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  1. Yes, I think I probably got most on the passenger door to hold and about half on drivers door. However so far it’s surviving storm christoph and dry on the doors so dare not touch it for now! Keeping eye out on eBay for replacements but so far most seem to have at least one broken holder but tape will be next if not buying a new one. Thanks for all the help and tips!
  2. Thanks, I gave it a good shake before putting on to remove the bits. I found plastic double glazing shims a good thickness and fit to fix snapped holders. Looking on eBay most panels have at least one broken holder. Hopefully have a good seal but wasn’t sure if the rubber bits on the clips also act as a seal. Definitely recommend glosRich’s video if anyone has same issue, very useful. I only had one panic on the drivers door in which the door control module plug must not have been engaged so the windows etc all stopped responding to the switches. My next t
  3. Pictures after, not convinced they are located tight now when mounted
  4. I finally got round to doing this today, really straight forward thanks to Rich’s video. Definitely they seals as when I took the door panel off the rubber started falling out onto the drive in a crumbling mess! Sadly it looked like whoever took the drivers door card off last time was very heavy handed, snapped holders all along the bottom that a bodged repair had been done. I’ve done my best to get them tight but not convinced it’s the best of jobs, how critical is the tight seal on the fasteners, am I just looking at another leak if the clips aren’t tight in
  5. Fixed it! Loose connection in the grey block going into the driver control module.
  6. Hello, hoping for some help! I disconnected battery and replaced seals on doors. all back together now but the switches for seats, windows and mirrors have given up. Have checked connections and when I pull the window fuse and put back in there’s a mini reaction but switches are dead. scanned with a obd checker and no errors. the light on door also isn’t working so seems to be all door power any ideas? thanks in advancE!
  7. Thanks, think it’ll be: - fix the seals on doors - check it’s all dry then move onto the lights as maybe could be the original leak and general dampness in car as in the morning the windows are all damp/full of condensation which I presume is from the doors issue? Are the headlamps sealed with butyl also?
  8. Thanks Julian, it’s absolutely chucking it down here at the moment so snuck out during a break in it, now wetter than after the wet vac earlier today so definitely water ingress during rain from somewhere rolling down from top rather than underneath when driving. Odd that both have both gone but guess if it’s a common fault. I took a picture from under the door which shows a reasonable gap on drivers side between door and speaker. It’ll be the wet and dry vac out until the clips and butyl tape arrives! I need to check where the vents are for the doors to drain off from the wet s
  9. Thanks Ben, I’ve bought 20 or so clips and I went for some butyl sealing tape per what is on Rich’s video as looked like a good job but did have a think about using just a cartridge of generic work. I won’t get to it until the weekend unfortunately so have got the wet n dry vac to take some of the water out of the door carpet. My car has an aftermarket stereo and does look like the door cards have been off in the past. One question I did have was I saw 4 rubber covers on the bottom of the door, are they the drains as was half expecting to remove and water po
  10. That’s amazing, thanks for the very quick reply and the video, very clear. I have all the trim removal tools as have previously done a lot of work on my Audi so will see if I can source the parts easy then give it a go. Do you have anywhere you’d recommend to get the clips from at all or is the large auction site the usual recommended one? Thanks again, much appreciated.
  11. Hi All, Recently bought a 987.1 Cayman S and looking for some help with a couple of questions as to whether I have a small, medium or big issue with some items on the car as can’t find a consistent answer (as is with the internet), any help appreciated: 1) headlights, when it’s been raining there is moisture on the inside of the outer glass, is this normal, believe it may be as they are vented but unsure on the details? 2) isofix, has anyone had this fitted with the airbag switch at all, I read somewhere there may already be a sensor in the seat so no need t
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