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  1. I use mine for all the water that comes out the outside tap, filling the wash buckets, pressure washer, final rinse. If you want to maximise the filter media life, you could swap it over just for final rinse (which I did at first) but I gave up on that and it's still lasted me years, and I use it at least every other weekend.
  2. OMG yes, I have a Raceglaze 14L filter, hands down the best detailing money I ever spent. Not only does it mean you save the effort of the drying phase, but it means you're touching the paint soooooo much less and inflicting fewer defects. I tell everyone who'll listen about them but no one seems to care 🤣 they all tell me you still need to dry it off or I need it because I'm in a hard water areas (which I am not) https://www.raceglaze.co.uk/car-care-exterior/rinsing-water-filters/car-wash-water-filter-14-litre-tall/ Coincidentally, I changed the filter media this weekend (£90), I reckon the last lot did 3 years and it was still not showing any signs of spotting, so I'm pretty pleased with that ROI.
  3. Got a recall letter on Friday, got on to my local OPC, not heard anything back - something like November before replacement parts are available. Experienced OPC users - is there any chance they'll slip me a GT4 as a courtesy car?
  4. A little in car from my first track effort in the Cayman. It’s sure it’ll be very tame compared to the proper track drivers on here but I was doing my best not to bend it. It’s a bit expensive for me to describe it as a track toy, so I kept well away from the outside green bits on the fast corners. My caution aside, what a machine! The brakes alone were incredible, so much stopping power and so controlled even on the big stops. I did get a long pedal after a good few laps, but I’ll get on to that later. The PDK is even more immense on track than I expected, so easy to keep the car steady on the downshifts and slip in shifts where I’d normally be waiting for an opportunity to let go of the wheel in a manual. Yes, it is less rewarding than a finely executed heel and toe, but it more than makes up for it in mechanical sympathy and time saved on up shifts. On top of that, the amount of grip was so confidence inspiring, as the day wore on it just kept egging me on to do more and more, it never once tried to bite me. The (not unexpected) Welsh rain came in the afternoon and it was still impeccably mannered. Felt like it could stay out all day, even when I needed a break. Speaking of breaks/brakes, I did get a bit of a long pedal towards the end of the sessions. Nothing alarming, but definitely noticeable. I will book it in for an oil service and new brake fluid, but I was wondering if anyone has strong opinions on fluid choice? I’ve used RBF600 in the past on track, it’s been fine. Some people have recommended RBF660 and ATE Superblue - opinions are very welcome. On the oil front, temps were up to about 111C at the end of a session. That seem safe enough? Thanks, Stu.
  5. A few friends and I have hired Llandow for a day next week, this will be my first run out in the Cayman since taking ownership. I've done a few track days before in my 350z and also some driver training in the BRZ, so I'm organised for the supporting bits and pieces. I'm not unduly worried about it behaving on track, it's built for it, there's fresh rubber and has had an oil service recently, but I thought I'd ask if there were any quirks that would be worth knowing. Is there anything in particular to watch out for on a 981 GTS? Temperature wise, I believe the GTS has additional radiator, which is comforting, but I will obviously be watching the numbers on the dash. What's "normal" for track temps? When do I panic? All my previous cars have been manual, so I was careful to park up in gear and not use the handbrake etc. What's the procedure for the PDK for parking up with high temps to protect the brakes, if there even is one? Thanks, Stu.
  6. Looks a really nice finish that, I had some scratched up door pulls on my old 350z dipped and it made a huge difference, stood up to abuse much better than the OEM finish too. Niiiiiice.
  7. If you want to get into it, there's a whole world out there, but a simple two bucket wash (plus a dedicated bucket and brush for doing the wheels), with a mitt and one of the myriad shampoos on offer, will do the job nicely. You don't need to spend a fortune to get boutique stuff, I use a lot of Envy https://www.envycarcare.co.uk kit as it's well priced, comes in sensible quantities and I know a couple of talented professionals who use it (which is good enough for me). A big bag of microfibres is essential. If you want to add some shine and protection, try a small pot of wax and see if you enjoy applying it (by hand is quite satisfying for some). If that feels like a chore, try a spray detailer, for something easy and quick. Beware of anything that promises miracles. If you give it a shot and it feels like a drag, find a detailer and let them take care of your pride and joy for you. Whatever you do, stay away from the £5 hand job places in former petrol stations and drive in washers. Some people get the bug, pop in some headphones, and actually enjoy the process, find it relaxing and a nice change of pace from other things going on around you. It can be satisfying transforming something filthy in a few hours. Some people think you're mad, but don't worry about that, you've only got to amuse yourself. Having a clean car isn't a sign of being a bit of a soft lad and keeping sills, channels, vents, arches and drains clean is proactive maintenance - not vanity.
  8. This is a timely one, I just noticed ever so slightly clammy feeling to my seatbelt in my 981C this morning. Nothing in the carpet or footwell. I had a quick look at the small passages in the door seals, all looked well. I can't really see a route into the seatbelt area from the windows. I might crack the boot later and see where the channels run from there.
  9. I think it’s extremely unlikely to over rev on the way up the gears, software should do its job and bounce off the limit. But on the way down the gears, software can’t overcome the physics of a money shift.
  10. Mine arrived yesterday, already making in roads and thinking about what converting my 'spare' BRZ into a track toy will mean.
  11. They did tell me they can’t be purchased but, by way of offering assistance, they could relieve me of 3 grand to sort it. I’ve seen the various vacuum bits on design911 and have made an enquiry on those which I believe to be the right ones. I’ll see what comes back. I’ve been giving the nuts and bits a daily dose of penetrating fluid, with dome good weather, I might have a proper go at them this weekend. I figure that the worst I can do is damage them both, but I can’t really see how that would make the situation any worse? Will the car get upset if the vacuum hoses are left off and exposed to atmosphere?
  12. Has anyone dealt with this issue on a 981? Having now had a look, with the car up in the air - it doesn't seem like it's too tricky to pop these off and go to work on them off the car with penetrating fluid. Is my ambition overtaking my spattering talent (extremely modest).
  13. The HREs are definitely sexy, I do wonder if the concave of the rears, sat alongside the flat faced fronts might mess with my OCD! A huge part of me loves the idea of the retro feel of the Cuplites (maybe even dials?) juxtaposed on to a modern car, especially as they are forged and are built to order, so I could get the perfect offset, be light etc... Anyway, I'm getting diverted 🤣 it's meant to be about the size question, 20s or 19s and the potential improvements to ride!
  14. I'm not fussy, I'll take whichever one is left after you guys have picked!
  15. Options to scratch my modifying itch on the GTS aren't that numerous, mainly because I'm so happy with it right out of the box. However, I don't have any real love for the 20" Turbo alloy wheels. I dislike fiddly wheels (mainly for cleaning reasons) and whilst I was browsing alternatives, realised that a dark bronze might be a nice little touch of colour to the entirely black vibes. Nothing outrageous. Whilst thinking about this I also got to wondering if dropping down to 19s with a touch more sidewall might give me a slightly more supple ride without compromising performance too much. Has anyone dropped down to 19s and found any positive/negative impacts? Particualry keen to hear if anyone with the Sport Chassis option has, but PASMer feedback is more than welcome too. Pictures below for attention, please excuse my crude photoshop (mspaint) skills. Saw the GORGEOUS offerings from Augment for retro Porsche wheels in larger sizes, in particular the cuprite monoblocs. But I also got a bit of a twitch when I saw these from HRE as well.
  16. Nice choice, the red is gorgeous though, hope you don't miss it. Be really interesting to read your thoughts on the change after a bit of time behind the wheel.
  17. Usually I like to get my hands dirty when it comes to keeping my car clean, but sometimes a job needs indoor space and professional skills, way beyond my own. I've known Paul at Revolve for a few years via a 350z club and a while back he struck out to follow his passion for detailing. I have been watching his work online ever since. After letting him practice on lesser marques like Maserati, Aston Martin and Ferrari, I've been looking forward to having the right job to send his way. I wasn't expecting perfect paint when I purchased on a 6 year old black car, but one of my first visits to the petrol station revealed just how bad things were. As well as correcting this horrorshow, I also booked in to have some protection applied and a "little" job that's been on my list for a while. I've never really liked the black badges, I know it's part of the whole GTS thing, so apologies if I offend anyone, but I personally think badges need a contrast. Black letters on other colours looks great, but on black, it doesn't work for me. So, I secured some genuine Porsche bits and then expertly gave them to Paul to sort out First the easy bit. Then the template. All done. I'm super pleased with the result. I know chrome is not for everyone, but it is literally the only non-black part of the whole car, so I think it's not too bling. The spacing and alignment are absolutely spot on. Onto the paint. As you can see, he had his work cut out. But he was more than match for the hard Porsche paint. Two stages of correction has given it a beautiful depth, removed all the minor marks and a lot of the big ones too. Where they've not been eliminated, they've been softened so much as to make them almost unnoticeable. Also the wheels came off for some love and protection on them and the callipers too. He even cleansed the leather and alcantara, leaving a layer of protection inside and a little signature. He also stocked me up on the good stuff from Envy. I am a big fan of all the Envy products I have used to date, not tried Iron Awe yet so looking forward to that. As well as the Envy gear, I left with some SC-MIST to keep the ceramic protection topped up. As well as making her look almost perfect, Paul's done his best to lock it in with a couple of layers of Envy Futureproof+. I'm impressed just by the gloss and I hope I'll be the same for many months to come, perhaps even years. After all that, now for the glamour. She came up alright. Looking ever better outside in the sunshine. Delighted doesn't come close to how please I am with the outcome. From following Revolve Automotive on Facebook for years, I had really high expectations but Paul's manage to surpass them with his skill. It's almost a different colour, much more like the 'Jet' black that Porsche call this shade. On top of doing amazing work on the car, the process of booking in, discussing what work was needed, talking through options for coatings, agreeing a price and even throwing in a lovable courtesy car - the whole service was superb and I'm really, really pleased. If you want to do something special for your pride & joy, and you're within a couple of hours of Chester, I can't think of many better ideas. http://www.revolveautomotiveltd.com
  18. Gorgeous that, would love one that fits a 981.
  19. Thanks all for the replies, plenty to go at.
  20. Hi I’m struggling to find online the OEM spec for the 981 GTS with the Sport Chassis option. If anyone has it to hand or a link, I’d be very appreciative. Also, if there’s a non-OEM spec which people have enjoyed, would love to hear that too. I’m not after anything extreme or lairy, just nicely balanced with a good turn in. In a similar vein, I’m also hoping for recommendation for somewhere to do the work in South Yorkshire, or surrounding counties. Last but not least, also looking for a specialist recommendation, in similar area, for general maintenance and servicing. Thanks, Stu.
  21. Thanks @Beanoir™ I'm quite enjoying the setup myself I'm also a big fan of Larry, he started YouTubing roughly when I started detailing and I was hooked on his content (definitely part of the reason I now own a black Porsche and aspire to bronze wheels!). After getting so many hours of his free tuition I decided that I “owed” something in return and set about placing and order. His stuff isn’t cheap, especially after shipping and import duties but when I stacked it up, compared to what I had learnt, I felt like I still got the best of the deal and that I was supporting his content. (I must also admit I loved the branding and wanted a sticker too!) Hope you don't mind a link to another forum, I'm an admin over on 350z-uk.com, although my Z has long since gone, it's a great community and I still spend a lot of time there and going to meets (remember when that was a thing?). Sadly the photo bucket fiasco around external links broke this thread, the text is still there from when my first delivery came over - https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/80466-ammo-products-test-more-like-used-then-reported-on/ - I have since made two other large orders and very much enjoy using his products. Excellent branding will get you an initial purchase, but if the quality is not there, it won't get repeat business. The AMMO Foam Paint Cleanser is good (excellent lubrication) and would probably be my go to, if I lived in the States. Compared to what you can source in the UK for less, IMO, it's not worth the additional cost of shipping and tax. I tend to get Envy Car Care for bulk items like shampoo, APC and wheel cleaner as the quality is great and it's well priced. The AMMO bottles do look sexy on the shelf though and I always get a couple of bottles if I make an order. My last order also included some Boost Winter Wash, not used it yet though so nothing to say there. AMMO Skin Defense Seal(ant) is superb, so easy to apply and remove and it leaves great protection, gloss and shine. I personally don't like waxes, so this is where any gloss I get comes from. It's a doddle to apply every couple of months. No faffing around in the buff, just comes off. I tried AMMO Hydrate as a drying aid on my drying towel, I found it easy to use, pleasing to the eye and did assist with keeping the paint clean and protection topped up. Since I have added a Raceglaze water filter https://www.raceglaze.co.uk/car-care-exterior/rinsing-water-filters/race-glaze-maxi-water-filter-large-25litre/ (best detailing purchase ever!) to my arsenal, I no longer need to towel dry, so I don't use Hydrate anymore. If I can avoid touching the paint, I will. I didn't really rate Spit Shine (think it's since been reworked as a UV inhibitor) above any of the many QD products out there. I tend to stick with CarPro Reload or Sonar BSD, as they're both quite hard wearing, look great and provide nice water properties IMO. The AMMO Plum Wheel Cleaner is cracking, really softened up the grime for a simple agitation with a wheel brush and rinse. It also smelt nice and wasn't nasty to use. Unlike what I've since switched to, fallout removers such as Gyeon Iron or IronX. These are more hardcore and smell like decomposing bodies. If I could be bothered to protect my wheels properly, I wouldn't use them, as the protection would probably be eaten up, but as I hate doing wheels, this is the compromise I've reached with myself! Envy's Evolution is my preferred choice for a less aggressive product in the UK. For the interior, both Shag and Lather are strong products. Shag is not too wet, which is great for cleaning interior cloth and matts without leaving them sodden, but still shifting grime. Lather is a nice also, I use this quite a bit on interior plastics in the BRZ (not so many of them in the Porsche!) with no sticky or shiny residue, just a clean and matt surface. Given the cost to get them here, I wouldn't say they were worth the price over alternatives, but as I said, this was more about putting business the way of someone who I'd learnt a lot from. Last but certainly not least I bought some Reflex. This stuff really is the business. I had it in my kit for ages before using it, I was a little worried it was going to be as difficult to work with as some silicon/"glass" coatings, but I was totally wrong. When I did get the right weather to use it, it was a joy to work with (no grabbiness during buffing, super slick finish to the touch) and left a sensational glossy wet look. I recently bought some more, in what appears to be becoming a once every two years ordering cycle! Not a great picture, but takes me back to the first shipment back in 2013 and shows decent gloss. On the Z On the BRZ And now... I didn't mean to rabbit on this long, sorry! In short, there's two superb items I've used and another three I would use if it weren't for the excessive import costs. None were bad. The Reflex and Skin Defense make applying strong protection a joy and I much prefer them to the super hard/10 year protection/bulletproof glass/ceramic stuff. Simply because I like doing this every couple of months, it's relaxing, and because correcting scratches in ceramics is a ******* nightmare because they are so hard! Although, I will hopefully be posting up in a fortnight some new detailing shots totally going against my views above on ceramics!
  22. As a noob around these parts, excited to see a dedicated detailing section. As I'm not going to be doing many mods, this might be where my posts go. Back on topic, realised a minor life goal by securing some warm indoor space for some of my detailing goodies, the rest remain in the shed (for now).
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