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  1. I bought a set in silver with winter tyres on for £725 near mint condition
  2. I’m guessing the 987.2 S due in to 911 Virgin is the car previously owned by Max Revs that has numerous YouTube vids including of the past maintenance etc
  3. I was chatting to Ben at String Theory garage (they used to work at back of Caffeine & Machine) when they checked and adjusted my suspension and geo set up on my Mk2 Golf. Mentioned that I might want to do something about the arch gap on the cayman at some point and they had just done a gen 2 boxster with some ST set up, can’t recall the details but maybe about £1200 ish stuff so not too bad. Have seen the owner posts on Instagram and they seem pleased. It does improve the looks for sure
  4. They’re more Audi and VW but seem to focus on quality examples of other makes too, nothing seems to linger for sale very long. That red one looked 👌🏻
  5. This seems to have some well thought through and tasteful improvements https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194237921437
  6. Hi, have read some of the past posts about Thule set up, certainly more financially viable than the cost of the Porsche roof system! Ouch. I’m getting myself a new mountain bike so looking to be able to use the cayman to transport it as I only tax my old Gti hatchback during the summer. has anyone had experience of using the seasucker options or the similar but less expensive brands? Cheers
  7. Wouldn’t hurt to pop some redex through and fill up on premium fuel
  8. Yes, know what you mean, nobody wants niggles straight off but I’m sure it’ll be fine. I found Mortimer’s fine to deal with, good at returning calls etc. Knowing what I know now, I think the plugs should have been done as part of the sale service, but hey ho. the ZH inspection is £72 I think, seems reasonable and nice bloke to deal with, the location should work ok for me too. I think the part is £140 ish but have decided to do the other side at same time. Can’t recall exact amount for geo as they have it done at a third party. I’m going with it just to save me a separate visit elsewhere, but the guys at String Theory garage are great, they did some tweaks on my Mk2 golf last week.
  9. At the end of the day they’re an oldish car so there will be stuff that crops up. I bought mine from Mortimers in Feb, collected at start of March without having seen it. It was a lockdown thing where I was unsure about committing to the GR Yaris I’d got arriving, so when that was a couple of days from the dealers I cancelled the order. Friday after work, got on used Porsche finder and there was a 718 base cayman in graphite blue which I really like, got some numbers and the gfv was measly so thought why not fish at the end of the scale where there’s less room for value to fall. The 2.9 987 had just been listed, ideally I’d have preferred PSE and heated seats, but liked that it had one owner, chrono, red bits and some carbon. Had a call back from them early Friday eve, said I’d think about it, got to about 10pm on the Saturday after some wine and sent a text saying hold it and I paid deposit on the Monday. (So basically I did all the wrong buying things 😂) Issues in 3 months, my climate control stopped chilling. Took it for inspection to Zuffenhaus on Friday, couldn’t find any leaks, so put some dye in and a re-gas. Inspection found one tie rod end has play, I haven’t noticed through driving but am getting both sides done then a four wheel alignment in a couple of weeks. I did speak to Mortimers about the aircon and they were fine about getting it sorted, but I wanted an inspection anyway so the regas cost was an easier option due to the fact I live miles away from them. so, I’m summary, I could have saved a couple of grand by buying private but I’d have probably found it more hassle and therefore maybe not have been as impulsive and my drive might not have a lovely looking cayman on. I think they’re the best looking, modern enough car you can get for the money
  10. Good advice, will have to have a look on YouTube for how to remove vents and check!
  11. Ashgoods also seem to get some but they sell quickly too all this cayman talk, think I’ll pop for a drive!
  12. Probably partly due to the time of year & restrictions lifting, expect prices might fall back a bit over winter but if you find one you like just do it. A garage in Coventry recently sold a gen 2 that they’d sold about 18 months earlier. The old ad could still be found on google for carandclassic, the advertised price was only £500 lower with another 12k miles done, so prices seem fairly stable
  13. Really? It certainly wasn’t listed with them in feb when I bought mine
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