather than just aircon, embossed headrests (Wow! what a deal breaker) and probably some other inconsequential bits. I think I got a bargain.
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