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  1. I installed LEDs in my fog & running light housings in my 2006 CS for something less dim. Unfortunately, those color temp are 6000k whereas the factory low beam HID is 4300k. I've looked at YouTube for replacing the low beam HID bulbs and it appears that they have a small circular base held in by a wire spring clip. I just received 6000k HID low beam in the mail and they have a rather chunky sheet metal aluminum base (1.5 X 1.5 X 1") although just above the aluminum base is a plastic, grooved collar. The bulbs were advertised as direct replacements for an 06 CS with bi-xeno
  2. I recently bought an 06 Cayman S with 35k miles. The previous owner installed Eibach springs & Tarett stabar/drop links with pronounced negative camber. The car sits so low, I can't get up my driveway without scraping. I went on a Porsche club back road run and I spoke with another member with a Cayman S that was running Cayman R suspension. Supposedly that drops the car 20 mm but his sat as low as mine. I'm considering going back to factory standard springs to stop my car from scraping. I also checked my tire pressure today and it was pretty much 22 psi all around. Eve
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