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  1. No, I went for the swap, which was just under E500, plus £30 shipping my one back to him (goes next week), and fitting from the local Porsche independent. He had one with around 30k miles on, which matched my car history.
  2. I had a feeling a combination of joining this group & being on furlough was likely to be expensive....new ICE installed last week (proper satnav & sound); car currently at garage just having had GT exhaust fitted. I get to pick it up Friday.....
  3. Would love to be there...need to see how it goes as it is a birthday weekend. Can I sign up as a provisional?
  4. Would be great to hear how it goes - assume google maps etc are via bluetooth. Being quoted £500 for the rear kit & fitting, plus the cost of main unit, as I have BOSE pack already...so definitely not putting this through the household account..
  5. Thanks for the kind welcome. Has anyone changed their PCM head unit to something with Bluetooth / apple play etc + have any advice on pros/ cons.
  6. Hello everyone - new joiner to the forum. I bought my R a couple of years ago & have been enjoying it around the Sussex countryside ever since. It’s a 2012, and from what I read on this forum, a bit ‘soft’ being PDK and no sports seats, but were v few around & have been loving driving it with no regrets. I used to have Lotus Elises, Z4M Coupe, i8, and my Porsche experience has been a 993 Targa (stolen), and 997C2 (rats nested over winter in the engine compartment & wrote off car)...so a bit nervous - but most enjoyable car I have had. As this is a moderate/regular use car and
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