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  1. Believe me when i say you will not get a 981 S for less than 40k for a low miles nice specced car. A GTS in the same guise is 50k+. Yes you can get an S for 35k if your happy with 70k miles and very few options checked. The GTS however doesn't rely on options as they come equipped anyway but that reflects in the price. There are the odd higher miler but will be a private sale and would need a keen eye to check condition. I say all this because I've just been down this road all the while watching the prices sky rocket. The demand for 981 models in general has gone crazy. I wanted a low mile, fully optioned S with a known good specialist and warranty so as you can imagine i paid top money but it's worth every penny.
  2. My car is a november 2013 for reference.
  3. Ok i got a mail from Porsche Connect GB this morning to say my car was not one of the cars built with this faulty part. I'm not included in the recall and to please feel free to enjoy my car. So that's that then.
  4. There is a 7 page thread about it on pistonheads and it looks like we will be getting recall letter's in due course. No uk dealer has stock of these uprated parts until November so 🤷
  5. I expect most of you 981 owners will have seen this in the US. Nothing been mentioned on this side of the pond. Would this not apply to eu market or more importantly UK cars?
  6. Understood, i only wanted the 3.4 also so i get that. There has been quite a few black edition 987.2s for sale over this past year all for around your budget. The problem is the huge increase in used car prices that happened this summer. I'm sure you will still get one but your gonna have to be quick off the blocks.
  7. Id probably also consider a 981 2.7 manual. Some nice examples do scrape under 30k and that's a lot of car for the money Watch the evo magazine test on the 2.7 manual, it's on YouTube or their site. It laps blyton against a 235i for comparison.
  8. Yes i ask for a photo of the service book if they don't offer it up and always ask for the vin. Car-analytics was my most valuable tool in the whole process and saved me buying 2 dubious cars. Its like £7.99 for your first car and 4.99 for everyone after that iirc. You just put the vin number in and it tells you pretty much everything you want to know. Gives you all the dvla history like plate changes, tax, mot, owners, written off or damage, and a mileage. Also you get all the build sheet, where it was built and when, what colour etc. Also all the mot, finance and a whole host of other things. Also the mot mileage stamps which are pretty much as reliable as you can get without a piwis to pull the engine hours from the actual car. It will also red flag 🚩 any issues it doesn't like. For example it flagged the fact the mileage on a car had actually reduced 3000 miles from one mot to another.
  9. I had the money sitting around for almost 9 months and actually put 4 deposits down to hold each car. In that time i carried out all the usual checks, dvla/car-analytics etc and checked with the previous places the car was serviced. All 4 had quite serious issues so it's certainly worth waiting however hard. It's a lot of your hard earned money so is certainly worth the extra caution. The right one will come along and you will know it straight away.
  10. As I've just gone through the whole " finding the right cayman" thing i thought I'd post up. Ashgoods Cridfords Dovehouse Porshacare Harbour cars Rpm Revolution Plus many others are a good start, i checked autotrader and pistonheads everyday. I found many of those cars are already sold and just not removed. The good ones sell extremely quickly so it's worth contacting the specialists personally and asking them to look out for you. I bought mine from Raj at MR sportscars and can't recommend him enough. He is certainly worth a call. I found all main dealers an absolute nightmare to deal with and outright lied to my face on 2 occasions. 1 porsche md said the car has all of my required options and took a deposit, it turned up with none. They then relisted it again with the make-believe option list. 2. Aston martin md taken a cayman as trade. Had buttons for chrono/pse etc but not the actual equipment. 3. Synter. Lovely low mileage cayman with all options. Data check revealed it was clocked. Sytner told me the mot check was wrong. Just my experience from 9 months searching for the right cayman
  11. Watching this with interest as i intend to go on track once the warranty is up. All really good questions especially the pdk parking up.
  12. Crazy small mb limit guys, I've resized this one right down but it's only allowing me 295 mb for another pic.
  13. After many missed chances, mis- advertised, letdowns and complete scams in finally the owner of a beautiful Cayman S. Its a 2014 with 28k miles Its in agate with black full leather, memory 14 ways, bose etc Pse,pasm,chrono, sport design, 20" Really really pleased with it!. Pics to follow.
  14. I'm getting a brand new from porsche pse but the car I'm buying has the shiny sport tips option already fit to the standard non pse exhaust. Now do i need to get them to swap the tips onto the pse or does the pse being very expensive come with these as standard. I'll likely keep the original exhaust so just wanting to know whether the pse comes with sports shiny tips option? Thanks
  15. Ive just put a deposit down on another cayman but the dealer claimed this option which was intriguing. Option 148 power upgrade +10hp. The car has lots of nice other performance options but this is new to me. Any help with this one please?
  16. Ive just put a deposit down on another cayman but the dealer claimed this option which was intriguing. Option 148 power upgrade +10hp. The car has lots of nice other performance options but this is new to me. Any help with this one please?
  17. Ok so this deal fell apart when the car for sale arrived into the dealers. The pics and videos were sent but the advertised options, chrono, pse, pasm etc were all missing and it was instead just about as basic as you can get. Expecting my deposit back this week. Wankers!!
  18. See now i can reason with that as all of my fun cars have always been manual. But then after a go in a dct m3 around a circuit and a few tries in nissan GTRs i decided autos have other benefits. Being able to concentrate more on steering and braking, car position and weight transfer was more involving as i had more time to consider things. Without the need for clutch in, right gear, right rpm, clutch out all while managing the other stuff probably comes naturally to better drivers than me or ones with more time to practise. I see the steering wheel can easily be swapped at an eye watering cost but the fact its plastic and not even metal does seem a bit.... meh
  19. I have now put a deposit on my perfect cayman s. It has the ideal spec i was looking for and a few other nice additions. One of the nice surprises was the carbon pack. This however comes with the carbon multifunction steering wheel. Now i know the buttons are universally hated but I've personally never tried them. Admittedly on track i would likely be in auto or use the stick. I have a family bmw with paddles and actually they feel wrong for sprited driving and i prefer to use the gear stick possibly due to only ever having manual cars. I know it's a personal thing but im feeling its worth giving it a go especially if it matches with the whole carbon look. Opinions from those with mfs wheels please. Thanks
  20. On my previous cars I've used Need2insure and reis for reasonable fully comp, agreed value insurance which gives 5 trackdays per year included.
  21. Ok thanks, Still that's expected but not sure why an indy couldn't change the clutch fluid 🤔. I've a main dealer 5 mins away so not a problem if it must be them though.
  22. Again very informative and appreciated. 987.2 is my favourite looker tbh so i now have a plan in place. Thanks again
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