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  1. Looks great. Good Luck!!! Will there be any more car stickers available? Cheers
  2. Not that I purchased the car as an investment, but it's always nice to see prices creep up. I saw a gen 1 at an authorised dealer for £21k!!!! I know they charge a premium but that seems a little crazy.
  3. Evening All. Has anyone noticed that the gen 1 prices appear to be creeping up? I've just done a search on some well know car advertising sites and they have gone up quite a bit from 6 months ago. Could this be a knock on effect from the gen 2 holding their prices so well? Interested to hear people's thoughts. Thanks.
  4. That's a shame. Was looking forward to it. Thanks for checking. I may give them a call to double check.
  5. Many thanks for the offer. I may take you up on that if I ever get round to buying one.
  6. That's the one. So far they haven't cancelled. I assume social distancing and whatnot will be the order of the day.
  7. Morning All. Anyone planning on going this month? As far as I'm aware it hasn't been cancelled. Would be nice to finally meet up.
  8. Out of interest, who did this for you? I am also looking at upgrading but need to use someone who knows how to integrate it with the Bose option I have on my car..... I am also Essex based.
  9. Sounds like a lot of work. I'll be praying mine are not seized then!!!!!
  10. I am by no means an expert compared to others on here as I am also a newbie to Cayman ownership. I bought an 08 gen 1 S last year from Scotland which I wrote about on the forum. You can find it with an easy search of 'my scottish cayman'. Don't let what I say in the article put you off. I didn't do my due diligence. Even though it had a fantastic service history I have spent quite a bit putting it right and have really enjoyed the process of sourcing the parts. Now the car drives like a dream and I love taking it for a long drive. Always puts a smile on my face. Where are you based? As GlosRich says, many of us could make suggestions/recommendations...
  11. And they're the least rusty parts....... Looks like it is really inexpensive to sort out with one of Ebay so will go down that route. Thank you
  12. Hope everyone got out today for a blast in the country!!!! I was just wondering if anyone has recently changed their rear drop links and sway bar? If so, any options I should consider? I do not track the car. It is more for my OCD as they have rusted a lot so just thought it would be an easy change. Attached photos. Or am I being stupid and wasting money?
  13. 987.1 - This is quite interesting as out of curiosity I put my 987.1S into car buying website last year and they offered £10.5k. Throughout the year I kept getting emails from them about a new price. All of them inched up to about £12k at the back end of 2020. Then this week, I tried again and it immediately came back as £14k. Considering that these websites are famous for lowballing or haggling when you turn up, it made me think that the first generation Caymans may have bottomed out and may even be climbing up. Not that any of this matters, as the weather is great and have 4 new tyres to break in!!!
  14. Thanks to everyone that contributed to this thread. In the end I went for Conti Sport Contact 6. Newer tyre technology than all the N rated tyres and a little cheaper than the Michelins. Will report back my findings. Happy driving everyone and enjoy the weather!!!!
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